Recording and interception distance calls from any phone Android

Registration and intercept calls from distance - how come? To register your phone calls, we use a program called ACR, which is free. This allows us to automatically record all calls or only certain calls with filtering per contact. ACR call recording application. It is an application for Android seemingly simple but provides a ... [Read more...]

Counter Strike 1.6 on Android, the original game on PC to your phone

Counter Strike 1.6 porting Android to play Counter Strike De 1.6 on Android, just as we have lots of games? The answer is simple: Counter Strike has a huge community of players who want to take the game with them anywhere. Why do we need to run the Counter Strike 1.6 Android? 1. Counter Strike 1.6 2 installed on your PC. Xash3D (Android apk installer) 3. CS16Client ... [Read more...]

Cyanogenmod installation 14.1, 7.1 Android Nougat

Cyanogenmod installation 14.1, 7.1 Nougat What is Cyanogenmod Android? CyanogenMod is a free operating system based on Android, which offers functions in addition to the stock Android, but it is loaded on a Samsung or LG Android. Users prefer to install Cyanogenmod for perforating, speed and lack of bloatware's (unnecessary programs), that often runs in the background ... [Read more...]

Adb sideload, update or rum official installation on PC

What is adb sideload? Adb sideload is the method by which we can install (flash-ui) zip sites into the phone, the stock recovery or a custom recovery. It is an extremely useful method, especially as we do not always able to flash some files zip sites in your phone as often stock recovery sites do not allow this or simply wiped internal storage. When using ADB ... [Read more...]

Android antivirus protection - you do not need antivirus

Android antivirus protection is an issue that has come from Windows inertia where we were almost forced to use an antivirus. What about antivirus Android? Long on Android there were no "viruses", in fact it would be correct to say "malware". Since there was no danger, there was no point to use an antivirus. However, manufacturers of antivirus programs could not ignore ... [Read more...]

Android Auto, put you away "almost" smart

What is Android Android Auto Auto? Auto is an application for Android made specifically for use in the car. With an ergonomic and simple interface, Auto gives more driving safety when using the phone for navigation, calls, music, etc. How to use Android Auto? Auto Android app can be used in two ways: 1. Connect to support car with ... [Read more...]

Install TWRP Recovery on any Android

Install TWRP Recovery on any Android or TWRP Recovery Project TeamWin is a custom recovery which gives us a lot of options compared to standard recovery sites, which are rather restrictive. What we do with TWRP recovery? Normally, the recovery of the standard phone can not do anything, only install signed official updates or reset the phone. With ... [Read more...]

How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life

How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life Li ion batteries Li ION is the technology that underlies phones and rechargeable batteries in our gadgets. Of all the technologies, Li ION is the most balanced choice; That means good enough and cheap enough. Sure, there are promising technologies, but they are expensive and / or difficult ... [Read more...]

Unlock bootloader Android phone

Unlock bootloader Android phone bootloader What is Android? Android bootloader code is a (sort of software), which has the mission to perform certain tasks, such as loading the kernel (core operating system), debugging, etc. Android bootloader is locked on the base to protect the phone against the installation of malicious code. How to install updates to ... [Read more...]

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10, any version

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10 Microsoft usually have a pretty strict policy about downloading the ISO image with Windows operating systems. Why has Microsoft changed its policy download? After 2007 when they started to appear heavily smartphone market, the world began to realize that there is another way to access the internet and certain services. The ... [Read more...]

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