Location-based alarm - to remember, forget-me-not!

Location-based alarm
Location-based alarm

What is location-based alarm?

Whatever happened to him at once to forget to buy or do something when we pass by a certain location. Location-based alarm is a notification with sound and vibration,

When we move past a previously chosen location, we will be cautioned, and so we will not remember what we should do or buy.

We have two applications for location-based alarm

Notes Keep (former Google Keep) is the first application presented in the tutorial.

This app has long been a reminder function, and even if it works well, it's a bit unclear about marking places, and the time you get the alarm might come a little late.


  1. Notes Keep is that it does not consume too much battery


  1. Choosing the location is somewhat unclear
  2. You can not fix an alarm range

Alarm Me is a free app from the Play store that comes with more generous settings.

With Alarm Me, we can choose the place on the map and we can also set a radius within which the alarm sounds.

Alarm tones are customizable and things are pretty clear.


  1. Choosing location, fixed, right on the map
  2. Fix the alarm range
  3. Customizable alarm tones


  1. Consume more battery than Notes Keep

Battery optimization, the enemy of both applications

No matter which app you use, you'll need to go to battery optimization settings, otherwise apps will be closed in the background after 15 minutes with the screen off, and goodbye to location alarms.

In the tutorial we showed you how to set the battery optimization (on "non-optimized") for individual applications.

For forgetful - location-based alarm

From now on, you can better organize your activities and on the road you will never forget to buy or do things.

Today, no matter what your name is, it's inevitable to forget things. The speed with which everything moves around us and the avalanche of information coming from all directions makes us become amnesic.

I think this amnesia is a form of self-protection of our brain that needs to find storage for everything that's going on.

I mean, does this self-cleansing state tend to become normal?

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Video tutorial - Location based alarm

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