7 cargo stuff in Google Chrome that you did not know

7 stuff stuff in Google Chrome
7 stuff stuff in Google Chrome

What is a web browser?

The web browser is an application that knows how to open html pages, scripts, images, which can play video, etc., etc.

No problem can be said that the web browser is the most used application on desktop platforms, where we do not have dedicated applications for Youtube, Facebook, etc.

The browser is basically our window to information, news, blogs, vlogs, movies, etc.

Which is the best browser?

I have made a comparison some time ago about "which is the best browser"But that does not matter. The main factor in everything today is popularity.

Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and that's why I decided to do this 7 tutorial with useful features on Google Chrome desktop.

7 stuff stuff in Google Chrome

  1. Shortcuts or shortcuts - You can make shortcuts on your desktop or taskbar for your favorite sites.
  2. Home button - disappeared, can be brought back and customized according to preferences.
  3. Task Manager - Yes, Google Chrome has an activity manager where you can see who, what and how much they eat.
  4. Search directly from the selected text - by selecting a text and right-clicking you can search directly for the phrase or text (a kind of rudimentary plagiarism)
  5. Visit a cached site - useful when you have no more but you know that you recently visited a particular page you want to read.
  6. Saving Pages in PDF Format - useful for saving tutorials, recipes or different PDF guides, for further reading even offline.
  7. Customize the Home page with wallpapers or a picture of yourself.

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  1. ILLE CSABA PAL said

    Hello Cristi. I am a fan of your tutorials, from where I learn enormously, especially as you explain the meaning of everyone. Although in 1990 we were among the first to access and use pc, now over 60 for years, I am still left and thank you very much. Thank you with all due respect and respect and I wish you good health and continue so

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    Eventually give us links where we find the solar components.

  3. Replicantu ' said

    "Shortcuts or shortcuts - you can make shortcuts on your desktop or taskbar for your favorite sites." - only in the mobile version.
    And another "trick" - reading mode. chrome: // flags / - Enable Reader Mode (enabled). Works in the stable 76 version.

  4. Xantes said

    Fill in: Another thing you can do in your Google Chrome browser - ... .. (How to download Windows 10 without "Media Creation Tool").

  5. Xantes said

    Sorry, this is the correct link to the above: https://bit.ly/2YU9vEn

  6. Hello Mr. Cristian,
    I'm asking for your advice on the following issue: I do not know if it's Windows 10 (ver. 1903), Chrome (ver. 75.0.3770.142, 64-bit) or hardware. When I access some videos on the net, in the first instance (a few seconds), the image appears blurry. What could be the explanation? Could I intervene in settings in any way?
    Only good for your work!

  7. Cristian, I need your advice, I think I have the hacked fb account from. Messenger. From here I do not see what I write. I am illiterate to him "these"! Isti

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