Unchecky eliminates software installation and unwanted toolbars

Unchecky eliminates software installation and unwanted toolbars
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Hi friends, in this tutorial I will show you a very interesting software that will protect against unwanted software and toolbars when you install free software. The software released today called Unchecky and as can be deduced from its name, uncheck automatically for us unwanted toolbars and software that come with free software you wish to install.
That developers can maintain OpenCandy free applications they adopt in implementation of their software. Thus in addition to free software that they are implemented and it offers several toolbars or additional software optimization, web browsers and so on. Implementing OpenCandy license, they advertise other software companies and developers so they can earn a few bucks and keep us free application users.
Unchecky is a very useful application for those who do not know English so well that do not differ from those unnecessary useful software, an application that I highly recommend to people atehnice or older.
There very few times I was given to see browsers super loaded with all sorts of toolbars unnecessary that you aggravate surfing, you do all sorts of redirections when searching the web or aggravate very good functioning of the browser, it responding very hard to commands.

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  1. I have not looked at the tutorial as they are on the phone but when I get to watch on PC.
    Somehow know if consuming because the software would install it myself. When I first watch instalatrea a software add-ons but when you reinstall watch and take next next finish and then I wonder where we would be that the only good browser and such software.

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Fortunately application does not consume more resources. Although I have not mentioned is very useful in some applications where advanced mode or customize when you install them. In applications that have advanced mode or customize the installation, they better toolbarurile hidden or additional software. Unchecky will automatically check how to install or customize advanced and uncheck toolbarurile The software or unwanted.

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  2. For me personally this kind of software does not bother me because I know uncheck them manually. but some inadvertently simply rushing to install them and leave them so others think it's ok .. leave like this tutorial very helpful ..

    Crowd Mr Adrian!

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  3. Very good tutorial thanks I did not know the program chear unchecky

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  4. How do I download the google app that sends me elsewhere I saw MUCH MS is especially useful as you and said it indicated pt. These trcuti of 50.ms ms.

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  5. It's a "Must be" on all computers at all "customers" My ... to install Windows to be installed and it ... people give next to any toolbar unknowingly and get saracu screen is covered half of them ... just I can not understand how to use a browser with 5-6 installed toolbaruri ... not to mention the free programs that you install and they never ... folosec. Thanks much!

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  6. Unchecky This software is great for those who do not have with the pc'ului. It is an excellent software that many if And certainly use would not have so many miseries by Windows.

    Adrian do a tutorial in which you Areti how to remove the miseries of those who did not have this software, and have each fixed toolbaruri those already occupying half the screen and significantly hampers speed and use the browser.

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  7. Thank you very much. Not that I have I need it, but certainly I will install on computers in the future :))

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  8. Unchecky codec block H.264
    H.264 codec is used for watching movies AVC

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      I do not know how you came to that conclusion but as we have shown in the video tutorial, if you still want to install one of the software that comes with a free application or a toolbar that comes with a free application, you can do simply by ticking the box . He just febifeaza them for you, do not block anything.
      When making statements would be bad show, it was argued, to explain the situation or how concluded at X

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    • I can not watch certain movies after I installed !!!!!!

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  9. there is a possibility to send gps coordinates automatically at a certain time via SMS. ie I am on the mountain, give the corner a cliff, but on some phones in some minutes or hours after the event, arriving gps data via SMS if there is signal.

    I know that you can give gps data sms if you're aware. or other variations.

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  10. Anonymous said:

    Very useful app! Thanks for sharing information. It will be very good for rush and careless users.

    @ Ionescuadrian:
    There are applications which say. Login using Google Play and search for relevant terms you're interested.
    For example, "auto gps sms / txt". Teach you to ask questions on google and you will surely find answers. .

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  11. Adriane not know if functioenaza and Express Files ...... to see that there's something else .... if you decline Degen You Can not install something that .... Express files and it comes with toolbars and other software idiocy Make a test ..

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  12. stelian said:

    Ask someone what resources consumed this software. I use another solution if I missed something unchecked. Are portable software geek, revouninstaller, iobituninstaller, etc. with which you can remove unwanted software. It happened many times that the installation Messinger's yahoo to me, pick "and a toolbar, even though I was careful what mark off / unchecked. Using revouninstaller I solved the problem. Anyway, congratulations for. articles you publish!

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  13. Good morning: D
    Owning a website .. Unimportant this, but I need some tutorials that are not found on the site but Adrian Cristi or I would know how to explain those things.
    Therefore I thought of a great idea. For example in = one day of the week you could do a live chat.
    SI meaning. Omu enter the chat says his problem, and if videotutoiral team knows how to solve it directs.
    If you do not know says she can not help him. This would be really good even asaceva.
    (I only I had an idea and I said to say if this is not possible it has no problem.)
    Here is a live chat system (... ..)
    Thank you for your attention.

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  14. Good to know. I woke myself with any one six programs installed and I would be called atehnic. Torrents and other software on offer this, additional software ... I installed the program on all three units mine! Thanks…

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  15. FlorinP. said:

    May continue with NAS ZYXEL tutorials?

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  16. Hello presentation settings for opera 19

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  17. Valentin said:

    A promising start to the year at all for this site!

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    • Yes, unfortunately you are right. Software simple to not overwhelm intelligence. Are for relaxation, atehnici parents, grandmother, great-grandmother and children. There have been better times when they presented very interesting and complex things, like Gimp, servers (Apache, Wamp, Lamp), Open Office, Configuring router, dynamic IP, static and more.
      I try to find an explanation for tutorials lately:
      - Gentlemen do not have time for this website. Addressing problems that are short, are so selected that it does not take much time editing and do not require a great time for documentation. From 10 minutes of a tutorial, 5 are for stories. Understandably, since they can earn more from other ACTV.
      - Adapts to requirements. There are many people who have mobile performance but do not know to start and stop the PC correctly. Problems are solved punctually phones and we do not help much, for all, if we do not have exact phone model is done tutorial.
      Anyway, I thank the two, Cristi and Adrian, for what they have done until now and what they will do next.

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      • Rummy rh said:

        Yet, having no choice but to accept install desired program, thinking that you manually uncheck what you do not need, but ... surprise, although sometimes unchecked some applications install everything. I wonder what will happen now ...

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  18. 8.1 go and windows?

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  19. hello ... first of all I want to congratulate you for the work that you do .... I have one thing to ask you a video I made not too sees mp4 fact to explain is filmed on a phone from another phone conversation on a social networking my request to you is to tell me if there is a program or website where I could edit this video can have clarity in what is filmed .... thank you and hope you give me some information ... welcome

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  20. Somehow put the lock on this site?

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  21. I think the guys are preparing a very interesting protect!

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  22. Howdy. I like your tutorials and I would like to know how I could do to follow and tablet or smartphone. I tried all the variations, and this site and others, to install the Flash Player but still can not watch. It's a shame because not only think I want to see on other devices.
    PS I hope not abandoned site because I noticed very low activity in recent weeks!

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      There is a little trick that you can watch our tutorials on smartphone or tablet. If you have flash player installed, go to one of our tutorials, middle reaches player ('ll start playing), wait two seconds and touch again to pause the playback middle player and then touch again the middle player and playback will start smoothly

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  23. Adrian salut.Te greet an old and dear old computerist.Daca will help me be stronger than all that I ask for a few months.
    Great Tribulation: Shockwave-
    Nupot complet'ct blocking me to move to minutele.Sigur's my mistake but how to find you tell me please.
    Mozilla Firefox work the last 12 months.
    I like sites and media YouTub foto.De music and I recently installed these days and faceeboock say this so I know I can handle somewhat. but note that it occurs shckokwave not finished .. and I do not know what I mean block-blowing all wrong somewhere and yogurt (like Boost Driver not know why I installed and secure and altele.Nu want to ruin any page that you have historia mozilla firefox and bookmaker that helps me against forgetfulness I do. So we talk a little?
    radu [Email protected] and still others as a messenger and skype.Ce mail address that you have to invite my mess you please help me somehow and we are grateful-shockwave that forced me to deranjej you, believe me.

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Find me on Facebook named Adrian Gudus. Unfortunately your Yahoo address is not correct, a Yahoo address there can be no spaces in your divorced there "Radu 344137"

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  24. Salajan Emanoil said:

    Hello ! I have a problem, if you can help me to open my computer appears Documents and Settings \ Adina \ AplicationData \ newnext.me \ nengine.dll not be found .de then how can not I login on Neobux.com.Cu thanks Emanoil

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  25. Cosmin said:

    I liked very much tutorialul.Am unchecky installed and now can install each free application without any problems.

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  26. Very useful, I have not installed that currently use Linux, but I will next install Windows.
    Antivirus called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects these Addonsuri, as they say, like viruses, and put them in quarantine. Not even appear during installation, the installer are removed.
    As tutorial remove these tool bars, I recommend using software called IObit Unistaller. It's free, can backup, delete and afferent registry has special tab tool bars can even applications in Metro Heights [Windows 8, 8.1 Windows]. I feel like this program is a must-have.

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  27. I think it's very good the programmed I installed a program to reactivate Windows and or installed
    and unfortunately they did not have an antivirus

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  28. Adrian, thanks for the tutorial!
    I have a problem you do not know to deal with it ... Please help me!
    I executed the steps in the tutorial ...
    1.dubu click the "shortcut to unchecky_
    2. A window appears that asks me if I want to run this file ... Does 2 buttons: RUN and CANCEL
    RUN 3.Apas
    4.Apare window SETUP: options: English, More options
    Click Install
    5. Reappears in step 2 window ..
    6.Apas (again!) RUN
    7. Appears (again!) To step 4 window for f.scurt time and then the computer reboots!

    Question: 1.De why this happens?
    2. How out of this mess?
    I note that the same thing is happening to install CCleaner!

    Thank you in advance!

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