AC87U Asus router with the best coverage wifi

Asus, with AC87U found the recipe for the perfect router; Processing power, power transmission, multiple streams, security features and many other wonders. AC87U is right now, the best router in terms of performance and additional functions not found on other routers.
Asus has AC87U AsusWRT firmware, which is one of the most popular software layers on home routers. AsusWRT provides the user with a lots of powerful toolsWhich brings an increase of comfort and safety.

AC87U Asus router with the best coverage wifi

AC87U Asus router with the best coverage wifi
Special features Asus AC87U:
Wifi top
4 external antennas
802.11: 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54Mbps
802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
802.11g: 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54Mbps
802.11n: To 450Mbps
802.11ac: To 1734Mbps
802.11n TurboQAM: up la600Mbps
MU-MIMO 2 x (multi user multi input / output)
Switch with hardware NAT (CBC)
SPI and DoS Firewall
Security anti-malware router (Trendmicro)
2,4 and 5 Ghz Dual Band simultaneously
Guest networks (networks wifi new guest)
2.0 and 3.0 USB ports (storage 3G / 4G, printer)
Gigabit WAN and LAN ports
Dual WAN (two connections on the same router)
Server VPN (PPTP and OpenVPN)
DLNA server (streaming on smart TV)
Samba Server (HDD accessing a network)
FTP Server (FTP accessing the hard drive connected to the router)
I did some comparative tests between My router (AC56U) and AC87U came first in all tests. The difference that impressed me was the transfer of files between PC and hard drive connected to the router.
Chart results
Tests were made in different locations and used speed test. iperf si ping
Routers and advanced features Asus AsusWRT (Prices)

AC87U Asus router with the best coverage wifi

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  1. No tool reception-emission (router) matters most but what "sugem" net.Cu a roni 50 router can be as effective if you only wi-fi network card or "fix" that just suck the 20 mega secunda.Asadar not Cascata mouth edge routers and money hat, if you, for example, a laptop with network card bgn.Spuneti people that must have gigabit 10 / 100 / 1000.E as putting tires Audi Dacia 1300.Nu you have speed.

    • I understand that this router is very good in all segments. the truth that is expensive, I did not allow him. who has the big house with the floor, in the summer and sit in the yard ... it has long-range router emission. I have just c2 with Acher 2 2 lines through the apartment walls. I do not think about 50 the router lei lead stable wireless signal over a distance of meters as evidenced Cristi 50. network barely see. I tricked a d-link dir600 that's not 50 was no 150lei. 20 meters without any obstacles was unable well.
      anyway Who can take this router will be fully satisfied.

      • And cheap routers can do good work. I have a Asus RT-N12E and 8metri by 2 block walls, we all dashes (full signal) and download the subscription 45 60mb MB ... Tested on Ookla server rds Bucuresti. On the cheapest Asus laptop ..modelul x55a. Signal strength depends on the settings of the router and the router's position ... that cost RON 80 when I bought it now stands at about 60 ...

    • Constantin Baiculescu said

      John, so ... .Reclama este.Ma glad this is in line with the interests personal.Oare advertised, or ....

  2. decebal12345 said

    Yes, I would ask you to do a tutorial VPN.

  3. Hello. And me I would be interested tutorial Asus VPN router. Thank you

  4. Nothing good to say, even very good: the only drawback is that it has no input optical fiber, as fiber optics now rds rcs put directly in house "apartment" Aries caught well

    • Optical fiber did not like to put a door under the carpet and ready; I'm ONT (optical network terminal) that are installed in your house, you turn the SICAR digital optical signal, and from that ONT, the net all comes UTP cable. ONT-is a kind of modem, which has coax tv + phone.

      • Dear Cristian!
        Please tell me some good if there are routers to work with modems for Internet receiving. I am interested. Home in Bv I have problems with routers. There I have a TRENDnet very good (with three antennas (others can not say right now, only if needed). I am sitting in a mountain su access the mobile net via modem and want to know if it would help a router for modems.
        Thank you!

  5. Hi Cristi, tutorials on Mac OS, when you doing?

  6. Cristi Hi, Thanks for the tutorial, you could tell me please an average download speed of torrents on the hard drive connected to the router USB port 3.0 using download master; I am also interested tutorial VPN router Asus, although I prayed and Asus RT-AC56U tutorial. Thank you in advance.

  7. Cristi Hi! You could do a tutorial on how to overclock a processor enter it in the BIOS?

  8. Hello!
    Please make a tutorial on how to "bind" a disk drive to the router and how to transfer dete between network devices. Because this tutorial I bought this router, but I stuck to data sharing between HDD and laptop / phone / TV / console PS3.

  9. I had no idea of ​​this, I have a friend that has drawn recent rds and he saw that they installed a router "made in chiaina" that is put directly Green jack of fiber: so I thought and router is a must to have that input. Thank ptr clarifications

  10. I just bought this router seems ok has many options, can anyone show me how to add a torrent? I struggled all day yesterday, gives me error. reward offer an invitation IPtorrent

  11. Hello Cristi.
    Since you did the tutorial for AC 56 I asked if it's worth buying this router, I left a link on youtube about it, well, do not you answer me yet I bought.
    I'm not really happy with it ... although I had a euro 20 router, the speed difference between them is noticeable, or even worse ... .conectarea internet is slower if the signal is the same or even lower than the previous, opening an Internet page as frankly pages open something hard for each other, etc.
    My neighbors routers have some modest, but still, their signal is much more than mine and I do not know why ...
    What settings should I do to work better?
    Another thing, TVs and mobile 5GHz I logged on since the signal is larger than the 2,4GHz really do not know what to get them, maybe you can help me with some suggestions settings.

    • It is possible that the router is not ideal position. The router must be mounted somewhere above, as in the center of the house.
      Do not put the router in the corner, because interference will occur implicitly signal will be diminished.
      On 5Ghz, enable "beam forming" or "beam ... .." in the wireless settings / professional.
      I still AC56U and am very happy with it. I did some comparative tests AC56U vs AC87U, and the difference is not as great evil. It should be noted that AC87U is probably the best router, and it's expensive 3-4 times.

      • Thank you for your answer.
        I have a detached, a hall in the middle, and your router is still there, which is a shoe cupboard at a height of about 1,5 m.
        I think the position is Idel, the apartment is right in the center ...
        Maybe it was not a problem as we have activated Air Protection?
        Although I bought a pretty good antivirus Bitdefender Total Security 2015, I thought maybe it's safer to activate and Air Protection ...
        I do not know what to do ... maybe I will, magnified ,,
        However, all the esteem for the work that you put in making these tutorials on some helped me a lot, I actually learned stuff on this site!
        A nice day!

  12. Claudiu Bulacu said

    Hello Christian, I recommend that router for ADSL connection 20 Mega in Italy? Can you give recommendations 2 cheapest and one average one? Thanks a lot!

  13. Hi there, I have a Asus RT-N56U Asus Router and if you can tell me how I can lock / unblock wifi on a client that is connected to my router (we are more clients connected to this router but only I have access to he and the settings being put in my house and when I want to disconnect someone I do not know how to do it.) I already had the Tp-Link router and it was very easy with an application that I had on the phone just as in Asus I did not find it!

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