How to insert subtitles permanently in a movie or avi file - video tutorial

Hi friends, in the following video tutorial you will see how to insert subtitle in a movie, I do not mean to load subtitle in player but its introduction for good in the video, so we have a single video file that will contain permanent subtitle.
This method is good for those who want to watch mobile movies with subtitles but they can upload subtitles player, also the method will be agreed and those who want to put video on websites translated.
We use this with VirtualDub Subtitler plugin and DivXLand Media Subtitler, VirtualDub do not we run new application DivXLand Media Subtitler will use it to insert subtitle in the film.
Input methods are multiple subtitle the film, most of them are mediocre apps that you can not rely even has something like VLC Player but you can not rely on him to introduce any subtitle in video.
The best and strongest input method of subtitling in movies is our tutorial, we know that VirtualDub is a great application used by professionals RIP nor VirtualDub has not disappointed this time, although the application is DivXLand Media Subtitler one that sees all know that everything VirtualDub timplu bear the brunt, it is dealing with "dirty work" and paid tasks successfully every time, just pick DivXLand Media Subtitler but deserves applause, even friendly interface.
With VirtualDub we finish not so easy, most likely will be a series of tutorials dedicated to the mighty VirtualDub, until then I hope you enjoy this tutorial, especially that made me a lot of nerves, I think if you do not like ... ..
Do not forget, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions please write on the comment field, de-also met the comments box if a user has a problem and you can help it, do not hesitate to make only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
by Cristian Cismaru

Download VirtualDub Subtitler, DivXLand Media Subtitler

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    wait for response ...

  2. Alexandra says:

    Good. I tried to do the same thing you did in the video l'. Finally it gives me an error that says "Could not locate decompress for H264 format.
    "VirtualDub Requires Video for Windows (VFW) compatible codec to decompress video. DirectShow codecs, Such as Those used by Windows Media Player, has not Suitable.

    So what to do? not understand anything.

    • Adrian Gudus says:

      You need to install a codec pack. If you can not do that, write in the search box top right "Install k-lite" hit enter and you will find the tutorial. After installing codecs try to apply again what shown in this tutorial

    • AviSub 2.3 to dvix

  3. I followed all the steps and finally when I select browse and virtualdub this message appears: subtitling of VirtualDub filter was not found, the following file is missing: C :/ Program Files / VirtualDub / plugins / subtiler.vdf

    • Adrian Gudus says:

      Look tutorial more carefully. Do you extracted the archive "" where it should (as shown in the tutorial video)

      • Amalia says:

        Hi, I have exactly the same problem as Alina, when finally select the folder, I found that there appears subtitle filter, although I extracted the archive "" plugin folder, just like in the tutorial. that could be the problem?

  4. If you go or you deal with VirtualDub, you can try "Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate". It's much easier to work with him. The interface is quite intuitive. Make sure that the film is in a folder with the subtitles and subtitle has exactly the same name as the movie. Import the movie, click on the symbol "3 yellow stars," you go to the section as desired subtitles and change subtitle features. For better compatibility, make sure the subtitle is srt format.

    The only drawback would be that the program is commercial, whether you buy it or you crackuit. Note, a simple serial key is not enough, even if the moment seems to be enough over a short period of time will be blocked.

  5. I appears in the subtitle a "L" cut from place to place, and change the font box "scipt" is activa.Va please explain to me how to fix.

  6. Cristi says:

    I want to put English subtitles on my tutorials, exixta vriun program or knows someone do that?
    Of course they pay.
    Does anyone know or could you guide me to someone who can do that?
    Thank you.

  7. Tamasanu says:

    finally when to give my next show "The XviD encoder DLL Could not to be. Do you want to download the XviD codec from now? "What can I do? help me please, I need urgent

  8. samoila says:

    donTt me go ... do not hear sound nimik .... movie and subtitle function properly ...
    is normal and what can fix it?

  9. very very good that the video, ms much .. helped me tremendously!

  10. I have a intrebare.totul goes perfectly with one exception, I can not add the letters S and T in the subtitle any I actually have tightness subtitle subtitle synchronized with notepad then edit and you use it in Media Subtitler sees two destull Aire is if I put there and t.are someone a solution?

    • I have not used this software but 4 minutes: Cristi 23 set at the script "Central European" to enter accented.

  11. There's work Linck downloaded ....

  12. Paul Ionita says:

    Hello, Cristi! The program is very useful and something I already subtitled movies. The problem is that they subbed without diacritics because I encode them. How do I make subtitles in Romanian letters like "A", "Q", "A", "S", "T" so that "s" does not become "ZC ™" and characters like this? Finally you save the Notepad document with diacritics, save it in all possible formats (Unicode, ANSI, Unicode big endian, etc.). What can I do?

  13. Roxana Andreea says:

    I can not access the download link. Can you help me with another link?

    • View 2 comments above as Adrian left a link to a video that shows how they look and download them. Very simple.

  14. OVIDIU Cochin says:

    It worked for a while and now I do and finally compressing a movie out of 35 Gb.Pls help.

  15. Say hello to me I can not open script file what to do?

  16. For replacement use diacritics from subtitles: ...... ..editat .inlocuieste instantly ...... :D

  17. a good link to download?

  18. Hello, and not to spoil the film quality? What should I do?

  19. Hi Adi, I have little need to use media ajutor.Am subtitle since I found him, in September 2011.Super multumit.De two days I reinstalled windows, I went from 7 to 8.1.Uite that shows me after I Follow the steps to install. "Erorr reading / writing registry settings: Make sure the Program has Administrator Rights, or run it with the Windows XP Compatibility mode." What should I do? Thank you.

  20. Hello, very well presented tutorial, thank you, but I have the same problem and I as "dan" on windows 8, "Erorr reading / writing registry settings: Make sure the Program Administrator HAS Rights, or run it with the Windows XP Compatibility mode. "What would be the solution? Merci

    • The error tells you to make sure that the program has administrator rights or run it in compatibility mode. More specifically the program's launch right click on icon and "Run as administrator" if all else fails go up in the search box write "XP Mode" and watch the tutorial that showed how to use compatibility mode but XP Mode


  1. [...] It was not wrong, we will definitely incorporate subtitles as I did in the tutorial: How to insert subtitles permanently in a movie or avi file. Subtitles (in several languages) that we introduce in .mkv container can be disabled [...]

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