Install CWM Recovery, backup original rom and flash custom rom on LG Optimus One P500 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to install ROMs (another version of Android modified by different developers) for LG Optimus One P500. These ROMs are specifically designed for better battery life to support overclock or have different themes, icons, notification bar (notification bar) or modified release of certain options that manufacturers disable them or hide them. To flash a different ROM ui is necessary to have at root smartphone. About how to root LG Optimus One output a P500 I did already last tutorial.
Going forward, you have to flash the recovery image UIM. To accomplish this we install ROM Manager from the Android Market, a front end (GUI) that allows managing and uirea flash ClockWorkMod Recovery.
Next you have to decide on the ROM we want to install. I advise you to read the threads that are open forums for each ROM. On the page where you download the ROM you will find all sorts of useful information, warnings or even troubleshooting data, developers of these ROMs for some stuff that you may have problems. Page ROMs dedicated to LG Optimus One P500 you can access at the following address:
What to know before you flash a ROM-UIM?
1. Upload your smartphone look forward to flash another ROM, it should be full battery for when you're in recovery, the battery is consumed faster.
2. MUST MAKE A BACKUP look before you flash a ROM. Show how this is done in the tutorial video.
3. Allow the device to make it work and do not interrupt, do not cancel tasks are ongoing. Never remove the battery from the smartphone while it runs various tasks.
If you do backup, it will come in and what is on the SD card?
A: No, the backup will only come with the operating system settings and installed applications
When uiesc flash a new ROM, will I lose the SD card?
A: No, that was on the SD card will remain intact, they will only lose installed applications, operating system and settings
If you install a new ROM will lose another warranty?
A: Yes, but not necessary to worry, you can always install the original ROM. That's what we do in a future tutorial.
It can get rid of ClockWorkMod Recovery and Root your phone so be as it was when I bought it?
A: Yes we can always return to the state phone software that was when I bought it.
I flash a new ROM and watch your stay too long to boot is normal?
A: Yes, it is perfectly normal, every time you install a new ROM, the first boot will take longer. Be patient and let the phone to boot, disconnect the battery while it is in the boot process. Depending watch flash ROM, boot time can last from minutes 5 to 10
If you flash a new ROM will lose uiesc phonebook are saved in the phone memory?
A: Yes, you will lose only the numbers that are saved in the phone memory and not the SIM card.
That said, I invite you to see the video tutorial to see exactly how UIM flash ClockWorkMod Recovery, how do backup and how to install a ROM on LG Optimus One P500.


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The 1, install CWM Recovery and downloading custom ROM.

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The 2, backup original ROM and flash custom ROM uirea.

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