How portrivite download drivers for laptop

Hi friends, in this video tutorial will show you how and where to download the appropriate drivers for our laptop.
It is quite frustrating to buy a new laptop, install the operating system and finally to realize that anything is not working properly. The webcam does not work, does not work bluetooth, wireless LAN site and do not go, the sound and video is not working properly, etc, etc. All this happens because you have not installed drivers: chipset, wireless, bletooth, webcam, card reader, multimedia controls, etc.
The driver is a software that links the operating system and various peripheral components and without drivers operating system and obviously does not see those components can not be used.
Over time we have done similar tutorials:
Where and how desarca drivers for a Dell laptop
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How to download drivers for your laptop, netbook, motherboard or other device ASUS
Also I did tutorial on how to detect and install the correct drivers for some devices unrecognized sites for which we can not even find drivers on the manufacturer's website.
How to install drivers for components or unknown unknown device - video tutorial
Today we see how to download drivers ge Toshiba laptops, a brand very appreciated by us and others.
However, if you already have Windows installed on a laptop that moves slowly and you want to reinstall it, you can backup the drivers, just like in the tutorial:
How do I backup all drivers with Double Driver
Even if, after installing the operating system does not have the device's unrecognized, it's still better to install drivers formal as they come along with application control, for example Nvidia Control Panel is not a driver, is an application which set operating parameters video card, it does it will have after installing Windows, even if the driver is installed foate.
Drivers are an essential component of a healthy operating system, a system they can move extremely well or extremely poorly. Some drivers, especially the latest versions for video cards, can provide a performance increase pretty important, good thing especially older laptops countries.
The method of tutorial applies to desktops Toshiba.
Automatic detection and display drivers laptop suitable Toshiba
You do not have laptop?

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  1. It's much easier to 3DP CHIP software that detects orce component and gives you a download link for each hardware, software 3DP only condition is that CHIP has novo internet connection.
    I have a bluetooth stick, we found no where driver with software found CHIP 3DP driver for bluetooth, I needed to stick bluetooth driver deorace I wanted to connect a DualShock Sinxaxis contorller 3 via Bluetooth to your PC.

  2. George chicu said:

    Hello I saw a Windwos Esit 8.1 if you put a tutorial I hear the changes put forward the start menu but it changed as soon tutorial!

    • There are very easy to install application that puts your menu that Windows and Windows 7 8.1.
      Here's what I have: - IObit is StartMenu.

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      We have already introduced Windows updates coming in 8.1 when you know that Windows is available for download 8.1 Preview
      Differences between Windows and Windows 8.1 8.1 Preview are not except that the final version of Windows 8.1 Pro is stable and Windows 8.1 Preview ssi was a version for enthusiasts, for those who wanted to try out the new Windows 8.1
      8.1 Windows Start button does is to quickly switch between the Metro and desktop interface and offers no button functions you know from Windows Startpe 7, Vista or XP.
      Right click the Windows Start button 8.1 you have the option to restart or shut down your pc.
      All these changes together with the other changes that we have not mentioned here have already been presented in a previous tutorial.
      Tutorial on "What's New in Windows 8.1" you can find here:
      Tutorial on how to upgrade from Windows to Windows 8 8.1 we have here:

  3. Cristi, you still do not know how to Black Friday?

  4. Evolution said:

    Hi Cristi, sorry I'm a little off-topic, I want to ask where I could buy a new motherboard for Acer Aspire 5750g if you know it is possible to buy from the manufacturer, from acer?
    Wherever I looked I (eBay, site.uri online..etc) are "refurbished"! Thanks

  5. Crystals of SSD NAND 60gb-120gb have sync

  6. I noticed something 8 installing windows on a toshiba sattelite, I could not install any DREVE because 8tul not allow it and I quit for 8 7 because leptop performances were non-existent in 8 deverele default. If I'm wrong please a tutorial. Thank you.

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      8 allow Windows driver installation as long as you want to install drivers for Windows 8. If you run the Windows drivers in Windows 7 8 is normal you will not allow their installation.

  7. I use successfully installing drivers Driver Genius Professional Edition. I installed the drivers with it on Vista, Windows and the Windows 7 8.1 and are very pleased with it.

  8. Ubuntu launched 13.10. I'll make a tutorial about it? Presentation that came back etc ...??

    • Anderson said:

      Ubuntu is the only once was when he was 8.10 ubuntu or how it was before, this new Ubuntu 13.10 13.04 or generates only crashes when Ubuntu starts suddenly makes crash error. Make the most to shop crash Ubuntu Software Center when it starts, you can not start when da Crash and so something is happening.

      • Adrian Gudus said:

        And you "talked" unaware of!
        If you do that to you does not mean you do this to everybody!
        How come all you know always go wrong and nothing you do not like? You Gica against all and this could be seen in all that time you post comments on our site.
        I run Ubuntu on both virtual machines and PC and netbook and I can tell you is moving very well, I avur problems and crashes as you say.
        In hand a hand unaccustomed any diamond, no matter how polished it is, is a simple stone worthless.

        • Anderson said:

          Well how the hell did you give to crash if you have old PC Pentium Dual Core E5200 how to give good crash is just perfect running Ubuntu or 13.04 13.10, you say you tested the Netbook and goes normal as well give the guy that goes components that are balanced to "kiss" each day as you go ms, but the PC you are trying i7 Haswall gender, Sandy, Ivy to see crashes after only day that does not give anything, do not you know what he can do, not you in his heart, not "you" Ubuntu runs to tell her what to do and what not. I do not think Ubuntu is so perfect that it does not give even crash after kernel makes the update starts and do crash, I have to delete the last kernel and go as "anointed".
          Even Android's do crash, there's no free operating system crash, it would be too much.

  9. Titi Butu said:

    Dear Cristi Hello!
    I followed the tutorial carefully and everything went perfect.Mii Thanks!
    I have a big request from me and several friends who closely follow and learn your lessons, although we age doua.Am a Toshiba Satellite A-100-TA7 with something old and would like a tutorial on how change hardul.In hope that help us Thank you and .... wait!
    Dunezeu give you health and strength to work for self mult.Cu helps us ....

  10. Please help me I clean my laptop and I appeared prafd this and runs forever .. what happened? please help me ...

  11. How to install Android OS (2.3) on Huawei Ascend Y210d-0200 (can not enter recovery menu)! 0Scz as post here ....!

  12. How to install Android OS (2.3) on Huawei Ascend Y210d-0200 (can not enter recovery menu)! 0Scz as post here ....!

  13. A program for recovering data (contacts photos music etc) the phone after iam done bakap know or can do a tutorial? ? Thanks in advance

  14. Gabi Gabriel said:

    I got a few questions and I hope I enlightened. I bought a Toshiba Satellite day C55-A-1H1, drivarele leam installed on the Toshiba site that videtutorialului above but at least CS 1 games. 6 and NFS on the net is full screen and sees only the middle at a low resolution. You can install driver or what application you can see the game in full screen. And you said that videotutorial can shoot and record at the same time with room to laptop but showed neat to install driver that we can use for shooting and recording? ? ? ami go WebUI as the only laptop messenger and skype for. I am waiting for an answer. Thank you

  15. nadalin said:

    Hi, I have a laptop tostiba satellite c 855-2gj, and when I figure there to detect laptop, I found that he did not appear, nor whence laptop that I puutea do? I have done exactly as in the tutorial.

  16. Hello I C670-198 Toshiba Satellite laptop, and when I get on the Toshiba website that you've made will auto detect and give me says "Sorry! Could not find your product "or where it came from, (I want to mention that I bought the laptop from Spain) then I tried" Or select product "by entering the correct data from the last part where you choose the model I have not found mine C670-198 is good after that I tried to "Enter Serial Number" (my series ZB159611R) that "Sorry, did not find your product" .We would like some help to install new drivers to see if there is any relative improvement in performance of thanks.

  17. Another solution, if the drivers are not recognized by Windows or not compatible with the installation, it can be downloaded using paid software and driver genius, driver magic, etc..

    If you can not handle, you can always call a service suitable laptop for your laptop Driver Download

  18. I want to ask if anyone knows how to make a cd with all the drivers that I have my personal, so put a CD in the laptop and give the ezecutabil select all drivers and automatically installs all drivers pc one click to install! ! There was soft vrun can do it at home? "Exactly like the original ASUS driver CD that comes bought"! expect response and name software! thank you!!

  19. Cristina said:

    Hello ... I have a laptop hp g6 1220sa I downloaded audio driver right from her site, I give to install it, at some point I error occurs with the message I: The hardware detected is not supported by this IDT software package. The install aborted Will Be mi.a worked ... until now could be heard, but now I have sound after installing Windows, I adika x to funnel appears that no mouse mi.l not see (him being the usb) but if He inserted USB mouse lights ira burned so I do not think it would be .... no hdmi cable does not see .... I tried to not give finds 3db can download it ... what to do? Please!

  20. voicu valeriu said:

    Hello I recently bought Toshiba Satellite product C50-A-1JT. with SERIAL NO. ZD114085U. umparare had to install anything on him, tried to install but fail. I get the message "No bootable device Please restart system" restart and the same message "No bootable device Please restart system" WHAT TO DO ??????? raspunsurgent expect to be able to return the product if necessary.

    • Be a little more explicit. Try installing a windows. From that error would result as cd / stick that you want to install is not bootable. See you several tutorials on how to make a cd / usb stick bootable. We find the box "search" at the top right.

  21. Hello, I installed Windows on a leptop toshiba satellite 7 C670-12X and I can not connect to wireless ... I can someone help me?

  22. yt Stupar large bathroom. said:

    All respects and only likes the best wishes Don Cristi!
    You're young and you're already quite negative-differentiated, congratulations!
    Go well, wish you health!
    And I make more tutorials on youtube ... share all of what I know is good to do support each other, even with so we can be united and to praise our "are Romans"!

  23. Camellia said:

    I deal with a technical problem and do not know how to proceed. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop series A305- S6834, Windows Vista license (original). E older model, but until now was ok, kept and used with care. I reinstalled Windows only actually the 2 CD, sealed housing, supplied with the US, do their job alone. Unfortunately, a few days, the laptop shuts down suddenly while working and opened in 1-2 second one (obviously losing any document open at the moment). Today I thought it was time to reinstall Windows again, but it seems no longer possible. While preparing to reinstall the computer closed during surgery, has reopened but it seems did not want to recognize the CD remained inside to reinstall W. There is no image, just black screen and white line in the top left corner of the screen. I tried again to open the laptop, which in an initial page TOSHIBA play with the options below 2 "F2 Press Setup Utility" or "F12 Boot Manager", and tried to use the keys 2 F2 or F12 . The technical data opens a screen that does not know how to utilizez.Stiu that should appeal to a service, but I want to know if this problem has solution, or the laptop is lost permanently? If you can understand the problem of what I wrote ... No one ever walked into it and thought I reinstall W will be as easy as every time, I almost anything having to do with the use of 2 CDs. Made me think suddenly opening and closing of calculatorului.Este why I thought it needed a reinstall may W.Sau ends here "life" of the laptop ... Thanks in advance!

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      If you still have given us so many details, we would have been helpful to tell us (to receive a response) and what exactly laptop displays options to pressing F12 Boot Manager.

    • Costelina said:

      Yes laptop repair work

    • Costelina said:

      with time changing sites require some extensions and adonuri and browsers

      must cope

      for this Windows to be updated (update) the day that's an important thing and Security

      my advice to you

      do not install Windows Vista

      Windows installs Professional 7 because unlike other versions of Windows already has integrated 7 SP1

      This means you do not need 2GB of system RAM for only 1GB

      in conclusion: over time must be made increasingly more updates

      so exempt Professional and Windows 7 time and nerves

      again not used as primary browser than Internet Explorer 11 (is doing best on the internet

      and consume fewer resources and the

    • For a resear not try to factory settings? Here's a link about it ...

  24. Ricardo said:

    Howdy !
    I tried many software to download, but none has updated the data-base-and therefore can not find the latest drivers. These programs are very poorly constructed - eg manual I downloaded the latest driver from the manufacturer of each component 2015-hardware, and these programs updated drivers after scan tells me I am old drivers download drivers bitch some more old or from other manufacturers or generic!
    In conclusion, to be perfectly compatible original drivers, I recommend downloading the manual from each manufacturer. These tools helpful for updated drivers ,, ,, you can use to pile only if the drivers are looking for others and do not feel like work to spread the PC to see the series / model for each song and then look on the net the manufacturer (or trace components AIDA86) ... and for those who have old PC without drivers ...

  25. I took double driver program and gave a backup before them and put it in an archive eam how do I place them after the windows cheat?

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Search our tutorial about Double Driver and learn from there. I find using the search box top right.

  26. cristi said:

    Hi I have a question for a toshiba laptop does not connect to the internet explorer broser laptop connected to the Internet and have full signal. May be because of a driver, I did not drivers at him. What can I do ???? Waiting for an answer.

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Write in the top right search box "Reset to default settings How any web browser" hit Enter and you will find a tutorial that I think will help

  27. Hello. How to make Windows Tosiba C50 B18E ??? Have trouble with any usb dvd ... Thanks.



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