Apps for AMOLED screen off, battery saving, round corners

Apps for AMOLED screen off, battery saving, round corners
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Apps for AMOLED screen off, battery saving, round corners
Today I have some apps for you that can highlight AMOLED screens.

Apps for AMOLED screen off, battery saving, round corners

What is an AMOLED screen?

The AMOLED screen consists of small LEDs that have their own light. Each sub-pixel in part is a small led that turns on, goes out or adjusts gradually to obtain a certain amount of intensity.
On everyone's language: The AMOLED screen consists of small lights that light up individually.

How is AMOLED different from LCD?

The LCD screen consists of a layer of liquid crystals that are backlit by a luminous panel. Pixels on LCDs do not have their own light, as is the case with AMOLED.

Advantages AMOLED.

Colors are much livelier
The far more colorful beach
Contrast is much higher than on LCD
The black level is maximum
Pixels can stop individually

Disadvantages AMOLED.

On older screens we encounter "Pixel Burn in", that is areas of the screen with images, graphics, static icons. These problems can not be found today.
If you have a Pixel Burn In phone, you can partially solve the problem with the app AMOLED Burn-in Fixer or similar applications.

Apps that highlight AMOLED screens.

Although there are many more applications that make AMOLED technology worthwhile, I chose 4 applications today, which I found interesting and useful.

1. Blackr - stops the screen all the while the apps are running on the screen (example-youtube with the screen off)
2. Pixel Filter - save battery by stopping a percentage of pixels on the screen.
3. Cornerfly - Make the screen corners look rounded, like S8 or G6.
4. Dots - a game with an optimized theme for AMOLED screens.

AMOLED Phones - prices
The phones above are placed from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Apps for AMOLED screen off, battery saving, rounds - video tutorial

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    Pixoff: Best Battery Saver, 1 Number.
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    disadvantage: price

  6. sharp aquos xx are default in android implemented what is discussed in the tutorial.



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