How to diagnose a hard drive or corrupt data sectors with SeaTools - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about checking hard disk directly from Windows. Our past but we have addressed this issue when we used HDD Regenerator can be found on the CD Hiren `s Boot CD. When I used HDD Regenerator, the problem was that I had to do this from boot, to burn a bootable CD from which to boot and then check the hard drive could not do anything without something other computer. The method today and we can take something from another PC while the software will check the hard drive, although it is not recommended to work with too heavy software application when testing hard drive.
A few suggestions before using this software:
- Do not run antivirus software and heavy stop before you start checking the hard disk
- If you check the hard drive of a laptop, make sure the battery does not do this, connect your laptop to a power source.
- If you have a USB stick or USB external hard drive would not be checked, it is recommended to unplug the computer before using the software
- Do not use the hard disk Tests Advanced function sites that already have data, this test can only be done on hard drives empty, there is a risk corupeti files or lose data if the hard disk contains files to run Advanced Tests
- For a more accurate use Long Generic test mode
What I liked about this app: do not offer many details about the tests and do not fix any corrupt sectors where they exist. is a software that just tells us if your hard drive has problems or not. It is a diagnostic software and nothing more.

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  1. Hello. I have a few bugs 320gb hdd but the thing is when booting the laptop with the hdd and cd hiren boot locks that would be the problem what to do I tried to boot cd hinren 15 or anything but if another hdd bag go so close would have to do ms in advance!

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