Hiding applications on Android phones

Hiding from the app drawer applications on phones with Android operating system.
AppHider It is a free application with which we can hide any application on an Android phone, if you have root.
The application AppHider hide any application very simple and launch further blockage, the interface is easy only if you have the password; thing that will keep out the nosy.
As they can make changes in the system, AppHider needs root access. If you do not know or do not know what root means watching tutorials related root.
A while ago I did a tutorial in which we showed As paroleaza applications on AndroidWhere the application is put a password on launch, and if the password was not good, the application does not start. The applications do disappear Hider App drawer with applications, so that they may not see the curious.
How does the application App Hider?
1. The installation will be greeted by a blank screen with a plus sign in the middle, where you can add applications to the list of hidden applications.
2. After tinkering premium / premium applications hidden applications list, he will be required ROOT rights and in addition we will be required to choose a password. Password this we will use from now to hide / show applications.
3. After the above, applications will disappear from the drawer selected applications and the home screen (if you were there); and now applications can be launched from AppHider application.
4. As a bonus, we can change the application name AppHider of settings, so you awaken suspicion.
AppHider go razors and manages to transform applications on Android phones Hiding in a child's play; Recommended!

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  1. caisinDonici said

    shmecher ...

  2. Today I came across something on the Net, he says Moborobo; It is a kind of manager for telphers PC, has many functions you can install applications from program interface chear ..
    You use it?

  3. but if I am not mistaken is the factory and phone applications can password. at least to me it is. and not give them paroleaza hiding. anyway I just password protect agenda and messages and then only when they are out with people too curious. Not that I have a hidden secret or cv :))

    • Some models let you password applications, others even hide them (Oneplus One, Cyanogenmod). When passwordating applications, the "curious" knows that you have the application and will ask you for the password to look through your account. If the android application is hidden, then it thinks that you do not have a Facebook account or you do not use Facebook on the phone.
      I submitted an application that works on any phone, regardless of manufacturer, as long as you root.
      For those who just Securing applications, we tutorial Paroleaza phone and tablet applications on the App Lock

  4. Irinel said

    Mr. Cristi and you do a tutorial to win 7 updates tend to think that the majority of users win 7's more of them are faild.

  5. Hi, I also have a small problem but still quite annoying. in the notification drawer, I have a bar that says "in progress" and below Orange Cloud -click to view the files in the cloud. and I don't know how to get rid of it in the application manager I don't see where it is to stop it. and one more thing once every few good days, even though I stopped the notifications on facebook, I still have something like click to connect… on an s3 phone. No root. Thanks in advance and thank you for what you are doing.

  6. An application can lock factory password reset function does not know?

    • Protect your phone with a password and nobody can get to you accidentally reset the phone; Or use the tutorial application to put the application settings menu hidden.

  7. crysti said

    Cristian, here's another program that does the same, but installed on your computer and should not be rooted telefonu.
    On XDA:

  8. marian said

    Does everyone have android? (X (X (X (

    • almost all of the world and some have a small part of your Windows ISO and that's kind of dust. and give most have phones or other devices with Andro tablets are at an affordable price as compared to your Windows ISO and even that is too good anyway

  9. CiprianGL said

    Hello! A folder can be taken in the application (hidden)? Thanks!

  10. Joseph said

    Hi, I have a question, it's worth trying to install android on samsung galaxy express 5.0 2 4.4.2, which currently employs.

  11. zocoza said

    Hello, off-topic, but I want to thank Cristi, today I lust OnePlus One 64Gb variants, dementia phone!

  12. I had a prayer to Christ and to deal adrian on the Linux OS that was left in parangina so to speak. that more and more people use Linux. It would be useful to make good linux tutorials etc explanations. eg linux version brings new x etc. I think that would attract enough people and therefore there would understand better why linux

  13. claudiu said

    why PC goes when vidio board bag in one motherboard turns off lights

  14. cristi, you are a great man !!! for about 2-3 weeks since I discovered your channel, I saw almost everything I could be interested in in terms of it… ..you have a way of explaining what needs to be done with various useful applications, so that you can see the one with the hanging dog of the boot, he would understand.
    But I have two questions to you and please answer me when time allows, please you very much, my intreabrea omits;
    can I find something similar but without requiring root? a mun p8 lite si un lg g4. I would like to hide my applications from the phone but I don't want to root them, especially since it's a p8 lite and from root the problems with wi-fi appeared on this type of phone (. (from what I read on the forums .) and lg.ul 4 is still under warranty, and the people from ESD-rom from bucharest told me that it's derau if I try to stick my nose through his ass
    I would like to know then, about the superbeam, transfer from tel to another tel, I saw the tutorial, I put it into practice and it works excellently on a p8 lite and lg g4 via NFC and wi fi directly, but on the the transfer from and from the phone to the computer and vice versa, another safe application you can tell me what it is, because I ran into the payment method with some problems, you understand those 7 RON, it's not money, but I encountered something errors and fail to complete the process. Finally, if you have any answers, I am waiting for them here. 😀 all the best and much growth in all. greetings and respect from Galati!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you want to block only the photos in the gallery, you directly into the operating system option for LG G4
      Settings> Security> Lock content> choose a lock or pattern password> go to the gallery> tap the 3 overlapping points in the gallery interface (top right)> Lock> select (tap) the photos you want to hide> tap the button Lock (bottom right)
      To block applications (valid for G4 and P8) of AppLock. The application was submitted and the new site. It can also block content, not just applications. Find the tutorial using the search box top right AppLock you writing press enter and you'll find tutorial
      To transfer files via WiFi between your phone and PC / Laptop several methods have been presented on our site. You can find them all using the search box: AirDroid, DAEMON Sync, Sync and more

  15. I tried almost everything to hide some apps but im went wrong and give me advice and I have Samsung tablet

  16. Wed, daughter wiped my phone icon in telefon.cum can repeat this icon? It's faster to call a number recently used only to enter the agenda.

  17. Hider app hides only application icons? In apps-manager settings, do they still appear if I use App Hider?

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