Application checking the direction of the sun buildings land

Application for checking the direction of the sun, buildings and land
Application for checking the direction of the sun, buildings and land

What is it about in the video tutorial Application checking the direction of the sun buildings land?

In this tutorial, "Application for checking the direction of the sun buildings lands", I will show you how you can determine exactly the direction from which it rises and the direction in which the sun sets.

We will see when the sun rises and sets in relation to a building or land, at any time and at any time you want, graphically on the map, so that it is easy to understand.

Why is the position and trajectory of the sun so important from sunrise to sunset in relation to a building?

Nowadays, with so many tools available, it is a shame to buy a plot of land or an apartment without knowing it.

It is strange to buy without thinking about whether the house or the land you have set your eyes on is well lit on different days of the year.

In vain you go to watch the summer at 18:00, to see a studio in the north. At that time, the studio will look good in the summer, but know that there you are more likely to get asthma than to feel good.

You don't have to give in to the real estate agent, as he will take you to the viewing at the best moment, maybe even at the golden hour, when even a dirty dumpster looks beautiful.

The position of the sun is crucial for the positioning of solar panels

Whether we are talking about PV (photovoltaic) or thermal (hot water) solar panels, they need the right positioning in order to do a good job.

It is ideal to position the solar panels to the south, but sometimes we go to play a little with the position, if the place allows us. For example I have a thermal panel and it is positioned on the south-southeast, and it goes razor sharp.

In any case, this thing with solar panels should be thought of right from the acquisition phase of the land, if possible.

LunaSolCal is a SUPERB application, which I warmly recommend

I haven't seen such an application in a long time mult .. correct and well done. It's like this app was made for my needs.

In addition to a lot of information about the sun and the moon, the LunaSolCal application also offers us the MAP PAPER, which is the icing on the cake.

With the map mode you can see graphically on the map, for any location you want, exactly the time when the sun rises and sets, for any day of the year, BOOM.

LunaSolCal is great!

See usage details in the video tutorial below…

We no longer have to buy apartments in buildings that are in the shadow of other buildings most of the day

Where the sun enters, the doctor does not enter, says a proverb.

You don't have to rely on other opinions. You don't have to ask the agent or the owner. Check for yourself how well the apartment or building is naturally lit by the sun.

Don't forget to check if there is another taller building in the direction of the sun or if one is planned to be built in the future.

Download LunaSolCal for Android

Download LunaSolCal for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

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Video tutorial - Application checking the direction of the sun buildings land

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  1. I haven't tested the application yet. I just discovered the article. But the idea is brilliant. I ran into this problem looking for a home. Moreover, there were cases when the owners avoided saying something exactly, knowing well what they were selling. I was "spinning" the maps, but I wasn't always clear. I hope it will be useful to many people.

  2. Elena.P said

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if you want light in the first part of the day, until noon, choose an apartment facing east. If you want light in the second part of the day, choose one facing west. And watch your future home at least two different times of the day.
    An old proverb says that: “in the house where the sun does not enter… the doctor enters”… in addition, winter heating costs twice as much in the apartments to the N than in those oriented to the S (verified, own power plants in identical apartments, in the same block… isolated ).

  3. Gheorghe Gheorghe said

    Please tell me if it works on windows. I am interested in wanting to build the house now and know how to position it. Thanks !

  4. Cristi please if you can make a video tutorial with Shadow computer. I think that program would be even more conclusive for those who want to build their house according to the coordinates of the cardinal points and the brightness of the sun. I myself am in such a situation and I would like to train well before doing my project. Thank you in advance.

  5. Congratulations

  6. Hello! Congratulations for the tutorial. It is very useful. Do you know an application through which I can see how the shadow will fall in the summer next to a building? 🙂 I'm interested because for example I want to leave the parking lot at 15:00 and it's like I want the car to be in the shade when I leave with it.
    Ps; I don't know why you put your movies on your site (you probably want to get rid of the yt addiction) but the stream crashes and it's not good. To see this head-to-tail tutorial, I refreshed the page 3 times.

    • It's also on Youtube, Look for it so you can find it. It has the same name.

    • Antonie Tudor said

      Yes “Sun Locator Lite” or “Sun Locator PRO”,
      they are more intuitive and detailed
      indicates both the position of the Sun and the moon
      it also presents simulations with light and shadow left by the Sun.

  7. Very useful application for those who want to buy or build a house. I think it is also very useful for photographers when they want to look for a location for the photo shoot, because light is extremely important in these situations and it is also important when the sun rises or sets. And if I still talked about photography, I would ask if possible, to make a new laptop purchase guide for editing BUDGET PHOTO max 3000 RON (to work very well LightRoom, and maybe Photoshop so decent AND to see correctly photos on the screen). And also maybe a desktop PC also for editing PHOTO of BUDGET 3000 RON with the monitor included in the price to see what is more profitable to buy. I don't know if what I want is achievable, but I'm curious about your suggestions, if you have the time. Thanks!

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