Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about wireless and Android. Specifically we will see how we can recover passwords to wireless networks that have connected over time on android devices whether smartphones and / or tablets.
To do this we of course use an application called WiFi Key Recovery unfortunately for some, require root (you must root your device so you can use the application at)
When we usable WiFi Key Recovery app for Android?
In my fell, because I play very often with custom ROMs you flashuiesc on my smartphone, end up losing history wireless connections listed in the wireless settings. That's because not choose to restore your Google account in completing the wizard you greet me at the first boot after a rom flashuirea.
Losing history wireless networks that have been connected once when I revisit those places (pubs, cafes, restaurants, bakeries) should again pray bartender or waiter to tell me your wireless network password. Not to say that many device and ask you introduce her password without you see.
Well, once entered password, even if not by us, by simply starting the application we can see WiFi Key Recovery password, network name and encryption type. The app even displays wireless network passwords that have been online in the past even if we are not in their coverage. It is enough to connect only once to a wireless network as WiFi Key Recovery application we display password.
The application can be used in case you forget the password simply home wireless connection.
You want to do this on your laptop or PC?
Nothing easier:
–Find the wifi password for any network–

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  1. No offense, I do not find a useful application given that most users do not enter it root their phone, Those who do so assume certain risks while most of those who use a smartphone with android prefer to avoid such operations. I think it would be more helpful tutorials on root, clockwordmod recovery and install custom rom for the most used phones. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    Most users do not know what but I can tell you that all the devices that we have had, we have root-tat in the first minutes after purchase. I did not need the stock rom never more than 1 week (even with stock ROM I root it, do not you like that)
    In principle it is easy to root a smartphone. As stated in most tutorials Android, XDA Developers forum has all the necessary documentation (in English) for most smartphones on the market.
    A simple Google search with "how to root S4" (replace S4 with your model) helps!
    If you want to root your device Yorkers must do your research because it is important to know a few things before you get it. What is the root, which implies in helping.
    On the internet there are even a few tools / softwares that promise you can root the device but have read about any software documentation because such applications of this kind can root has a S4 if it has the same soft android 4.2 but could not more capable root of a S4 if he or Android 4.4 4.3
    Even if we can not cover all devices are things that you can do yourself if you read and use the search engine on our website, the XDA Developers forum

    • Adriane, the site of which you mentioned is quality îndoielnică.Ca download a lousy little program must first accept the installation of keylogger from Mother Russia. I think it is good that visitors be limited to what is presented here on the site, because it really is enough.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I do not know what you mean, if you're referring to XDA Developers can say that I have never had problems accessing the website or forum. Is a very respected in the world of Android and I can say that about the XDA Developers go all the trick when it comes to Android development, news, explaining some new features introduced in versions of Android, discovery issues, bugg-sized security breaches.
        Who knows what you did and you probably read / misidentified the source.

    • Thanks for the advice. Good answer.

    • Adrian I have a question for you, I am android 4.04 with the best android 4.4 example
      I can watch on youtube and facebook can listen to musica watch video on your phone to take pictures or video numa 720p mine and pictures go to 8mp and are pleased at how I gave him them ok
      ii allviw mobile phone p5 aldro Romanian

      I wish everyone happy birthday

      • AdrianGudus said

        I've already talked about what's new in Android 4.4 in another tutorial. I invite you to use the search box on the top right, "what's new in Android 4.4"

    • apart from the root and you know something else… something normal?

  3. Aolicatia is very useful but it is complicated and risky to you route the phone.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you are very careful, do not rush and "measure" everything well, it is not risky or complicated.
      This is exactly the reason why I will always opt for Nexus devices that are designed and designed for development, on any Nexus, root-, unroot, back to stock are a breeze because this is exactly their purpose, to be "rubbed", used , tested, to return on them or for them.
      bootloader unlocks / locks extremely easy, you have all sorts of traps and protections as are Samsung's (see Knox or flash counter), no one holds your account whenever you flash a rom custom look (as Make Samsung)

  4. The application was more interesting if it doesn't require root, otherwise you could install it on someone's phone and you could see the passwords on their networks: P, about root, I rooted my phone with unlock root ("http: // unlock-root- pro.software.informer.com/tă).Have other opinions about the program?

  5. I have a problem I go senzoru tablet games but when sitting in his menu and rotate the tablet does not rotate and the menu page and do not even hear! has happened to someone problem?'ve entered in settings of and iIt thing with turning ON!

  6. Hello! For some time I get the error: Server not found: rtmpt :/ / 80 / simplevideostreaming / mp4 :/ when you try to watch the video tutorials on the site. Where could be the problem?

  7. Very useful app. Thank you.
    Happy Birthday 2014 with health, happiness, joy and more tutorials!

  8. Happy birthday "videotutorial.ro", as many tutorials as successful and interesting.
    Happy Cristi and Adrian! Bravo!

  9. I have a problem utorrent, when you open a Vens excecum I say old, and I have the latest version of utorrent 3.3.2 and b can not open sal
    Here the error:http://s16.postimg.org/w9jycpm11/untitled.jpg

  10. I have a problem utorrent, when you open a Vens excecut I say old, and I have the latest version of utorrent 3.3.2 and can not open sal
    Here the error:http://s16.postimg.org/w9jycpm11/untitled.jpg

  11. Happy birthday to all !

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Thank you!
    Happy birthday to health!

    PS - connectify no longer works. What can it be replaced with?
    I want a program to use the laptop as a router board Wi-Fi
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello,

      First I want to wish you and in the many years a happy, healthy loved ones, and as many tutorials!
      Secondly, I was in Cora 31 Alexandria to look for a tablet (because I wanted long one) and found a Serioux S716KTAB. What is:
      LCD screen: 7 ”, Capacitive, 800 × 400, supports up to 5 points inclusive, up to 1080p
      3G: No
      Internal Memory: Yes, NAND Flash 4GB
      RAM: MB DDR 512 3
      OS: Android 4.0.3 (automatically upgraded 4.0.4)
      CPU: ARM Cortex A8 1.2 Ghz
      Camera: Front, yes 0.3 MP Rear: no
      Memory Card: YES, up to 32GB
      Chipset Video: Multi-Core Dual Mali-400 2D / 3D core
      G-Sensor: Yes
      Accelerometer: Yes
      2.0 USB outputs: one mini USB
      Accessories: Headphones, OTG cable, USB cable, charging adapter

      The problem in this tablet is that it's not seen ANY COLOR PC. Not even tick a rating, but the tablet is charging. Why do not you see?

      • adrianr76 said

        Install UniversalAdbDriverSetup6

        • Hello,
          I installed and nothing happens, what do I do next?

          • Adrian Gudus said

            This is what happens when you buy "brands" like Serioux, Vonino, AllView, Infotouch iTab. These products are cheap for many reasons, they are not recognized by the Play Store, in the happiest case they are "detected" as an unknown device.
            Stop getting blinded by super low price thereof, that is not all that matters in a product!
            If you give 2 million on a tablet then expect it not to work properly, not to be detected by PC / Laptop, to have a poor quality tocuh that works poorly, not to find some applications in the Play Store because the tablet does not is seen with series, model number but as "unknown device", the operating system is very buggy, many of these tablets do not even have a Play Store or if they are functional at the limit, technical support for many of these brands is non-existent.

  14. Super cool!

  15. Thanks for the effort. All in all until I reached: This application Needs root. What însemmna!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      As I said in the text above tutorial and video tutorial, WiFi Key Recovery application requires root to be used. What is the root, how to use, how to do root, talked at other tutorials that you will find with the search box in the top right.

  16. giovis85 said

    HELLO I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM WITH MINI P5 root LAM smooth MERS long and after a while I was more open Contacts, MAM annoying and I uninstalled it I said there was NOTHING I DID BACK-UP

    I GAVE RESTORE but the application was not

    ORIGINAL ROMUL found but could not install it gives me signature verification failed ERROR WHEN THE SD CARD UPDATE give

    Allview p5 mini e Gionee v1 I found room for Gionee v1 but let me

    what can I do?

    • p5 giovis and I own a mini and I really interested and Gionee CTRL V1 looks very good with him but it's the same phone Gionee CTRL V1 different from P5 MINI anyway trying to get a contact application for ICS put the same name folder system / app you can restart and will go

  17. dima maryan said

    Hi can you tell me to find a password to unlock the tablet Allview without wi-fi

  18. dima maryan said

    Hi can you tell me how to find a password to unlock the tablet without WiFi Allview

  19. Hi I have a thing to ask you how can I put a password on the friends on the password llink tp put them and their friends on wi fi how can I put them password who will help me kindly help me.

  20. hello! I have a problem with wirlesul: Can not connect to the laptop.Nu know what has to come, I found the name and I can not connect it asks heading to bag wirles.La phone password to go but the laptop does not . could help me?

  21. I recently reset the phone and do not remember the password to install the wifi in vecini.Daca I will show or not?

  22. Andrew said

    goes facebooku

  23. Is something or similar and for iphone?

  24. I installed the app, show me my password routers but there is a sequence of approx. 32 carats made up of small letters and figures without any sense. It has something to do with rum or rootarea deviceului? You made some setting? Thank you.

  25. how am parolo Wi-Fi

    • and I want to succeed.
      but my phone… is not rooted.
      how to do: short and to the point? Android.

      I don't have time to search… .on the net

      • Sorry but unless you give us more details about your phone as we do not really have to help you. Not only help if you tell it has Android LG and there are hundreds of models. It would help if you tell us the model.

  26. Dear Adrian have a intrebare.Cum I could find wifi password that we are the Windows Phone Connector 8 and 635 my phone is nokia lumia .Apreciez ajutorul.ps:wifi-ul is a portable router from Vodafone

  27. It's nothing interesting to find your known passwords. I want to find the passwords of some strangers. May? How can they be?

  28. samsung s7 edge does not remember my wifi password whenever I connect I have to rewrite my password


  1. […] Command to find the password of a stored network: netsh wlan show profile network name key = clear In the "Security settings" area, next to "Key content" you will have the wifi password. You can perform the above operation for all stored networks by changing only the network name. Tip: To avoid typing the command manually for each network, use the arrows on the keyboard. Up arrow for last order and down arrow for return. Do you want to do this on your phone or tablet? Nothing simpler: –Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet– […]

  2. […] Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet […]

  3. […] Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet […]

  4. […] Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet […]

  5. […] Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet […]

  6. […] Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet […]

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