Ableton, music composition program, the first beats

Hello, this program Ableton tutorial tackle, a music composition program easy to use.
A difficult schedule?
The answer is simple: It can be as complicated as we want. The interface is at the same time friendly, but also at the same time "spoiled" requires a minimum knowledge, which is covered in the tutorial. If we follow the tutorial carefully, everything will seem much easier after that.
The video tutorial presents the interface and teaches us how we can create a simple beat from a MiDi track with various sounds using an electronic instrument, or we can achieve something a little more complex by adding a "saw" sound as a bass line.
The tutorial explains the simple, but as I said can be complicated as well as a Lego, adding sounds, effects, and more.
I hope I have helped in understanding the first things in Ableton.
Come on, it's not hard…
Download Ableton (Trial)
Free resources Ableton (official)
Sounds tutorial


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  1. Duallpannel said

    David Guetta Here I come! Bob Sinclar already finished it!

  2. Costelina said

    very nice bravo

    I want tutorials about something

    I liked

  3. Nothing about the mini PC? What a shame….

  4. eu: Nothing about mini PC? What a shame….

    I'm waiting for a gamepad for the next tutorial, I ordered it on Friday, it's not my fault that it hasn't arrived until today. I ordered it at PcGarage, if you are curious…
    In the meantime please encourage him to our new colleague Andreas. A few words for him would not hurt, you want to show, you do not know, etc.

  5. Andreas luck! I love how you made your first tutorial and please teach us more dspte acesl Ableton!

  6. Still I think FL Studo is better…

  7. Duallpannel said

    Andreas and Alex are specialists in audio editing / video.Ca team needed to be complete by someone specialized in editing foto.Andreas welcome in the best team in the world videotutoriale IT: website and his community .Many success!
    Personally I would be interested in the tutorials that show us how to mix music with applying Atomix Virtual DJ Pro like, MAGIX Digital DJ 2, Virtual DJ Studio and other applications like that [for amateurs (beginners)]

  8. Yes, some photo tutorials would be good. I have a nikon dslr and recently I only take pictures in raw format and some processing tutorials would be good…

  9. Very nice these tutriale bulk! and I hope to be active

  10. Hello, first I want to tell a colleague Andreas welcome. Really cool tutorial for you and also made available. As he said, and Dullpannel can be some tutorials about mixing music with various programs?

  11. AdyLucas said

    Andreas luck!

  12. edy 13 years said

    Hi, Cristi! Can I join the team too? On the photo editing side please? I'm a bit good at photo editing with photo shop or other "toys". Or if not on the blog?
    If you have an answer trimitemi it to the gmail address [email protected]

  13. Very good tutorial! Good luck continued to do a great job in the future buna.Ai could do some tutorials on FL Studio 10? It would be very helpful.

  14. valentin said

    Andreas is the first tutorial you are done watching. Not bad at all and I am confident that with the passage of time, you'll do very good tutorials. You all have a lot to learn from Cristi.

  15. Congratulations and thanks to all at videotutorial ,, ,, .Watch all tutorials with great interest whether or nu.Din apply them all learn how many ceva.Este a rare quality to have patience and to teach and alţii.Toată my family follows with interest everything you publish.
    Sincerely I have a request: a short tutorial on merging videos into one bigger, how to make writing, how to install background music etc. Thanks and stay tuned.
    Goodbye !

  16. Welcome tutorial. I would be interested in the real-time mixing of the program. I understand that this part is performance and makes it more special than FL Studio, etc..

  17. Adrian Cristi or if not, it's not VIDEOTUTORIAL.

    • FlorinP. said

      Tibi: If it's Cristi or Adrian, it's not VIDEOTUTORIAL.

      Seriously?? The new member is talking all Romanian? Or you're the only one who understands and what to say Romanian language English or others? Better let him encourage new member of the boys!

    • (Ionut) This text is Andreas said

      Seriously, I'm not saying that Cristi is a saint, he also rarely makes boring videos, just like Adrian, but Andreas made a tutorial that doesn't bore you. and today's children want quality! And Andreas doesn't listen to children who tell you to shut up "if it weren't for Cristi and Adrian… .." they are jealous of you because they don't know and they make you lose confidence in yourself

    • Tibi: If it's Cristi or Adrian, it's not VIDEOTUTORIAL.

      Do you think that is based only on 2 people? ladies ... ..

  18. Not true says Tibi.In team videotutorial are welcome and personally love the noi.Eu tutorial Andreas made over time to gain a experienta.Bravo Andreas keep up the good work !.

  19. If we're on the music front, it would not hurt a tutorial about fm transmitter because this function is integrated in most smartphones with Android but do not know how it can be used.

  20. It would be great tutorial "vs. Intel Haswell AMD Richland ". That's more for all PC users who do not want (or can not afford) to buying a video card for the system (a good board starts 600 million). Graphics from the 2 processors is more than satisfactory. I mention that I own an Intel Sandy Bridge 2500k (2011) and I played so far all the new games appeared (2011-2013) on low to medium and I had absolutely no problem. All games have moved me italic, smooth. Only about 2 I did not went as demanded DirectX11 (2500K having only DX10).
    Again: I think it would be great tutorial like "VERSUS".
    Thank you.

    • Read on the net what an integrated graphics processor means. It does not replace a graphics card. Gamers know why! Integrated graphics processors replace integrated graphics on old motherboards. The graphics chip on the motherboard was introduced as a tablet. stand alone in the processor. Do you see how difficult it is to read standing? And in order not to slalom between i3,5, i7 and graphics, I want to announce to your disappointment, gamers that you will need a dedicated video game. The graphics chip integrated on the processor will only provide office facilities or games with 2 years before the advent of the processor. You want high quality graphics processing, get your best graphics cards. Tablets, phones etc will only run Angry Birds… and the rest of games like this. Don't tell me you're running Battlefied 3 on your phone or tablet ! A PlayStation 4 is all you need for gamers. The mix of desktop, tablet, phone, PlayStation is useless. Buy what suits you, what is better and not what is suggested by some "specialists!

  21. Errata: video card, not Flaca video.Mizez on your intelligence.

  22. Very good tutorial, even those made by SoundLift watch on the English (who knows knows).
    Still, FL Studio is for commercial manufacturers.

  23. Bobby Bogdan said

    No matter the program used, it matters to know how to use it to its true value
    Personal use FL Studio and Cubase and I can handle this, I prefer louder as it requires so many resources
    Ableton to other programs do not have an interface so complicated but consuming too many resources ..
    You can use any program as long as you know how to use it to the fullest

  24. why not make a tutorial on gender masterizaree cubase5

  25. I want to connect a galaxy tab2 with the "my piano" application via midi over wifi, to use it as a midi controller in fl studio / kontakt player. I found a tutorial but it doesn't work. Why do you do a tutorial, because it doesn't exist on the net

  26. Very nice, expect and other tutorials, but how much you can teach him the true valoare.multumim.

  27. Cristian said

    Where out some samples?

  28. where making music?

  29. Hi i would like a tutorial how to make stereo music in 5.1 dts hd master or stereo in 5.1 dolby digital

  30. Melos Negros said

    I struggled because my eyes jumped to put the "Hollywood Orchestra" sound bank in it - and of course I didn't succeed…

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