The official earthquake alert application

Alert before the earthquake.

In the case of an earthquake, "sometimes" it is good to know a few seconds before it occurs.

The official earthquake alert application

The official earthquake alert application

Alert before the earthquake.

In the case of an earthquake, "sometimes" it is good to know a few seconds before it occurs.

They say, we better not know!

Experts, I think it would not be good to be alert, that we will panic and run up the stairs / fall / hit /.

Still, I introduced you an earthquake alert solution, which involves the Telegram application, and now I'm introducing you the official application from INFP aka National Research and Development Institute for Earth Physics.

How does this alert work before the earthquake?

When a land movement is felt, the measuring instruments quickly send the information to the command center, from where the earthquake alert is sent to the beneficiaries through fixed and mobile telephony networks.

Bits are faster than seismic waves!

Because the data circulates near the speed of light, they are faster than the seismic wave, and this is the difference of 30 for seconds between the earthquake and the moment we feel it.

The official earthquake alert application from INFP.

The application is called EIS and can be downloaded from official website (from the play store) of the National Institute of Research and Development for Earth Physics

EIS application (earthquake alert)

alternative download link -

The official earthquake alert application - video tutorial

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  1. Link is not valid.Application does not exist.

  2. Cornelius Padurariu said

    I downloaded from the alternative link in the description.

  3. and earthquakes? :)) I think you have a problem with the earthquakes. Are you so afraid?

  4. Adrian Rotaru said

    yes with this link goes

  5. a) On-site, apk has 287 K, and on has 5,7 M. What would be the latest version? What version was in the Play Store?
    b) Off topic: What would be a Top 5 - Alternatives to Google Play?

  6. the link on the official page works for me, but it's another application, it says "INFP". The one in the alternative link in the tutorial description works perfectly and is the one described by Cristi in the tutorial.

  7. Balais Mircea said

    EIS has been in the Google Play Store for some time, but I do not know why. The app can also be downloaded from Apkmonk store or Apkpure store. On Apkpure you find 1.0 and 1.0.1, which is actually the latest version of EIS. The link that sends you to the Play Store is no longer valid. Related to the other INFP ALERT application is from the National Institute of Earth Physics. I have both installed and I'm happy with the applications. Both are from INFP. Mention that INFP ALERT is not found in the Play Store must be downloaded from the INFP site.

  8. I made all the settings as you showed in the video but I was not notified of the earthquake this morning… I don't think it's an application you can rely on

  9. It has been set in the application to notify all the 3 degrees, but the 2 quakes did not receive any notifications.
    Is anyone still alive?

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