Flash Flash or Phone Blink to Call or SMS when the phone rings

Flash Flash or Phone Blink to Call or SMS when the phone rings
Flash Flash or Blitz when the phone rings
For most ringing tone and phone vibration are enough to answer a call. There are, however, situations where people can not hear the ringtone for various reasons.

Some of the situations we do not hear the phone:

1. For people with hearing problems
2. Very noisy work environment
3. Music and club noise
4. In public markets with intense traffic
5. Protest march
6. Stage matches
8. At concerts
9. On the bus, tram, etc, where there is noise.
10 In the car when you get the most out of your music.

The solution is to use the flash (LED or Blitz) when the phone rings.
With Flash Alerts 2, automatic flashing of the Phone Blink is extremely simple. All you have to do is activate the application and choose how and how to flash when you receive a call or SMS.
Flash Alerts 2 is free for Calls and SMSs. If you want support and other notifications, you'll need to choose the paid version.

Flash Alerts 2 in the Play Store

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    1. Florin said

      Hi, respecting very useful information I have been helpful some tutorials here I learned some useful stuff, respect, I Samsung Galaxy S6 I have in its settings the option related to flash to sms or call, android 5.0 then 6.0 and now 7.0 but on an older samsung I used such an application I do not know exactly which because there are more but doing its job well. Bafta and grow up to keep on doing so!

    2. alex popsor said

      Hello cristian, can you help me please bring me the phone to the vrite, everything that appears on the screen is that big sig from samsung and up on the satanga side write very little in red "ricovery is not seandroidenforcing" I tried to restore it the Odin program but in da faild and I looked at many video files but I could not solve anything. Do you think you could help me some methods how could I bring it back to life. I would be grateful. Thanks in advance .

      • With Flash tool you can rewrite rom, search on youtube how to make flash rom with flash tool for your phone.

      • Victor said

        First of all, you need to give more details, which model is, what software you had on it, stock or custom. A reshaping with Odin to the latest software should solve your problem.

    3. Hello Cristi
      I have a request
      I have an android phone, I have a mini projector and I bought a micro USB-HDMI cable, but I can not see anything on my phone on the projector.
      What should I do, where am I wrong?

    4. Hello
      I own an older wireless router / modem and one Asus memo 7 tablet (with android, wireless with mother microusb plug).
      I want to have internet on my router / modem tablet.
      I have a big question:
      - Is it possible to connect the Asus tablet via wired internet with connectors / cable adapters directly to the router / modem?
      If possible, please tell me what cables and adapters I have to buy and what I have to do.

    5. On video call, whatsapp, skype, etc. (front camera) can activate the flash.

    6. Hello, this application damages the phone's battery.

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