Adb sideload, update or rum official installation on PC

What is adb sideload?

Adb sideload is the method by which we can install (flash-ui) zip sites into the phone, the stock recovery or a custom recovery. It is an extremely useful method, especially as we do not always able to flash some files zip sites in your phone as often stock recovery sites do not allow this or simply wiped internal storage.

When using adb sideload

1. When we have an OTA update that does not install properly.
2. If I deleted internal storage and we have no card slot.
3. When we flash back to stock some files after recovery stock.

How I've used this method?

After I watch a few flash-roms, I had stopped in a final at CyanogenMod 14.1 (Android 7.1 Nougat), the remaining new ROM that comes with some minor bugs that do not mind very much. But it bothered me bug related VPNBug that did not allow to access my VPN server home, running on Asus RT-AC56U. When I decided to go back to stock I hit some problems, kind of soft brick, which were related to the fact that the CM did not get along well with 14.1 TWRP. The only way to turn me clean the stock was: 1. Flash stock recovery, 2. Block bootloader, 3. Flash rom stock by ADB sideload. After that everything returned to normal.
This tutorial is part of the series dedicated to the ins and outs Android, where we have:
1. Android Bootloader Unlock
2. Install TWRP Recovery on any Android
In the first tutorial in the series, the unlocking bootloader, you and ADB and tools Mini USB universal driver, which you will need throughout their operations, when you ABD or Fastboot commands.

Order to flash by ADB sideload

adb sideload "nume fișier"
Video Tutorial - adb sideload, update or rum official installation on PC

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  1. Cristi Hello, I have a samsung phone i9001 (yes I know it's old, but the phone only to his good vb) virtually no do not use the 2,3 years, but has a problem that can not solve it. It is the phone that I've learned to put one a CyanogenMod. but one day gave cresh and not light up at all. can only download it in pum way only when it is connected via usb to pc otherwise can press buttons anyway because it is not a sign. I tried to do with Odin recognizes that (barely) and start installing the original room but at a given momennt locks and is not no way to enter recovery mode. How about we have a chance to revive it? Thanks a lot.

    • almost forgot I try to get into recovery mode mode ramdump say so- cause: force upload

      • I have never met your problem. You will surely find the problem and resolve on XDA Developers.

      • Pavel Madalin said

        Hello I happened to me your problem! I have a galaxy grand 2 not started unless download any way we try to do! You have to do is look on Xda developers a consistent recovery and flash uiesti it with Odin and the phone will switch 3 believe me !!
        It should be a consistent recovery to go!
        Will turn your phone in recovery and operating system and will start !!

  2. I wanted to do OnePlus 3 and 3.5 update oxygen adb sideload the update 7 but I error "Can not read" and do not understand why we installed everything properly and custom devices adb sideload my spine as she

  3. I solved the problem I reinstalled Windows and all drivers again and it worked

  4. Hello
    Say at a time (min1.33) "... and has enabled ADB ... from Developer options". How to activate the Options ADB phone if you do not have any file (it deleted all of it) automatically and does not load the operating system?
    Thank you

    • Cristian refers to partition storage of internal memory which is not installed on the system (like that normally do not have access) .Telefonul on smoothly if you delete the contents of the internal memory or SD card attached.

      • Sorry, rectify The phone works without problems if you delete content storage partition from internal memory or SD card attached.

  5. Cristi please make a tutorial with a Brilliant on telfoanele Xiaomi redmi 3 pro how can we unlock the bootloader as 50% of the application that you give those from Xiaomi after you have received permission to unlock da fail and with adb not working or fastboot as you showed. It would be of great help not only this terminal has this problem. without bootloader unlocked even in recovery mode you can not only enter the factory reset the phone. I know that you have presented and recommended these phones are good only to unlock the bootloader crashes 50% progress. and I have disabled and enforce firewall and anti-virus signature and nothing. and phase tracking device we could not even locate the account is active.

    • deblocat.urmeaza bootloader you see this easy tutorial on say anything, just follow that tutorial :)))

      • can you shut up? give the keys without knowing. vb to be in business again. I have not said to be said as vb vb you just sucked. I tried all the methods did not work and after I got permission from them. so I do not give your replay I explained. if I did not respect the work of Christ and adrian two so I'd say in Romanian as you put like a fly in milk ...

        • ba boy, I just happened to me like you gave me to 50% eroare.dar we learned that notes 3 redmi phones come to Europe with unlocked bootloader and TWRP I flashuit direct su super and I quit trying to unlock it, just flashuieste that you will go directly TWRP

        • ok.porumbelul pig is not a friend, so I take zborul.vroiam only tell you that many pro 3 redmi notes purchased in Europe come with predeblocat bootloader (as is mine), and I just happened to me 50% as it gave me eroare.afland predeblocat, I installed TWRP and super su and I went in prima.dar you keep it on the ta.mi I took off

          • I do not know where you got your phone wherever you came. f know well that if no official wine in Europe. but mine has blocked the factory. I think not checked? I do not know if it's unlocked? give up not know what came unblocked on some models but after an update has blocked totate unlocked bootloader coming. I watched to see what makes cristii and elsewhere. pb's and as I said to many people. bootloander unlock to give false check if the fasboot. and if I say eror remote unlock token verification. did their thing and I said that to 50% stops with signetura enforce tote I stopped to win 10. in fine next time read before you say something. and they were forced to block goole plus bootloaderu because he was a security risk as f came and made more room suit with or without escalating maltioase programs. I read in yesterday temporarily stopped people from unlocking the bootloader Xiaomi even if you have permission. yes I do not know if it's true that I read on the unofficial Xiaomi forumu

  6. bozga_andrei said

    Hello Cristi congratulations! the tutorials are very helpful.
    how about a tutorial of laptop sales, repair ... ?????

  7. Hello Cristi.Cum fix: Can not load twrp.img adb error, which occurs when the flash TWRP give.

  8. I have a problem with an allview v1 viper 16Gb, I mentioned the blocked screen (it was the background image with all the icons and I could not do anything) so I took it out and put it back but When i gave it to start, what to see, show me the startup logo and after doing that animation remains stuck, I tried several turned off, I found a tutorial to give it hard reset and other but I do not see the same menu as the tutorial. My phone goes into factory mode with a startup + volume button - but I have only the options: Auto Test / Test Manual / Item Report / Test Report / Clear eMMC / Version / Reboot / Check if Root Or Not / Hard reset or something, any idea if I can do it anymore? PS: I was at a troubleshooting service and I told them the problem of the guys and they told me the drop of the android had to be changed and it cost me 70 of lei, it seems to me much considering that the new target is now worth 380 lei And second you find it easy at 130 150 of lei, so if I could do it myself would be ok if not, take another

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