OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, auto reset errors on smartphone

Tutorial - Bluetooth Adapter OBD2, auto reset errors on smartphone

Today we will do something different - OBD2 we use an adapter to connect to your Android phone to the onboard computer of the car. Torque using an application that we can read machine operating parameters and also can detect errors and reset.
OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) is an interface (standard) present on most machines, which can connect a diagnostic device. Service sites have special equipment that can read data from the onboard computer, which are very expensive but are more accurate and more complex. Fortunately, with advances in technology, sophisticated equipment from service can be emulated using an adapter, which acts as a virtual cable, and a smartphone that is between us is strong enough to do almost anything.
this adapter OBD2 Bluetooth used me, Super Mini Bluetooth ELM327It is one of the cheapest on the market, but gets the job done with ease. On online find all kinds of adapters that can read several sensors that are WiFi instead of Bluetooth or off automatically when the ignition switch is interrupted.
What we do with a Bluetooth adapter OBD2?
1. We can reset error codes
2. We check the engine parameters
3. We can show a cool tablet indicator board
4. We monitor certain data over time
Where is plug the Bluetooth adapter OBD2 (or wifi)?
Pe this site find a drop-down menu, from which select the make and model, then you will see where aste plug socket OBD2.
OBD2 codes - external site
With this Bluetooth adapter OBD2 by mistake reset error codes that can help an auto mechanic. Do not reset codes, until you see a specialist or not until well informed community boards.
OBD2 Bluetooth adapter (Price on Amazon)
Video Tutorial - Bluetooth Adapter OBD2, auto reset errors on smartphone

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  1. Hello if you read my thoughts right now 3 days I took an adapter OBD2

  2. Hello, I adaptoru of 2 years and stay in the closet, as did yours is Cristi and do not go on a golf 4 2000 gasoline. I understood that only works on cars after 2001 gas station, what do you think I'm wrong or I do not know to connect?

    • If you plug OBD2 the car should go. Should light an LED on the adapter even when it's plugged in OBD2.
      Maybe you made changes to the wiring, or is there a blown fuse, if not go.
      Do not forget to start the engine.

    • good you solved the problem? I 4 from 1998 golf and I do not go elm327, we had a cheaper model to 38 lei and one in a million and cv, but I went later sold :( I want to know if you solved that I would take any one I really want

  3. I Dacia, you Renault interface ELM can not read errors stored in calculatoatele car, ECU, and UCH, etc, have errors backwater are readable only with dedicated interface for Renault, and can do more, but must to know what it is about and a lot of money.
    The interface is a gadget, toy, you use for reading temp, speed and that's a dusty sit somewhere in the glove compartment.

  4. I 1 series and not go any color I bought and pro version sees but does not reset

  5. Hello. I got an adapter for some time and I used Torque to I scan my errors, but I sought some applications that tells me something consumption, and more, and I found the app CarPros (free) but I got to I make him read my OBD. You know what solutions? CarPros your usage?

  6. I got one and I would say that shows some parameters wrong and I refer to the tension on alternator.Si I was convinced only after we measured correctly with a voltmeter alternator load corect.Si another thing, if you miss this toy diagnostic port of the car hallelujah car battery, pores to throw it.

  7. Ciprian said

    Renault Megane use android program "Ohno! for Renault "only that I worked, read errors and delete them (check injection) for who knows problem. Program these devices do their job correctly and money :)) (I took 3.5 $ on eBay)

  8. Check out this tutorial and use and caroopro apk for more detailed water consumption contaminant loading and temperature in real time with sound shooting

  9. Sall I have an adapter like this the only problem with him is that I can not connect to him by bloetooth does not see the phone I tried and with the laptop the device is newly acquired recently.

  10. Madalin said

    Hello, I have an ODB2 and I installed a torque lite, ODB is connecting me the problem is it does not connect my car. Those who have folio have to know what they are talking about
    I'm waiting for answers from you
    Thank you!

  11. Hello and Ios or just android.

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