How to Download correct free-video tutorial

In this tutorial video you can watch how to properly downloads iso files games using utorrent program without the need to use a torrent search engine or Romanian logam a torrent site.

Basically it downloads all the files in the same way whether games, music, movies, etc..

As an example in this video tutorial I chose to download a game and in the next tutorial we will install together.

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (full screen)

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  1. jocu going to install on Windows Vista with everything I saw up there I had Windows XP and I do not have? ms response!

  2. Edward99 says:

    You should put and website that you downloaded games pt. as that game's not there because the tutorial is old. Anyway super site. I think it's the best site that refers to your PC. Anyway I have not seen many (are in the fifth grade).

  3. Teo smk says:

    I have a question where is the second tutorial or tutorials restu part of it

  4. Thank you Cristi ciao hard and doing for us if you can and how can we totoriale net Thanks to my neighbors for free

  5. Hi .. if you've got a game torrent gta gender or stronghold legends in this' me tb tb cd and cd?
    ms ...

    • says:

      alex: Hi .. if you've got a game torrent gta gender or stronghold legends in this' me tb tb cd and cd? Ms ...

      alex: Hi .. if you've got a game torrent gta gender or stronghold legends in this' me tb tb cd and cd? Ms ...

      • Alex, so: almost all games on the internet are crack-uite.Luam example GTA San Andreas pt say it's more popular downloaded from the net ... good to say that you put on the partition (D)'s hard drive or Any partition where you have enough space. He, the game can be zipped or unzipped and placed in an ISO or any other imagine.Daca image, know everything you need is Daemoon Power Tools or Iso.Simplu-open daemoon then tick to mount the image with the game, then go into my computer and where you rwriterul DVD comes your game like you have put in calculator.Bun dvd dvd open in my computer clikdreapta giving him and explore, and you can view all the files it contains game open and wait for the installation executable to install, usually in C / Program files.Dupa is finished all you crack remains is to search through folders, if you will definitely find copy and give it go in C / Program Files folder where you installed the game and pasta, he'll say that you are already there and I'll open a window where I can give something genul.Te Apply or desktop quickly go and give play and gata.Asta to know that it happens in most games, good games that are also divided into several files, but that's harder to explicat.Numai well!

  6. I'm having a little scared to download the torrent oe but I do not know why.

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