Google Chrome acceleration for top speed, high performance profile

Accelerate Google Chrome for maximum performance
Accelerate Google Chrome to full speed

What is the Google Chrome Speed ​​Acceleration tutorial about?

In the Google Chrome Acceleration for Top Speed ​​video tutorial, there are a few settings that anyone can make to enjoy a better browsing experience while using Google Chrome.

7 cargo stuff in Google Chrome that you did not know

The web browser nowadays is very important

Not that in the past the web browser was not important, but today almost everything we do, on the PC at least, happens in the browser.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., happen in the browser, and it is essential that this piece of software moves very well. The browser is our window to the digital world. Without a browser we would have a pretty boring local experience.

It's like Google Chrome is moving better

That's right, but "before" the content was poorer, the videos didn't have that resolution, and the internet wasn't that crowded.

Even now, with small changes, you can do VPN extensions for Google Chrome to have a better loading speed, and the lag * to be almost non-existent.

*The lag is the delay we feel between the moment we click on a link, until the moment the command is executed.

How to speed up your Google Chrome browser for maximum speed

Steps to speed up your Google Chrome browser:

  1. Check that Chrome is up to date
  2. Clear cache (always)
  3. Enter the "Experiments" menu by visiting chrome: // flags
  4. Enable Override software rendering list
  5. Enable Smooth Scrolling
  6. Enable GPU rasterization
  7. In Windows 10 settings, in graphical settings enter Google Chrome and enable the high performance profile

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  1. Try brave browser and you will be amazed by the speed and privacy, get rid of ads even on twitch and youtube.

  2. Hi. Thank you. The cache clean setting must be repeated from time to time.

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