Applications for solving exercises in Microsoft Math and Photomath mate

Applications for solving exercises in Microsoft Math and Photomath mate

What is the Microsoft Math and Photomath Matte Exercise Solver Applications video tutorial about?

In this tutorial, called Applications for solving math exercises Microsoft Math and Photomath, I will present you two applications for Android (it is also for iOS), with which you can solve math exercises.

Why use applications to solve math exercises?

This year, 2020, most students do not take classes in school classrooms but go to school online.

Teachers are very demanding and can no longer lean so well on each student, to explain where he does not understand.

As meditations can no longer be done due to restrictions and quarantine in some areas; the only option for completing knowledge where it is not fully understood, remains a digital one, by resorting to exercise solving applications.

Microsoft Math and Photomath applications, but also others, are not like simple computers.

The advantage of these applications for solving math exercises is that once they are scanned, we receive, in addition to the result, step-by-step explanations.
In conclusion, the applications that solve the math exercises on the phone, not only give us the result, but also the method used to solve it with step-by-step explanations.

Photomath and Microsoft Math application download links:

Micrsoft Math - Android - iOS

Photomath - Android - iOS

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Video tutorial - Applications for solving exercises in Microsoft Math and Photomath mate

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