Giga 50 of free online storage on Box for every Android phone - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will show you a little trick with which we can benefit from 50 GB online storage space for any phone with Android operating system. Normally, the 50 GB are offering only those LG phones there is an "understanding" between Box and LG service that every user of a benefit from 50 LG GB online storage space for life. A similar offer had ones from HTC but in collaboration with DropBox.
If I have an LG phone, to benefit from the 50 GB should simply install apolicatia Box and Box we login to our account and we create one application interface.
What do we do if we have an LG smartphone?
Well, you have to install two applications with which we will edit build.prop file so that the service box to believe that using a smartphone LG. Applications are necessary editing build.prop file ASTRO File Manager and Super Manager available in Android Market. They must be installed on our Android phone and will allow us to change the file specified above. ASTRO will allow us to open the file to be edited with a text editor and Super Manager will allow us to navigate with root in operating system files in order to alter rights build.prop file and then, it can be edited with a text editor.
Before I invite you to watch the video tutorial tell you that you need to fulfill conditions 2 this trick to work:
1. to get at the root smartphone (if you have a LG Optimus One site we already have a tutorial on As rooteaza a LG Optimus One)
2. to have a display resolution of at least 320 × 480
Box is an online service that allows storing files, collaborating and sharing their site with your relatives. Box for Android app was featured in an article on our blog In that article we present a short video clip of the service mode so I invite you to watch the tutorial to Article 50 GB of free online storage from Box for life for those with LG or Sony Ericsson smartphone (Android)
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what to do to benefit from the 50 GB online storage space, no matter what we Android phone model.


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Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu......

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  1. FaraVirusi said

    Yes, indeed Box is a service that we can rely, 50 gb are ok. Because this application our photos and we will be nunumai secure. I'd love to have this application as a tool to automatically upload photos after I took pictures.

    • FaraVirusi:
      Yes, indeed Box is a service that we can rely, 50 gb are ok. Because this application our photos and we will be nunumai secure. I'd love to have this application as a tool to automatically upload photos after I took pictures.

      Once you have a picture Sharing tab. There you will find the option to upload the Box. I say that not only have more clicks to open when you have netul picture. Bafta!

  2. Hi Adrian and many years 2011, I see not getting any break.
    I would ask me if you teach me how unlock an LG phone with Android system, which I've forgotten my password.
    Thank you in advance.
    Regarding the tutorials are good, do you eat what you do and have.
    I learn from you.

  3. This "trick" can be done on android tablets?

  4. Andrew:
    This "trick" can be done on android tablets?

    They should go and tablet, I tried the Galaxy Note which has a resolution of the tablet and went razor.

  5. marian ionescu said

    If you do this "trick" modifying file and then restore tab loganduma will remain as it was my upgraded account? Has anyone tried?

  6. Hi Adrian, I go on my sony ericsson Already did. Multumesk more!

  7. Neagu Constantin said

    Thank you for all you do! We wish you a warm and sincere Happy Birthday!

  8. Box goes on Sony-Ericsson.
    At the moment I installed the application on Xperia X10.
    Thank you !

  9. I tried on a Dell Streak 5 and went but only after a restart 5GB ..... But as the saying went to 50 GB so it's important to restart ...

    Ms baietzi more ....

  10. It's super ok but .. I want to know if I could upload phone contacts or messages I tried but do not know where to find them .... for those that would be most important in my opinion ....

    if we can awaken the mind ... how do upload the contacts ..

    ms more baietzi ... Have a happy New Year as ....

  11. Thanks for the tutorial. super useful.
    I do not know why I did not go like you said, but I tried the ROM TOOLSBOX (has an option to change build.prop).

    Success in these tutorials. (Can you make short and concise)

  12. A tutorial on Android Sync Manager sync with CAN?

  13. Please tell me! I want to know if gb 50 pass all the same box can upload up 25 mg? At least on 5 gb is 25 mb max upload file size!

  14. Dos System said

    Recommend me a good emulator so I can dodge, and I do live on pc upgrade! PS. That's an emulator that you do the tutorial?

  15. AdrianGudus said

    Dos System:
    Recommend me a good emulator so I can dodge, and I do live on pc upgrade! PS. That's an emulator that you do the tutorial?

    I used an emulator. But a simple application that connects to my smartphone and play on desktop monitor what is going on display my smartphone. There are tutorial about the application they use to make Android tutorials.
    To find the tutorial, write up the SEARCH box in the sidebar, top right: Androidscreencast, hit enter, and voila.

  16. Dos System said

    But is there a way to upgrade is that the pc! Because not everyone has Smartphone!

  17. I do not recommend this method can not longer valid .. I give notes 2 and restart the phone after getting the Samsung logo without even open ... what to do Maistre?

    • varzaruluigi said

      hi, I have the same problem and I've followed the instructions exactly and the result is that the phone has lit logo.ul and fails to enter the menu ... what solution you found? Thank you!

  18. Hello, today I did a search on the net over OS Anonyme! I remain indebted to you if you do a tutorial on this system as forums ptr impartite.Multumesc opinions are anticipated.

  19. varzaruluigi said

    Hello, I followed your instructions exactly as shown after I gave restart the phone (alcatel ot xpop 5035x) not open, remains logo logo. Alcatel's lit and so.
    What to do in these conditions, and I thank you reply!

  20. varzaruluigi said

    I went into recovery mode and factory reset and nothing gave now can not even get into recovery mode ... is brick.uit? what advice can you give? others recommend you do not download and use the application box in this way ... and from you Adrian and Cristi expect a solution or advice how I can restore the phone back to life!

  21. varzaruluigi said

    hi, now lit phone but has the same problem ... logo.ul remains locked and does not go away, you give me advice? but it seems like talking to myself here ...

  22. varzaruluigi said

    Asked ... advice or a solution to the problem created by your tutorial to modify data in mobile application super manager to obtain the 50gb, I've tried to phone and see the light when it comes on, but the same problem occurs . logo.ul remains locked on the screen, I tried factory reset and hard reset without any resolution. I will have other suggestions and considering that another person has the same problem as mine.

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