Android Device Manager lets you delete data and phone location

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about the new service from Google called Android Device Manager that allows us to locate your Android device if you lose or we were stolen.
Android Device Manager is a service that ought to exist for so long as it happens to Samsung or Apple devices running iOS operating system.
Android Device Manager allows users of Android devices to log in with the same Google account on the device used in Android Device Manager service page accessed from a desktop browser, on a tablet or any other device that has an Internet connection. Once in Device Manager interface we will be able to give a remote control device to Android for it to play an alarm for 5 minutes at maximum volume, even if the device is in silent mode. A useful option that allows us to locate the device if you lose the house and not know where our device. If we find the device in less than 5 minutes, we are able to optimal existing alarm by pressing the power button on your Android device.
Another important feature is the ability to locate your lost device on a map and so we can recover or we can get an idea about where he was and so we can decide what action to take on further recovery.
The most important feature of the Android Device Manager service is "Erase Device" which will allow us to remotely delete (remotely) all existing information on the lost or stolen Android device. I would recommend that you use this option with the utmost caution and consider it only if you think there is no chance of recovering your lost or stolen Android device.
Although we do not offer advanced options as other existing location services market which we have made video tutorials in the past, it's still good to have the options available, which can benefit any time without being forced to install or prepare something before our Android device as happens when using other services or applications of location.


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  1. Hi Adrian, can you tell me what software to use for screen capture smartphone?

  2. The site loading difficult Adrian:, why so hard loading??

  3. Hello,

    Once you access the page tells me that I have no device added, and when I add tells me that is not available in my country:

    , Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
    We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
    Please check back again soon.

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    Adi: Hello,

    Once you access the page tells me that I have no device added, and when I add tells me that is not available in my country:

    , Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet. We're working to bring devices to more countries as Quickly as Possible. Please check back again soon.

    I do not know what you mean, in page Android Device Manager service does not have the possibility to add a device. As I said both in text and video tutorial, on your Android Device Manager must login with the same Google account on your phone or Android tabelta.

  5. Hi, I'm a little disappointed with the application, especially when it comes to location…. I was located in Cluj in a location where I was a month ago…. and he still tells me that they are about 19 meters away, although I am about 35 in that area: D. In the settings I checked the locations and everything related to the location (via wifi, gsm and other dracovenii) and it still doesn't work. It would be great if he also had an option to lock the phone (if it is stolen)… but maybe in the future… maybe… :))

  6. eNdAdrian The site loading difficult:, why so hard loading??

    In my immediate loading especially as there is on the server Nginx and Apache immediate loading

  7. Not to me it does not work, but when I connect give me locate the device does not work. In contrast to Locate My Android app goes first and it all connects to your Google account. I have an LG Optimus One with Android 2.3

  8. Hello,
    he tells me I don't have any active suspects. 🙁
    - model phone: alcatel one touch 818D
    - firmware version 2.3.6

    "There are no active devices
    To use Android device manager, you must have an active Android device.
    Purchase devices from the Google Play Store "

    • Solution on Google / accounts / answer / 3265955? Hl = en
      If your Android device doesn't appear in Android Device Manager, or if you see Unknown location despite your device being online and running Google Play services version 3.2.25 or higher, follow these steps:
      Open Google Settings from your device's apps menu.
      Android Touch Device Manager.
      Uncheck Allow remote factory reset.
      Go to your device's main Settings menu, then touch Apps> All> Google Play services.
      Touch Clear Data. Note that this action does not remove personal data.
      Go back to Google Settings and select Allow remote factory reset.
      Restart your device.
      Once your device restarts, wait around five minutes and refresh / devicemanager.

  9. Kaspersky Mobile Locator Android device.

  10. Sebastian said

    Works without selecting them from GPS satellites! Otherwise worked FAST!
    And right! Thank you so much for all you do!

  11. Sorin Chiran said

    Goes well, the first tablet located exactly where I stand, and the accuracy was somewhere 25 meters but it was actually the right place.

  12. A intrebare.O Android app to locate a phone that has no data traffic would find?
    Just use the GPS.
    Thank you

  13. Cristi everything is adrian vadca more tutorial about Andro cards and appreciate their work and timpu providers. I would like to make some tutorials on how to root different phones Allview ex p 5 mini etc. making each a guardian as a root MODL then another and so on. I'm sure many are interested especially as we want to uninstall niswte many programs that come along with telefonu and if we can not root. or if there is a tutorial I would like to know how to root (where to get exact) p5 Allview mini I'd like to delete some programs that comes with telu.

  14. Question Why use the phone ring? sounds great!

    Continued success! will follow in the UK!

  15. Adrian Gudus said

    Calin: Question Why use the phone ring? sounds great!

    Continued success! will follow in the UK!

    I use the default ringtone that comes with the operating system AOSP (Android's pure). Usually manufacturers branduiesc their devices and customize them replacing sounds default (basic) Android operating system with their desired and can be for you to have other rings (or rings) than the base that comes with Android site.
    I'm lucky to use a Google device that is part of the Nexus range. Even if my smartphone is made by samsung, they did not leave their "imprint" in customizing the operating system, my smartphone does not come with the TouchWiz interface as the other smartphones from Google.
    My device, because it is one from Google, from the Nexus range is in "control" and under the ownership of Google, which means that I run AOSP, pure Android with Vanilla interface, without customizations, without blotware applications, exactly as Google launches.

  16. Hey, what good smartphone until 1200 recommend for ron. gaming?
    Or do a tutorial smartphone purchase?

  17. I do not go to me not found on Android device manager but I nustiu dc who help me

  18. hello, I installed the application on the phone and I set it, but when I get on gmail on my computer does appear paper. What should I do to my home phone tracking?

  19. to me it only detect when the phone is connected to a wirless network when it connects to the mobile network you no longer identify the problem does anyone know?

  20. bogdan said

    I installed.
    I stuck telu
    We found telu and every time I asked for the password set to lock.
    I uninstalled the app and all I ask for your password.
    What can I do to u May I request your password?
    Thank you

    • Enter the settings >> security >> screen lock >> confirm the password and from there choose how you want your device to be locked / unlocked. Success.

  21. Cristi r said
      -at me goes well, I called the phone, and now it is possible to change the phone password on PC in Android Device Manager, and the one who steals your phone no longer open unless you know the password, even if you close and Open all he asked for the password, but if you take simulation / card and put the new one can access phone and asks for the password anyway?
  22. Hello,
    We have a full emergency, remote wipe have given but I found the phone but do not know how to cancel the order before being connected to the network

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