Android on your PC or laptop, suuuper quickly 105.378 in AnTuTu

Android on your PC or laptop, the fastest ever Android.

Android on your PC or laptop

Android on your PC or laptop

Android Pc or laptop is very easy to run or installed. We need a USB stick and an ISO image with Android x86.
If you do not know how to put Android on stick, Adrian made for you a tutorial that will show how to put Android on stick with Rufus.
ISO image with the last stable version of Android, take it from:
When I booted the first time, I thought that's not true, it was the fastest operating system run on my laptop. Everything is almost instant. For downloading apps, to walking through the interface, everything is suuuuper quickly.
With some reservations, I run AnTuTu; The result gave me back. 105.000 is a score that any phone and any Android tablet have not seen.
This tutorial is just the beginning, because I will continue to use Android on your laptop / PC to a to do it perfectly.
Android PC stability.
For some laptops you may experience problems with sound too weak, but otherwise is quite stable.
Running an operating system in live mode, I did not have enough storage to install large applications. That is a minus mode only live, which I am sure that we will solve in the next tutorial.
Video tutorial - Android on PC or laptop

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  1. Cristi, how do I install myself but Android on your PC but in dual boot Windows 10 and I do not want to give up Windows. You think you can dual boot it in?

  2. I greet you and I try to say a few idei.În tutorial to be noted that the android architecture is specifically designed to run x86 introducing the drivers imagine.În some other news inclined to think compared to the 've I've had it installed in the proportion of 50% quality counts USB stick and restore the quality of the laptop as it virtualizes stick.Dacă system was installed on the laptop actually think that was something even you might not have sunet.Era to see what type of partition is recommended for installation (I did ext3). From the tests we've done I noticed that not too reliable and mostly very many applications require rotire.Rotirea is stopped will not run so we will have to give up applications that were established and rest familiarizaţi.În patiently even a system can do everything we need on it so it does not surprise me occupied top place on the DistroWatch linux distributions downloaded.

  3. Android moves fantastically well site on your laptop, Cristi! I'd like Android dual boot with Win10, as it has requested above, can you predict a solution.
    In addition, I have a request (offtopic): what recommendation of Honor as an alternative to 6? I found a shop in super offer price equivalent of 850 lei, with new warranty, shop seriously. The money I kind of winks, although I wanted to be the new smartphone with AMOLED screen, after last 2 had with IPS. My last phone with AMOLED Galaxy S3 was as if I somehow missing.

    • Tiru Florin said

      Cristi Hello!
      I have a problem at boot's USB Desktop!
      I appear
      CPU Type: Intel Core Duo CPU 2 Base Memory: 640K
      CPU ID: 067 Extended Memory: 2046M
      CPU Clock: 3.00GHz Cache Memory: 6M

      Diskette Drive A: 1.44, 3,5 ”Display Type: EGA / VGA
      Pri.Master Disk: LBA, 320GB Serial Port (s): 3F8
      Pri.Slave Disk: None Parallel Port (s): 378
      Sec. Master Disk: None at Bank DRAM (s): 0 1
      Sec. Slave Disk: None

      What can I do? Thank you in advance!

  4. I think I tried virtualbox go but here a tutorial here:

  5. And a pentium processor P6100 to 2 3 GHz with giga memory moves very well miss with a problem I can not connect to the internet via wifi.
    Cristi Any idea why?

  6. Cristi look like if you could do a tutorial in dualboot android. something like

  7. Hi, Please help me in trouble.
    I want to get an email address on a free online service that does not require compulsory registration phone number as Yahoo, Gmail etc.
    I tried and iLink (on Videotutorial) but they ask and phone number.
    I mention that I can not receive telephone and SMS code to record me.
    Thanks, Aneta.

  8. Hello, felcictari for Cristian tutorial, I had myself a question about this tutorial, an older configuration is possible to run Android? . Configuration is next, Intel Celeron processor 2.80ghz, socket 775, 1500 GB RAM, GB HDD 80 and 128 MB video card. Thank you !!!

  9. It can be installed directly on a laptop android weaker going very wrong with windows?

  10. how about the drivers, motherboard drivers recognize ???????????

  11. Very interesting tutorial, it would be to install in older games because dualboot can be installed depending on the size stick we think, I used until now Windroye and I was very happy, even if it is a program virtual.O and try this method! At more !

  12. Currently, Android has 1,32 GB of storage. How can large or set to install on SD card? There is the option.
    Android version did not work 4.4 R3 (was corrupted) and put 4.4 R2 and go.
    I want to try NOVA 3, 1,5 has Gb and has no place for installation.

  13. Hello all viewers of this tutorial. I can say I downloaded a file IMG 2015 Android in August and can be used with confidence in UEFI boot has free wi legacy as well as working directly with cable. I mounted him with Rufus, but focus on creating check on all files because Rufus did not esta iso sees as the wallpaper.
    Noted that HP ProBook are on 4540s and GPT disk is .CINE believes me to contact me but I did not expert evidence and functioned much respect for VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO

  14. I downloaded a file img EFI and UEFI mode can install the HDD gpt 64bit

  15. If you use the live mode gb stick 16 are ok but better make ext installation 4

  16. Cristi your laptop does not have UEFI BIOS, really do not understand is the latest generation laptop but does not have UEFI BIOS?

    • UEFI graphical interface does not necessarily mean that you can walk with your mouse.
      The main quality of UEFI BIOS is to help the operating system with fast hardware initialization.
      Graphical interfaces are useful on the desktop, where we overclock and complex configurations; And of course marketing.
      On laptops everything has to be as simple and as fast as possible. Therefore most often graphical UEFI quit.

  17. Aminstalat .iso and works perfectly!

    My question is this… Can I somehow make the file manager (android) see the partitions on the HDD or at least see the music?

  18. pop vasile said

    The installation went ok, even with `spin off some applications installed automata` come back image moves flawlessly.
    Cristi recommend a virus (or a security program) as a cleaner and get rid of annoying ads.
    But nr.1 priority is security, please 2,3 advice, respect and thanks.

    • I do not think it would be a security problem so big. There are lots of Android phones that do not use antivirusuri. Android and virus seems to me a prositie consuming unnecessary resources and battery. PC antivirus is acceptable, although I prefer to use when needed. And about the ads, search the XDA host file and replaces it with one on android (works only with root)

  19. Cristi, I also have a problem, I ran live on a samsung laptop and wi-fi doesn't work in any form… what is the problem?

  20. Catalin B. said

    Cristi welcome to try a test and dual boot between Android and Ubuntu on the same PC. Thank you very much.

  21. I saw that you never had before installing the operating system Android
    android and installs GRUB (if you want to use in dual boot with win7)
    linux installs all sites grub that's why wonder if it's true for android (as only they have the same kernel) __ in VBox go about naspa__
    Thanks and good day

  22. I instlat on a partition for your android has saved ami dadetele and applications introduced but has not saved any way, what should I do? thank you

  23. rosoaga yes said

    Hi Cristi, super hard, not working to install as normal program and to open it directly from Windows? As orce program?

  24. There is something x64 Android? To work even better on a PC 64-bit architecture?

  25. 61277 AnTuTu score. I used NOX is a virtual machine that does the job. Mention that the processor was 40% maximum. NOX I use for a game because it root and played with score now after update to the game no longer can run on PC.

  26. After about 2 hours, three sticks and more attempts, version 4.3r1 (4.3.r3 told me "Lili" that it has corrupt files…. Yes, she knows them all) on an MSI Wind 100, it moves well, obviously does not "see" Wi-Fi (bloothooth sees it), but it will be interesting to install on a partition… is obviously a solution for older laptops if you do not use more than audio-video some socialization and an office at most…

  27. I also ran it live, but if it could be installed in dualboot and be able to put more memory of 2048 Mb maximum available, as to move it moves super fast whatever you give it to do it instantly it doesn't think like windows…. please Cristi do tests and if it's ok do a more comprehensive tutorial with dualboot installation

  28. I forgot to say I also ran two Lolipop (5.0 - 5.1) and it works super ok, it also connects to wi-fi, bluetoch …… etc ..

  29. Salut.As like to know if you can and evebtual how to make the transition from Windows RT otableta 8.1 the surface, the windows 10.Merci

  30. I do not understand . Why would I want to run Android on your PC? What's the trick?

  31. I tested 5.0.2 and 5.1 Android installation in dual boot with Windows on a partition 10 32 GB, and then I returned to Windows 10. To remove the PC android watch this clip At my work.

  32. How can I get a text translated from English to Romanian directly by marking it and then right click it? I 10 windows and use Microsoft's browser edge. Thank you.

  33. Hello Crist. Can I use Android on a tablet (I have a pro 2 surface, x86 architecture)?

  34. Hi, I root privileges in this android? or if we can root ,, how to? that without root beer .. It's a trazvita

  35. on-m run on a PC but every sestart apples must configure the tongues etc is normal or I did something right

  36. goes installed (to run in pc) in dual boot with UNetbootin BUT, it's like they live run setari.parca nothing remains stored in that movie you're in that every day you wake up in the same place and do the same things as you do them first. I saw on youtube how you install Windows on a tablet that will be installed on the smartphone but ?????
    But if you have root install an application (the installer Xposed) requiring reboot, start over after a restart that is not doing anything.

  37. An android phone can run Windows?

  38. Silviu Valentin Salamalichi said

    I installed the dual boot Android r4.4 3 7 windows works well with all changes made .We remain the two operating systems installed on a netbook Acer Aspire One D255E.Sunetul is somewhat weak in Windows 7 goes .For the room and WIRELESS where they work wirelessly leptop to dismantle and replace wi-fi card easily remove .When I went android have driver was not necessary but I replaced the other and then went leptopuri Android .Sistemul go faster but I have some problems that Windows partition .Although I did for android is FAT 32 so I can see from the windows of Android can not see other partitii.Am allocated for android 50 Gb hard but Android is obstinate Giga use only 2 Probably it is set to use only so .As want a solution.

    • Gaby Steaua said

      Use EASEUS Partition Master to create part 10.5 2 EXT.
      I did a sceen as it appears to me.
      The space is mare.La installation as a notice to appear and ext2 PC partition, a select Skip
      instalare.La formatting and follow intructiuniile of storage space you exactly how you're going to be minus ext2 set partition size android software
      I installed on an asus x550c with win7 so dual boot… problems with wifi no phone sees, I managed once via USB connection and the internet went but I can not do it

  39. after all I have also tested this Android dualboot? or duar have done such a wave.?

  40. Cristi Hello! Do you think it would go this android on a PC with 512 MB RAM?

  41. Peter Dragos said

    I am very interested in how to run games because for many of them can be found on the tablet screen buttons or phone! Tactile buttons on the phone display will be on the keyboard?

  42. Hello!
    A wi-fi connectivity solution that does not work

  43. Hello Cristi
    It is possible to trick a phone application is routed, the ex eToken BCR is rooted not work if telu
    Thank you!

  44. As I know Google is already working on an operating system for PCs, like a combination of Android and Chrome OS, I'd quit Microsoft if Google would create an operating system for PCs

  45. Gaby Steaua said

    I noticed that sits rather poorly with drivers KitKat.
    I put the game Horizon Chase - World Tour v1.3.0 on KK goes keyboard instead on Lolipop go perfect.Inca not find a way to connect via wifi on asus x550c

  46. Romulus Dorin (Alnichei) said

    I'd like a tutorial dual boot with Win 10 a topical android
    Otherwise… all your tutorials are interesting! That's why I subscribed to you with respect

  47. Romulus Dorin (Albichei) said

    I would like to correct my name Albichei

  48. Cristi appeared ..5..1.1 REMIX OS based on Android I've tried it on a laptop (e exelent) ,, on a desktop failed to boot.

  49. Cristi I have a question if you install Android on PC instead of Windows with Windows as still missing or remain and Windows and Android ???

  50. Hello,
    I installed myself, but the installed PC will not boot! I just booted from the stick.
    Any idea?


  52. I have a samsung nc110 notebook would it work for me too… I only have 1GB Ram ??
    thank you in advance

  53. to me installs on pc but cad to restore it nn not running asking for something code

  54. Iulian said

    Hello! I have a question! I installed the android to bring it to older Toshiba but I do not open my google services, so I can not run any application! Android vs 4.4.4

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