Enable Dark Mode Google Chrome Android

Enable Dark Mode Google Chrome Android

How to enable dark Google Chrome for Android?

This option, which makes the screen darker and helps us save battery power, is now activated by the hidden chrome: // flags menu. Enable Dark Mode Google Chrome Android

How do I access the "flags" or hidden menu in Google Chrome?

To enable dark mode in Google Chrome on Android, you need to access the flags menu by entering "chrome: // flags" in the address bar as any web address.

You'll see that accessing this address will bring you to settings that you do not find in your browser, and you can turn on experimental features.

How do I enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome?

Once we access "chrome: // flags" we have to look for the word "dark" in the search field. After the query we will have two results.

  1. Android web contents dark mode
  2. Android chrome UI dark mode

Turn on both, restart your browser, then turn off Android web content dark mode. Restart your browser again and enter settings, where you will find the setting "Dark Mode" that will activate, and then quit and enable disabled earlier, and after that restart your browser.

Why use Dark Mode?

Do not think Dark Mode will please everyone. It's simply an alternative that can help us:

  1. Battery saving on OLEDs
  2. More restful reading during the night (depends on the person)
  3. Folding the stealth phone into theaters, theaters, etc.

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  1. I have a Xiaomi mix me 2 but I can not activate dark mode in Google Chrome because when I write dark in the box there is no result. What can it be? Thank you in advance.

  2. bogdan said

    It does not work either, when I write dark there is no result. I have a Huawei Mate 10 Lite.

  3. And I tried Ios and I also look dark and nothing appears.

  4. No Huawei P10 Lite results look for "dark"

  5. You must update chrome to the latest version

  6. alinutz said

    And I tried a S9, and there is no search result for me, Dark.

  7. my problem is that once I activate both things when I go to a gsp.ro site all the photos are in negative mode (photo) thing that is disturbing. how do you solve this problem?

  8. I use a good piece of Kiwi weather browser instead of Chrome on Android. This Chrome-based browser has the dark default setting. In addition, it is faster and blocks advertisements default. He deserves a reviu on videotutorial.ro

  9. Totally agree. In addition to those mentioned, Kiwi still supports playback for YouTube. It really deserves a review.

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