Any2Ico icon extract .exe or .dll out and convert Ico

Hi friends, today's tutorial will introduce a portable application (no installation required) very helpful allowing us to extract icons from an executable file or .dll. Application also allows us to convert an image file Ico (icon) assign it to a shortcut or an executable.
The application we are talking about today is called Any2Ico and we can help in different situations. For example: when we want to change partition icon or assign another icon shortcuts, desktop applications pending.
I personally found useful application Any2Ico when we wanted to use an image as icon but really could not do this for me was desired image in another format. Any2Ico I converted to the desired image in Ico file, a standard format for images in execution or application shortcuts.
With Any2Ico you can also make a farce friends or family extracting icon Yahoo Messenger of executable application Yahoo Messenger and to assign application Winamp and the Wnamp to extract icon and to assign application Yahoo Messenger, then rename shortcuts when friend will want to Winamp launch will launch Yahoo Messenger and when you actually want to launch Yahoo Messenger will launch Winamp. Your friend or family member will panic and think the PC is virused


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  1. valentin said

    A tutorial caliber skinny for you. This program does not seem to have a relevant utility.
    I have noticed that, lately, the tutorials are a bit weaker. It's probably the holiday…

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    valentinA tutorial caliber skinny for you. This program does not seem to have a relevant utility. I noticed that lately, tutorials are somewhat weaker. Probably holiday ...

    Slender useful for you lot.
    I know for sure that we have a lot of fans of customizations here on the site. This tutorial is dedicated first to them and then to those interested…

  3. Please remove more and more interesting videotutoriale

  4. mircea85 said

    Cristi more resumes and you tutorials series about purchasing products such as digital cameras DSLR cameras, laptops, new tablets new and others, mid-range and HIGH range. Thanks a lot, most real Cristi Adrian.

  5. mircea85 said

    mircea85Cristi more resumes and tutorials about the series you purchase products such as digital cameras DSLR cameras, laptops, new tablets like noise, midrange and HIGH range. Thanks a lot, most real Cristi Adrian.

    Waiting for a reply to the message, thank you very much once again.

  6. Mihai Badea said

    Adrian, thank you for this nice videotutorial. I think I could stand a good joke.

  7. This we could do without a program… useless tutorial… better vb about android or something ,,,

  8. Alexandru Serban said

    Cristi, Alex, I have no your phone here in the forum sent a message to contact when you can look.

  9. A curiosity: what do you gain from offering these video tutorials? I guess you invest a lot of time in them…

  10. axelluny said

    The tutorial is useless for those who do not know than to play the game calculator.Eu I needed something but after much research I could draw very elegant operation ResHacker with various rezoluţii.Şi ptr can opt to fill for those interested it resolves any image ico using

  11. How do firewall blocking the program Any Send. that because it can not send? Where figure to stop blocking firewall in the beginning I gave Public Network? ...

  12. Adrian Gudus said

    VladutzHow do I stop blocking firewall ulprogramul Any Send. that because it can not send? Where I give to stop blocking firewall, at first I gave Public Network ?? ...

    If you could tell us what Windows you have… maybe we could help you…

  13. Adrian is with money Icon Searcher.

  14. Adrian Gudus: If you tell us and what Windows you ... can I help ...

    I have windows 7 ultimate… from the laptop I can send to the phone but not from the phone, I turned off the firewall and it worked very well… :) but how do I never block it again?

  15. Interestingly, I appreciate your work for us, but when something for android, were even delete a program icon on your phone without affecting the application itself .multumesc

  16. Videotutorial can create a schedule / format converter from .pyc in py.

  17. Tutorialul.Am tried very useful and very simpla.Puteti eu.Este a portable application forms and a tutorial on how we can convert to an .avi file into a WMV.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We have a lot of tutorials about free or commercial applications that know how to do video conversion. Type in the search box on the top right: "video conversion" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorials

  18. Thanks Adrian!

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