Adobe After Effects, overview and some basic functions - video tutorial

Hey, in today's video tutorial I will present the basics of Adobe After Effects. This is the best program for creating audio-visual products are widely used by those who work in the field. With the help of After Effects can make various very good color correction on some filming and also can add pretty nice effects. As for the menus, they are highly structured but at first glance the program with a friendly interface can not really seem like a jungle of menus and options, although it is not.
I will try the tutorials that make them about the program to present best practices for editing / creating compositions.
Today we will discuss the main functions of the program menu and then we will try to create a text animation using keyframe sites and finally we find out what is and what can be done with a mask.

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Enjoy !
tutorial conducted by Alexandru Serban

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I love everything about IT, especially the video editing and graphics and gladly share my knowledge.


  1. As many tutorials in Sony Vegas and After Effects! Thank you

  2. CreativeTeet said

    I like the way you explain. I expect more tutorials are passionate about graphic design (Adobe product dependent :)) Now recently I started with After Effects, so I wait tutorials.
    PS In the future I would like tutorials about correction, effects, and various compositions like:

    • Alexandru Serban said

      Salut.Acel site is very good, Andrew Kramer is a man who is very good indeed in after effects.Eu but do not want to do the tutorials that you showed me that you honestly do not see what would help . I want to cause those who are looking at the possibilities of the program and tutorials to intelegeaga first intro uneltele.Spre example you gave me is a plugin called particular.Eu if you were to make a tutorial to make the presentation this plugin do not present such compositions is that intro.Daca copy others does not mean you know AE.Chestia is to learn how to work in AE and with a little imagination to make your own works.

  3. Very good: D, do not stop, I like a lot of them are interested in Ae. Thank you very much!

  4. Congratulations for your tutorials, it's a good initiative with video editing tutorials, considering that we don't have much in Romania, and it's good that you finished on the site! 🙂 Only After Effects is a compositing program, it is not very used to create audio visual productions as Premiere Rro is used. Speaking of the premiere, Cristi also mentioned this program earlier. I repeat: Very good initiative! 🙂

  5. Very good tutorial, bravo Alexander. Keep up the good work, expect more tutorials

  6. Hello Cristian,

    Not related to the tutorial, I know you talked about tablets and I want to ask you a question: what tablet grandparents can buy with a budget exceeding £ 500?

    Waiting for reply,

    Thank you very much.

  7. Would be interesting to do in the next tutorials stuff like:

  8. with what program you do a video shoot?

    • Alexandru Serban said

      All of us are done with the program tutorials Camtasia Studio 8 and the oldest with Camtasia Studio 7.Poti write the program name in the search box at the right and you'll find a tutorial.

  9. Florin78 said

    Good tutorial but not finished presenting your Sony Vegas Pro 11 peralel can do with Sony Vegas and After Effects and then you can continue with video editing software, Premier Pro and others. Thank you and keep up the good work

    • Alexandru Serban said

      I know I'm not done with sony vegas, I will do some tutorials that will have an effect in AE and Sony Vegas.

  10. Congratulations and keep going, I would be interested myself some advice on putting movies on dvd, if you make a great movie do not read it more they would have recommended a crappy program that makes menu with chapters and how to do ? eg a wedding dvd.

  11. I have saved a minute cutscene 2 the result: 20GB

  12. Oh brothers tell me how to make my an intro.
    This Gen or that
    A site without photoshop software or Windows Movie Maker or something but accept and so I give you a video to watch it.
    Or I would really appreciate if Videotutorial a tutorial on how to create your intro and just as they start every tutorial

    • Alexandru Serban said

      Hi. If I understood correctly, "accept" a tutorial in Photoshop or in windows movie make about how to make one of the intros you gave us. If that's what you meant, I advise you not to start working on intros 3D. In photoshop (photo editing program) and movie maker you can not do such a thing. In addition I do not think I will do tutorials on how to make a certain intro because that would not help you at all (if you really want to learn this program).

  13. So I set the DVD in the best quality and honest look Worse, if you leave ful hd formats is very high, would interest me is the most appropriate format for a good quality but not for large files like DVD does not read them. March interest a program that is used by those who do weddings, which breaks down your footage into smaller files for DVD, I used use pinochle and etc but when you format dvd quality is pretty whack.

  14. Very useful. Thanks

  15. Haker.Es said

    I'm looking for a brother Bai as Alui david intro of this video .. I need .. nothing else!

  16. Could you made a video about how to make a video and put it over another clip with opacity?

  17. oliveraldea said

    Where can I find the program and how big it

  18. Hi, I saw in many Vlog-geri that their video is brighter, that is, if you know how it is in the Minecraft game with SHADERE, that's how it looks and how can I do their video like that ???? I am waiting for an answer. 🙂 Scz for writing…

  19. I would like to detail the train and drop this application.

  20. Howdy! I have an HD camera (Sony AX 2000). To create a dvd (blue ray) full hd with a filmed event (about 50 GB), what computer do I need? How many gigs, branches, video card, etc.? … Or is it possible to print directly to a blue ray recorder? (Can the camera play and the blue ray record? Please help me with an answer, I'm a beginner and I don't know much. Thanks in advance! You can also help me by calling - 0727078013. Thanks again!

  21. Hello I am beginner and want to help me and me with a problema.Aseara I made a video in After Effects, all well and good but render .I am saved project, I looked at the video I creat.In This morning I wanted to add a picture to a video, making that blue sky is my movement.Problema the layer and add pictures from video, and the worksheet does not occur until the picture I did not understand dc video.NU not shown video and sees only a border with squares over and I can not picture added to figure out how to attach photos to video

  22. Today I tried a process on a given tutorial.Am import files then gave new composition and went, but the second time has not visited what happens folks dc goes always to combine video 2

  23. Hello!
    I got a text on video and I want to hide. Or how to remove a piece that is written on it without noticing it?

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