MAh External Battery 10400 Deboch

Hi friends, today I will present an external battery that can charge your phone, tablet and other devices when you're on the road or on vacation, and even camping.
The smartphone is extremely versatile, helping us to do almost anything we do not, unfortunately the battery ends relatively quickly. Most times in half a day most smartphone batteries give their spirit.
The easiest solution is to use an external battery to recharge the phone anytime and anywhere.
The solution that I propose today is coming from Deboch and is a portable battery capacity 10400 mAh capacity that can charge your phone or 3 4 times without problems.
External batteries for phones

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  1. I also recently got a power bank ,, .. a firecracker from Myria of 8800mah with 50 lei / does its job., I loaded twice a tel of 2 mah I would say that I can charge three times with a condition, to make all 2100 charges on the first day at most of 3 days, after that the bank is a bit unloaded. As a whole I am satisfied with it, it has 2 USB ports. 2 amh and 1 amh what puzzles me is that it does not say anywhere what is LI-ion or Li - polymer… I hardly found any information on the net as if it were only Lithium ce ..what a cracker . !

  2. If this or other external battery connected to load batteries from DSLR camera?

    • There are some cameras / video that can be fed while working, others can be tricked by fake battery that takes power cable from the external battery.
      My DSLR can be powered directly from the battery instead reciver can supply the sound system (wireless lavalier).
      Can be loaded as well and external monitors for rooms, video or audio recorders or LED lights when you're on the ground.

  3. Powered monitor for how long? If the food is gourmet something energy that could power sa.ti fast f empty bank. It's useful for strict I say things that do not need very much energy d.

  4. is a more effective alternative 2 a battery charger with batteries included

    the advantage is that we can change the battery while taking pictures etc without having to put it aside

    Another disadvantage for each phone battery and charger have

    what do you think?

  5. Excellent tutorials on success

  6. mihai ionescu said

    Mr. Christi, thank you very much for making us "moonlight" (the beginners in the first place, so do I)
    I return to an older problem: I have a Lenovo miix 2.8 tablet with GPS mode "GNSS" and I can not (for a fee) to find a navigation software, I went to several specialists in Pitesti who could not help me . Give me some advice on what to do. With thousands of thanks, I wish you, your whole family and your collaborators a pleasant weekend.
    PS smoked? and I was fond of smoking but 50 years deaproximativ not smoke. Recipe, only ambition and nothing else

    • Navmii use right now for a test, to see how it goes.
      You can install it and use it.
      It would be good and think of you after you use it!
      or in Windows Store

    • mihai ionescu said

      I tried it myself, I like how it works. I do not know how to put the street address and number,
      Only satept videotutorialul with this program (Navmii).
      Thanks from a 72-year-old "young man" from Pitesti.
      Sincerely yours m.ionescu

  7. Cristian salute all day yesterday we seek to solve a sky problma sam mam install Windows and faced a big problem im not write num show hardu
    "Were No drives found"

  8. I recently got myself a power bank, External Battery Deboch D10400K, 10400 mAh (Black) nu.isi do the job, Bank I recharged ledurile.Când light and loaded him out of the press no longer check LEDs light I tried several times mah 2300 a goal of not charging.

  9. mihai ionescu said

    Mr. Cristi, returning with GPS Lenovo Miix 2.8.
    I do not know how to look for the correct destination address Navmii program. So do I: access prog.navmii are detected as home location (in minutes), then zoom out to me appears the destination location (eg city Onesti) then increase to occur at this location they want to go then fix route.
    You realize that it is quite difficult and is approximate address (and I mean no.) If you write to a destination in the address bar and both stores. You can help this problem.
    Navmii f.bine program works.
    waiting for an indication from you. Sincerely yours m.ionescu

  10. Hello. I ordered myself this mAh battery external 10400 Deboch and I have a few questions:
    1) It should be formatted in advance, that must make three full charge / discharge for starters?
    2) can put any time to recharge or need to download it completely?
    3) I have several mains chargers for samsung, tablet and phone each with a different amperage. Which of them is advisable to recharge the battery with amperage smaller or larger?
    Thanks in advance for answers.

    • Li-ion batteries do not require formatting.
      The only requirement is to not download too (10-15% good) and not leave them much connected to the charger after charging is completed.

  11. Is there a problem if I charge an external battery that has 5V - 1A input with a phone charger that has 5V output with 1.55A? Thank you.

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