Android Auto, you make your car "almost" smart

Android Auto

Auto What is Android?

Auto is an application for Android made specifically for use in the car. With an ergonomic and simple interface, Auto gives more driving safety when using the phone for navigation, calls, music, etc.

How to use Android Auto?

Auto Android app can be used in two ways:
1. Log on to support Android Auto car
2. With the phone by itself, mounted in a holder
In both cases Android Auto will do the same, but in the first case, it connects to the machine, Android Auto will display the car navigation system screen; In which case, of course it will be easier to use.
Where to download the Android Auto?
1. Auto (Play Store) (For now does not work in Romania)
2. Auto (Apk Mirror)
Also for car recommend:
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Why use Android Auto in the car?

As we know, it is dangerous to use the phone in the car, while we move. It is therefore recommended to use this application, where the interface is very easy to read at a glance.
With phone screens, which lately have become increasingly bigger, they are difficult to handle and quite uncomfortable when used in traffic.
Auto has very good support for voice commands and in the future will be able to use other applications interface Auto to ease the driver's life, and of course for enhanced safety.
Soon it will introduce support Google Now, with artificial intelligence from Google, it will respond to questions. Until then Auto app is super useful, especially for those who use the phone in the car lot.

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  1. Hello, I installed a Huawei Android Auto p9 and open application tells me: Google Play services seems to work now. Can you help me ? thank you

  2. It's functional.
    It would be super if they find the name book after searching voice.

  3. Where is the link

  4. Valeriu Voicu said

    Hello, Huawei is not installed on Y560

  5. He tells me: "The item is NOT available in your country"… I mess up a Samsung Note 3 with android 5.0

  6. Cristi you can help me, I recently purchased this laptop: I do not know what to choose the BIOS or UEFI legacy boot menu mode.

  7. Cristi no way VRO difference between legacy and UEFI!

  8. Cristi is the difference between legacy and UEFI mode?

  9. please any opinion, how about this configuration.
    Source Corsair Builder Series CP-9020015, 80 PLUS® Bronze, 750 W, Active PFC, ATX 2.3, 12 cm fan, Black
    Intel® Core ™ i3-6100, 3.70GHz, Skylake, 3MB, Socket 1151, Box
    Black Fury HyperX memory 8GB, DDR4, 2133MHz, CL14, 1.2V
    Solid State Drive (SSD) Kingston SSDNow UV400, 240GB, 2.5 ″, SATA III
    Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P, Socket 1151
    ASUS GTX760 2GB DDR5 / 256 Biti

    • irinel. Configuration is ok but my opinion is to get to a I5 instead of I3 this if you have a little budget I recommend I5 Maricel 6600 or 6600K the best for gaming K. And the motherboard ASRock trying to pass on what has integrated LAN Killer E2200 up 2204 or 2205 the best. The difference of motherboards ASRock chosen by you and the sea and is not possible to find an Ace Rock super good and price compared gigabyte. And by the way Realtek audio chipset looking and ALC1150. Do not pass on ASUS motherboards are not really super but the sound that thrills that come embedded Sound FX newest Intel And as they I218 LAN or I219. ping is ok small but well-behaved as I said ASRock ASUS vs price is high compared ASROCK. It is said that LAN Killer is best for gaming. Now you choose depends on what I know I gave an opinion related to the source and do not need that big a source of 600 one is more than enough in the future even if you use a video card series from gtx 10. Good luck

  10. Cristi what you think of the new OnePlus 3T worth 40 euros plus?

  11. For those who don't know… Nokia had something similar a few years ago… Nokia Car Mode

  12. Critically, my car has only bloothout I connect my phone just by bloothut, right? I mondeo 2014, how to connect or if the car does not support android? premium car brands for which we talking here? or ii gotta adapt a machine to support android? or do you know that the screen machines generally do not support android? or connect by simply blot? or how come I did not understand dawg?

  13. Jozsef said

    Hi Cristi. You can help me connect S7 to an 2016 Passat with auto Android. I installed it but it says no car conected

  14. George said

    I installed Android Auto from Apk Mirror
    I started it and asked me to update to Google maps, and more
    when I give Accept it tells me "this item is not available for your country"

    What can I do?

    thank you

    • George said

      I managed with ARM
      Goes well including Waze (it's upgraded to the latest version)

      Is what I wanted, to have Waze on the car and drive safely!

  15. Ion Dumitrescu said

    Adrian Gudus I'd like to talk to you, please call me.
    Thank you.

  16. Hi. I have a gorgeous scoda 2014 and it connects via bluetooth and I listen to music and I talk in the speakers with friends… the phase is that it has a car headphone jack and only android appears and I can't do anything. I have a module to put on the lighter and I connected the phone there and I only hear and see what the song is called..please if you understood something from what I said .you can help me to have a video clip on yutube ..telephone or tablet… on the car and waze thank you

  17. Virgil said

    Hi, I'm asking for thousands of excuses, but please if you can help me out how to use the android auto and mirror link applications on a samsung s7edge. I installed a navigation on a B7 pass and I do not know how to use the above mentioned applications, I have 6RF035187E. Please if you can give me your phone to better, or if you can call me 0720855910. Thanks for understanding.

  18. Hello,
    I have a Skoda Rapid 2019, I do not know which version I should download to work, can you please help me.
    Huawei P9 Lite or Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge

  19. i can't install android auto on samsung s9plus please help

  20. Manu Insurance said

    I own a Mecedes GLC Coupe car made in 2018 but it does not have the Android Car version installed. The phone is Samsung S10 Liitte with Andoid 12
    I downloaded the application from the mentioned addresses but the application cannot be installed. Such a message is not available for ROMANIA.
    Since I initially downloaded the application from the Play Store.
    My request to you is to tell me how I can delete the Play Store history.

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