Enable Safe Mode on Android, detect bugs and issues

Enable Safe Mode on Android, detect bugs and issues

Safe mode or safe mode on Android is how we can boot to detect problems, bugs, slowdowns or infection of the operating system. As in Windows, we have the Android Safe Mode. On Android, Safe Mode is more beautiful because we have the same resolution based applications are there ... so we can use every day safe way without problems, if we need speed, and if we upset any normal application. Compared to Windows, where drivers get into Safe Mode with on Android in Safe Mode have applications or widgets active, otherwise everything is ok. Applications remain installed, and can be used out of safe mode, safe mode just as they are not active. Precisely because no application goes outside of the preinstalled we can see how it would go phone if I do a factory reset, also through activation Safe Mode on Android, we can avoid a factory reset, and can use the phone only basic applications, to find applications that we create problems.

Enable Safe Mode on Android.

With the phone switched on:
1. Hold down the power button
2. Food menu, hold the screen option "Turn off"
3. Safe Mode dialog appears, choose "OK"

Enable Safe Mode on Android

(Combination keys Safe Mode Android)
With the screen off:
1. With the phone closed, press the power
2. The logo appears on the screen press the "Volume Down" and hold
3. Continue to press the "Volume Down" button until you get into Safe Mode

How do we get out of Safe Mode on Android

To leave safe mode simply restart your phone and it will reboot in normal mode, where they will be active all the apps and widgets.
Your phone can move heavy and from other causes. Most often because of full storage. Below are some tutorials to solve the problem.
Tutorial Memory Map, a disk cleaner for Android smart
Clean Master us clean unnecessary files from the operating system Android
Speed ​​on Android, Full manual optimization

Video Tutorial - Enable Safe Mode on Android

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  1. not all of these variants going models. and I have a phone Allview esey 5 5.1 android operating system (I know it's cheap chinezarie tell me that you don know which phones are etc) oticum idea is not going to tote phones even go as Cristi said. reason null and know can know to tell Christ. I ransacked the internet only to find dc and shit

  2. liviu florin said

    OK. But a tutorial rooms can auto .. ??


    • It has to work. Try to get off the phone.
      1. Press to switch phone power
      2. When the logo appears, press and hold down the "Volume Down"
      3. Continue to keep pressed until the phone enters Safe Mode.

  4. Florin Milovic said

    Dear Cristi
    Samsung Galaxy S5 NOT go.

  5. Florin Milovic said

    Dear Cristi,
    sorry, I succeeded in the end, so works on Galaxy S5

  6. I laptopu within and do not hear anything from your videos, do something that's annoying

  7. Howdy!
    The description mentions ..volume button up ... .iar in tutorial ... volume down !!!! After all ... what is the correct version?

  8. Cristi I have a pb tied namely UEFI update. give everything to make the update makes Gives restaturi and give poi check and again he gave the same update and 5 6 times and the same stuff. You can do a tutorial cv how can we solve the problem with UEFI update any way you want to install that update. eg 160 version and update and occurs all the same.

  9. gratuity for a tutorial about closing windows can also be used free 10 or cumparam.ar it forces us to be interesting!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Windows 10 was not and is not free. The update from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 licensed activated the Windows 10 was free for 1 year. During the free update to Windows 10 just ended.

      • Adrian Gudus you're wrong! Windows has been and always will be FREE. Yesterday I installed Windows Pro 10 taken from Microsoft and I worked with ... xx Toolkit
        Conclusion: Linux live.
        For several years using only linux

  10. HTC Sense widgets and works in safe mode without any problems.

  11. I have a problem with a smartphone K100 Kolin, which is no longer open. I tried to activate my Android phone off I made the necessary settings it says that "SD card no-no command." Android also shows me down. Do you think they can do anything? I could find a way to recover even as a monitor? Anticipated thanks for the answer.

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