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Gaming and Streaming capture card - AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

What is a capture card? Capture card is a hardware device that can record video signals from different sources. In our case, we can record the signal came from a PC, we can record the signal between a PC / console and monitor, can record from a video camera or any device that has video output. What is a hardware capture card? Plates ... [Read more...]

How do ROOT the phone without a PC or applications

How ROOT the phone is super simple? Firstly it is important to clarify once and for all a question that we addressed very often the comments box. What is the root? What it is or what it means ROOT? 1. ROOT Linux generally refers to rights that supreme root user has on file system. 2. ROOT Android operation by ... [Read more...]

Android battery saving disabling system

Android battery saving disable system services consume battery (to see!) Smartphones are an extension of our present time, that begins to occur when there is frustration. I mean freaking us out when ends battery. Why not make larger batteries? Responses are many - I will try to list some below: 1. A large battery makes the phone ... [Read more...]

How to play PC games on an Android phone

How to play PC games on an Android phone What is Game Streaming? For a long time remote gaming technology or "streaming" as it is known, it is available; but still not really see gaming services to which to subscribe and to play any game until you get tired. Why do we have streaming platform games? Some time ago I did a tutorial about OnLive, a service ... [Read more...]

Cheap gaming PC based on AMD and Nvidia

Inexpensive PC gaming configuration based on AMD and Nvidia For today we have prepared a system that you have requested for a long time, an AMD based system. The system is very affordable and is great for gaming, configured think of players with limited budget. Not everyone can afford the latest and most advanced components, so we did based system ... [Read more...]

Recording and interception distance calls from any phone Android

Registration and intercept calls from distance - how come? To register your phone calls, we use a program called ACR, which is free. This allows us to automatically record all calls or only certain calls with filtering per contact. ACR call recording application. It is an application for Android seemingly simple but provides a ... [Read more...]

The best laptops in 2017 performance ratio - price

How to choose the best laptops in 2017, report performance - price? What does the best laptop? Perfect laptop for each of us looks different. For some a thin laptop with great autonomy laptop is perfect. For others the best gaming laptop is one with a top video card. The paradox perfect laptop? As inject more into a laptop ... [Read more...]

RETRO make a games console on Raspberry PI -ieftinache-

Let's do a retro gaming console on Raspberry PI! The project is quite easy and accessible to all. The price of a Raspberry Pi is quite small. Besides affordability, Raspberry PI can be used in other projects if saturated console. What does retro games? Retro games are games that have been popular in the past; And although not 3D realistic graphics, ... [Read more...]

Maximum security with Wi-Fi aka Radius server. WPA Enterprise

Maximum security with Wi-Fi Radius server Now the wireless net is ubiquitous, so network security without being is extremely important. Exposing our daily life online, make payments, conversing in private; Therefore it is absolutely essential that our wifi network can be secured as well. Wireless network security is very poor. Network security is a Wi-Fi ... [Read more...]

The most inexpensive, small, quiet, economical and flexible computer, Raspberry PI 3

The most inexpensive, small, quiet, economical and flexible computer What is Raspberry PI? Raspberry PI 3 is the smallest PC that can do different projects, because it is super cheap and does not consume too much electricity. What is a SBC? This type of computer is called SBC (single board computer) that an entire computer on a single PCB. The emergence of these SBCs power ... [Read more...]

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