Add missing location on Google Maps - video tutorial

Add missing location on Google Maps

What is the Add to Missing Location on Google Maps video tutorial about?

In the Add Missing Location video tutorial on Google Maps, I'll show you how to add a missing location, that is, a tag for a missing location in Google Maps.

Why add a missing location to Google Maps?

If you have a business, then your business becomes visible on the internet

If you have discovered a strong place, which you want to share with everyone

You found a tourist attraction which was not labeled

You simply want to put your home or anything else on Google Maps

How hard is it to add a location to Google Maps?

To add a location on Google Maps, you only need a few seconds and you're done.

You will see how easy it is to add a new location in Google Maps right in the video tutorial

It's good for everyone to participate!

Each of us, not only those with direct interest, can participate to tag as much as possible on Google Maps.

This way we will have more information and we will be able to find the places better.

Who can tag missing places on Google Maps?

Anyone can participate and add a new place, which is missing from Google Maps.

If you are the owner or administrator of a place, and you want to add it, don't forget to fill in the contact details and the work schedule.

What types of locations can you add to Google Maps?

There is no limitation, so you can add just about anything.

There are some main categories with many other secondary categories:

  • Food and drink
  • Shopping
  • Services
  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Religion
  • Offices and industrial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Education

If you can't find the right category, or you're just too lazy to search, you can use the search engine above the categories to find the category you're looking for faster.

What, you don't have Google Maps on your phone ???

Download Google Maps iOS

Download Google Maps Android

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Video tutorial - Add missing location to Google Maps

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I also tested it on desktop mode and it works as well.

    • and how to delete that location, if we make a mistake, I didn't even try to add, I only saw the tutorial, I didn't see in the tutorial how to delete that location, thank you !!!

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