Set trendnet router for port forwarding with virtual server and DMZ - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we set up a wireless router from Trendnet to make configuration port forwarding by setting virtual server and DMZ, although we used a router Trendnet these settings are the same on most wireless routers but routers simple.

Port forwarding uses to create a bridge between the Internet and your computer via the router, which is the way of the internet and computer jumatater.

We know that when we do not have a router Internet Access, Internet access from now on will be done via the router that filters all traffic in general, so we need to create some rules under which to operate our router we awaken to our own prisoners.

Who needs port forwarding?

All we need (if we have a router) for this option sooner or later for: putting online http, ftp or mail server but not limited to any application that needs a bidirectional connection on a particular port needs to a point of port forwarding.

Let's no longer by the text, to go straight to watching this video tutorial to port forwarding which is the first of a long series of video tutorials about wireless routers and routers simple.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Mr. Adrian sall I have a huge request to help me and me I did all the steps I am looking tote alter meanings and still does not work I find the id

  2. Strutzu2007 says:

    Hello, I followed the tutorial seems simple, but to me the net from UPC and CISCO router EPC3925dat those from UPC goes I found to access the setting that you do them in tutorial. can you help me with some instructions on the above mentioned router. Esteem

  3. Hello. I have a small problema.Mi I bought a NETGEAR router wireles-N + Modem Router ADSL2
    DGN2000B and fail any way to set it up, although I watched videotutorialul vostrudespre connecting these devices. I can help myself. SELF

  4. nice tutorial but I have a problem :( I followed the steps exactly and I appear all ports closed :( , Plus when I open my port for HTTP crash REMOTE MANAGER conflict with anybody knows how to solve? I have a rooter-TEW651BR TRENDNET

  5. Hello,

    I took a router TEW-652brp trandnet from someone, but does not have the installation CD.
    Do you know if u can download drivers for it?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Duallpannel says:


      I took a router TEW-652brp trandnet from someone, but does not have the installation CD. Do you know if u can download drivers for it?

      Thanks a lot!

      Browser.Bagi in big box configures the browser address or
      you will show a pop up when you enter your username and password [Both should be: admin]

      • Do not go in Mozilla ip'urile ... "problem loading page." Like no ...
        I tried with Internet Explorer as .. a solution?

    • Duallpannel says:

      Sar might like to address trendnet routers that must be plugged into the browser:

      enter this site
      and you'll see how to configure the router from your browser


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