How to insert subtitles permanently in a movie or avi file - video tutorial

Hi friends, in the following video tutorial you will see how to insert subtitle in a movie, I do not mean to load subtitle in player but its introduction for good in the video, so we have a single video file that will contain permanent subtitle.
This method is good for those who want to watch mobile movies with subtitles but they can upload subtitles player, also the method will be agreed and those who want to put video on websites translated.
We use this with VirtualDub Subtitler plugin and DivXLand Media Subtitler, VirtualDub do not we run new application DivXLand Media Subtitler will use it to insert subtitle in the film.
Input methods are multiple subtitle the film, most of them are mediocre apps that you can not rely even has something like VLC Player but you can not rely on him to introduce any subtitle in video.
The best and strongest input method of subtitling in movies is our tutorial, we know that VirtualDub is an application used by professionals super RIP nor VirtualDub not disappointed this time, although the application DivXLand Media Subtitler is one that sees all know that everything VirtualDub timplu bear the brunt, it is dealing with "dirty work" and successfully discharge the task every time, just pick DivXLand Media Subtitler but deserves applause, even for friendly interface.
With VirtualDub we finish not so easy, most likely will be a series of tutorials dedicated to the mighty VirtualDub, until then I hope you enjoy this tutorial, especially that made me a lot of nerves, I think if you do not like ... ..
Do not forget, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions please write on the comment field, de-also met the comments box if a user has a problem and you can help it, do not hesitate to make only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
by Cristian Cismaru

Download VirtualDub Subtitler, DivXLand Media Subtitler

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  1. Hi, I crash when I want to upload subtitles: "Failed to determine subtitle format, file format selected Might not Be supported yet." The subtitle is .srt format that would be the problem?

  2. I have a problem ... I have no sound ... ... and subtitle delay to make the whole movie how to do? (Or rather have waited patiently?)

    • Excuse my previous mistake ... no ... but the subtitles delay appears to me a few seconds faster than ... please help me ... I want to make ptr to watch them on TV ... and stick the subtitles folder that automatically takes seen so small (although it is placed on large type).

  3. Doru Dascalu says:

    They say you learn old man ambling horse, but even if I 60 years, all stand and see your tutorials several times to get it. Now with this, I woke up with the message that I do not know what codec the DVX and have put it. I had and codec and we set off. Of course I PC as old as me, :) (Has seven years), and the poor panting going to put subtitles. And that's only because I gave money to a LED TV does not see the subtitles you stick bag. No .srt, .sub no. So I have to put directly on film subtitling. My luck is that I started with HC and Cobra and I so passionate computeristica sake of it and I know it, but I think with horror at the idea that they have nothing to PCs. How to fix one Romanian Dacia during the golden age, so I do my single PC. And do and others, not out of my hand. But I have a laziness to learn something new, something like a high school kid who just wants to chiulească. :) Cristiane live 200 years and what I want I want you hundredfold me and you. Thanks exist.

  4. Mr Cristian I have a question and I do not mind where I can take your schedule and they enter in film subtitling ie virtual dub me in-I had and I accidentally deleted when I reinstalled Windows and variations on the net do not go
    Thank you for your understanding
    Sincerely Costinel


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