AnyDesk best remote software - better than TeamViewer

AnyDesk the best soft remote
AnyDesk the best soft remote

What is the best remote software AnyDesk tutorial about?

In the AnyDesk best remote software video tutorial, I present the best remote software, easy to use for everyone.

Of course, there are a lot of remote softwares that offer even more, but AnyDesk is very easy to use even by those with less experience.

What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a remote assistance software, or remote support, as it is called in English.

AnyDesk is extremely easy to use and in addition has multi-platform and cross-platform support, meaning it runs on all operating systems and can be used from one platform to another.

Why AnyDesk is better than TeamViewer

Starting from installation, AnyDesk on Windows, at least, where it will be most used, has a portable executable which you double click and you're done, it works. No installation required.

If the ID is still on the same system as TeamViewer, that is, the ID must be entered by the support provider; The authentication part is simpler. Instead of the password we have a button to accept the session, which greatly facilitates the connection creation process.

The connection is much more stable and it seems that AnyDesk does not require so much internet bandwidth.

On the connection side between Windows and Android, AnyDesk has only one Android application compared to TeamViewer which has two


Precisely because AnyDesk is so easy to use, it is also used by scammers, who sometimes manage to trick people in good faith into stealing their data.

Don't accept connections from strangers

AnyDesk is better than TeamViwer, but not the best

AnyDesk is the best remote assistance program that is easy to use, but in my opinion it is not necessarily the best.

They are much better remote software that does not depend on external servers, as in our case, where an external authentication server is used.

Unfortunately, those remote, more competent applications are a bit harder to set up and are not to the liking of most.

I mean, AnyDesk is so easy to use that even an inexperienced elderly person can use it.

A program like NoMachine, for example, is much harder to set up, but it is better and more secure.

AnyDesk has found a good balance between ease of use, security and features.

Better remote software

If you want me to introduce you to more competent remote software, but harder to set up initially, write me in the comments. Rest assured that I will show you everything, but the only downside is the steep learning curve and the fact that the tutorial will be longer.


Download AnyDesk


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Video Tutorial - AnyDesk best remote software

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  1. ovidiu said

    Hi, I installed the program on the tablet but I can't control it and I see that it says imput is not allowed. In the manager it is activated. Maybe you'll tell me what to do. thank you

  2. George said

    Congratulations! You have the best, serious and long-lived tutorial program. I have been following you for many years and I have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much!

  3. ovidiu said

    I returned. When installing on the tablet it does not ask me to install the plugin. and I think that's why I can't activate it. Android 6.0. If anyone knows a solution. Thank you

  4. Try settings / accessibility, you may have the option. Grant the necessary permissions to AnyDesk. If it doesn't work, the Android version may be a bit old.

  5. Alexandru said

    It also has a portable team virwer but you don't know, when you launch it asks you if you install or run non-commercial personnel…

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