PhotoScan digitize old photos and share on Facebook

PhotoScan digitize old photos and share on Facebook. PhotoScan is a new application from Google that digitize our old pictures made on photographic paper. Specifically, for those unaware, this application can scan old photos and you turn them into digital format, so that you can keep your PC or share them on Instagram, Facebook, ... [Read more...]

Chinese instant translation of text, photos or documents

Translation services have evolved significantly in recent years, particularly Google Translate, which is also based on quantum computing to increase the accuracy and correctness of translation. As most Google services are free, as is the translation from Google Translate for live cell. Chinese instant translation of text documents or pictures - Open the tutorial ... [Read more...]

How to hide a folder to view

For those who work on PC in a busy environment, it is important that files private / confidential to stay away from prying eyes. We archiving methods password, data encryption methods and even programs password files. Unfortunately not all computer users in the mood for adventure or install other programs on your PC; Many just do not have ... [Read more...]

PC voice recognition accented with Dictanote

Voice recognition is probably the most interesting method of input into the computer. In recent years we have made great progress in this area. The algorithms used in speech recognition has improved to the level at which the computer recognizes the first without fail (almost) dictating the Romanian language at normal speed. Gone are the days when many a word dictator ... [Read more...]

How to write accented Windows 10 with International Keyboard

How to write accented Windows 10 Roman If you are speaking, you should use accented characters as: aastal; But when using standard QWERTY keyboard, is not so easy to write with accents, because the operating system puts us Romanian-default standard keyboard, which is kind of hurt confusion keys on the right. The solution is to choose the keyboard ... [Read more...]

Signing free PDF printer and scanner

Signature free PDF printer or scanner Lately, almost all public institutions, schools, hospitals, etc., use the Internet to publish forms, applications, etc. The preferred format of all is the PDF, a format that is portable and versatile. The problem occurs when we have to put signature in a document in electronic format. How to sign a document ... [Read more...]

Diagram Designer, soft free charts

Hi friends, today we have a free program that helps us diagrams. The software is called Diagram Designer and is super light for the system, only 2 MB is executable. In addition the program runs perfectly on all Windows versions from XP to Windows 10. Programs for creating diagrams are useful to those who have a school project (student or teacher), employees of companies that ... [Read more...]

Antivirus wi-fi router, network security

The Asus routers overnight enriched with a firmware update that provides some very useful new features. New features related to security and bandwidth management. They are called: 1. AI Protection (TrendMicro security) 2. Adaptive QoS (bandwidth management) If you have not received the update, you can flash-ui Merlin, a custom firmware for routers Asus. Do you have ... [Read more...]

ANTI-HACK, Redirect vulnerability to SMB

Hi friends, today we solve the problem of vulnerability "Redirect to SMB" which was discovered a few days ago and that affects all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. Vulnerability in Windows applications based on naivety, which will soon feel to log SMB server. At that time data logging are spit out, where the attacker intercepts them ... [Read more...]

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