Tronsmart MK908 a quad core computer small and cheap Android

Today we are pleased to present a mini computer in my opinion would change the world of computers, living room TV and multimedia content consumption in general.
Do not be fooled by the title "mini pc", Tronsmart MK 908 is a computer as a USB stick that is as strong as a latest phone.
Equipped with a quad core processor Rockchip RK3188, 4 Mali400 graphics cores, 2 GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless b, g, n, it can fight any Tabet or the latest smartphone any time peer. Martyrius are and scores in tests and 6000 15800 Quadrant in Atutu, and that the beta firmware.
Most interesting is the price of this product in dollars 80 can I buy a Tronsmart 908 MK20 and the dollar can you buy a multifunctional remote control: mouse + remote + tastatra full qwerty hardware. What can you buy another today with 100 dollars?
Right now I can say that the device moves great, I found another game or video format that put him in difficulty. This is because the latest generation processor that incorporates all the technologies 28 nm torque.
I attraction and surprised to see that all video files are run using only a valuable hardware decoding (MX Player) without any bit of lag, I repeat, that the beta firmware.
Remote I used it in two days of testing I came under the skin, you can buy one on eBay, if you have patience you bought from EMAG. I'll do a separate tutorial that will show you how it works a remote control, but you honestly say, not how to not like. Although you need 1-2 hours to get used to, then move the cursor on the screen from a distance using the accelerometer becomes natural. I thought immediately comes to your head saying: "Why have not thought about it long ago?".
This was just a tutorial presentation will follow other tutorials we enter deeper into the subject and we will see what he could Trosmart MK908.

QWERTY Keyboard & airmouse NIP AirFun for Mediaplayer, Mini PC, Computer
Kworld Airmouse for Android mediaplayer
Tronsmart MK908 (on

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  1. cristian says:

    Hello Cristi.
    2 weeks ago I bought myself a mini pc mk 908 and are very pleased with it, but I have a problem with yahoo messenger, managed to install both messenger program and the plugin only when I try to call the the mini pc webcam starts then stops and remain locked picture, I can say I 1.8.3 mess and plugin version 1.6 ...
    Please Tell me what to do.?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Salut.Cristi tell me please how can reboot the device without the take of priza.Am RC RC 11

  3. Hello,

    Can I post your video on my site, with reference to your page?

    Thank you.

    • Sure you can, as long as you refer to is ok.
      We do not like you "some" steal content and takes credit.
      Our acceptance applies only to what is posted on youtube.

  4. Greeting
    You said you can connect anything USB OTG and Tronsmart MK908 ... I connected a TV tuner ... and it did not work (to make the monitor TV) ... Can you please give me a solution to this problem (it would be useful and the phone ...) AverMedia hybrid tuner but I tried it with Pinacle and Genius. 0 result. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hello.
    I bought myself Android Mini PC Tronsmart MK908.
    My question is, if I can connect mini PC with UPC Mediabox TV, if at my TV (Toshiba) has only one HDMI?
    It somehow with an HDMI port Multi

  6. For Mr. Cristian Cismaru. Good afternoon. My name is John are in Bucharest, I bought a mini pc Tronsmart last MK908.Saptamana function. a few days now and I can not wait to ANDROID.Si appears seconecteze and nimic.Nu are you in the PC. Respectfully John.

    • It's hard to say what might have. First, where did you buy? If you have warranty, change it.
      Maybe you installed a wrong firmware.
      Intensity may not have food.
      Can you install any software that caused this.
      Maybe too hot.

  7. There goes the video. The message: Unable to resolve the server's DNS address.

    • Immediately after posting the issue is resolved. Very intereesant article, it was a shame to miss it. Thanks filmmaker and team.

  8. Salu and I just purchased a mk908 on geekbuying and I need an adapter for europa.Imi can give a secure site and a good adapter for it?

  9. Ubuntu is gasete something or installed instead of android, I'm curious?

  10. hi cristi asking ... I have a have a tronsmart 809 III but wifi signal is very weak so I bought a usb wifi adaprador but do not know how to install it help me please?

    • Your problem was the network card but poor signal. Better position the router to have good wireless signal on the internal miniPCI.
      Network adapter can not be installed as windows, if your device supports well, if not, not.

  11. Better.
    I am interested if you can install it SeeNow.Va application please help me to answer those who have tried and failed (or not).
    Thank you.

  12. Hello Cristi! I want to buy a toy of it, please tell me if in the meantime appeared somewhat more efficient, I use mini PC for Internet browsing, Skype (with video) and occasionally for movies. Thank you!


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