Other YouTube, download music, 4K on the phone, music with the screen off

Other YouTube, download music, 4K on the phone, music with the screen off
Other YouTube, download music, 4K on the phone, music with the screen off
Youtube is probably the most popular place on the internet. Whether you visit Youtube on your desktop, laptop or mobile, the limitations are pretty much the same.
The YouTube Red app offers some extra features, but unfortunately in Romania there is no YouTube Red app, which was anyway for a fee and does not know how successful it would be.

YouTube limitations that we will resolve now:

1. Can not listen to music with the screen off
2. Unable to watch 4K video on mobile
3. It is not possible to download music from YouTube
4. Can not download video
5. Can not watch the video in a pop-up window

NewPipe is a YouTube alternative!

Because the YouTube app for Android (not RED) does not allow us to do anything of what we have listed above, there are alternatives that come to fill the gaps.
One of these applications is NewPipe. This allows us to do a lot of things that can not be done on the YouTube default app.

What does NewPipe offer without the YouTube YouTube client?

1. The ability to play 4K videos on your phone or tablet
2. Download music with different options
3. Listening to music with the off screen (SUPER quality)
4. Watch video in a medallion over any app (pop-up video).
5. Download video at any resolution and different formats

NewPipe Disadvantages.

Like any "like this" application, NewPipe is not a BUG-free application. But the advantages are undeniable and on top of all that YouTube users would have wanted, we find here, in one place. I think it's the market economy, demand and supply…

YouTube Music on Your Phone with the Off Screen.

Of all the music listening solutions on Youtube with the screen off, NewPipe is by far the best. The quality of music this time is even superior to the official Youtube app.

Please reply to comments on NewPipe if you hear better music than on YouTube

Download NewPipe from F-Droid (attention, click Download aPK)

Other YouTube, download music, 4K on your phone, music with the screen off - video tutorial

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  1. I use SnapTube to download YouTube content… ..and not only YouTube 😀 supports multiple sites 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. There is also OG Youtube

  4. There is no need for a program to download music
    or in video format try cristi on you tube just delete some letters ex https://youtube.com these are normal you delete them like "yout.com" and so much suvces :-)

  5. There is also the Suamp application that offers the same things except for download. It's made by a Romanian… and it works very well

  6. Howdy! You said about this app at 2. Download music with different options.
    Does it have a rington option? Do you know if this operation can be done differently than itunes?
    I have also said on other occasions that I have an Acer Aspire 270 26 DBB with an 350 hard drive, 2 gb ram and an 1,60 GHZ processor and unfortunately can not install itunes without updating.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You do not need iTunes to create your own ringtones! You have a lot of apps in the Play Store that can edit, cut only the part that interests you in a song to be used later that the ringtone

  7. gherghisan.nelu said

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have Oneplus 3 with OxygenOs beta 26. This application does not work with the download function. Can you help me solve it? Thank you.

  8. Hello! Unable to view any video I can not see: Unable to decrypt the video's URL signature. Can you help me please!

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