Asus RT-AC56U router that has it all at a good price

Hello friends, I am pleased to present one of the best wireless routers in the world at the moment, the fact is incorrect to call it router because the router function is marginal besides loads of extremely helpful with this beast comes.
Do not get me wrong, this router does not recommend it because it is cheap and good, if you are looking for a cheap and good router, I recommend Netis WT2412 or TP-LINK TL-WR740NI recommend wireless router I recommend Asus RT-AC56Ubecause it is a great device and affordable enough for a camera this caliber.
Let's start with wireless standards.
We have dual band concurrent, meaning 5 2.4 GHz GHz and at the same time, plus some guest networks (for guests), we have a total 8 wireless networks simultaneously on this router, four-GHz networks and 2,4 4 5 GHz networks.
We have all the wireless standards under the sun, from B, G, N and the much praised AC. Note that the router does not work a "fall over legacy" module, ie it does not reduce the speed of all customers to the weakest speed, AC56U sends everyone as much as possible and customers (smartphone, laptop, etc.) use as much as they can their boards wireless network.
Now let's talk about USB.
We have two door ports, USB and USB 2.0 3.0, which can be used in so many ways. We can connect them to printers, USB sticks, external hard drives, modems or 3G 4G.
We VPN server, Samba server (network file share), FTP server, iTunes server, personal cloud applications for all mobile platforms and beyond. If you do not know what a VPN server, I invite you to watch tutorial okay freedom, Also if you do not know what an FTP server. you can watch Tutorial FileZilla.
In terms of hardware the router comes with a dual core ARM processor A9, 256 128 MB MB RAM and flash firmware. Applications can be installed on the hard disk or usb stick. Um, do I have said, those from Asus lets us install applications on this router. An example is the download manager (Download Master) who can even download torrents directly in the hard drive connected to the router via USB.
The default setting is super easy and super intelligent, easy because you can do on a phone and intelligence that can detect conflicts and can solve alone IP (change class assignment).
The reports on this router is very well done, you can even find invalid logins and IPs that have been initiated.
The firewall is another strong point, DDoS protection is fbine Vent, especially as it makes the hardware level. A function that recommend this router for small and medium enterprises.
More will speak next tutorial which will show you how working with the router and knows how to make you live.
ASUS Wireless-AC1200 (RT-AC56U) Dual-Band Gigabit Router USB3.0
Until next time I recommend you watch the rest dedication the networking tutorialsThere are many information that can help you arrange the system to remove the maximum bandwidth of it.

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  1. Hello, I want to ask if it can support the RDS speed 1000 mb .. Since there are many who boast of gigabit routers and can not cope. With the maximum download speed you downloaded if you tested rds 1000 mb?

    • Adi this secure router can support 1000mb because it has WAN port = RJ-45 - Ethernet transfer rate (Mbps): 10/100/1000, if you noticed it is blue… and necessarily the LAN port on your laptop must either gigabit it must be blue, so if your laptop doesn't have a gigabit LAN port then you won't have speeds up to 1000 mb…

      • I had 2 ask routers which were said to be gigabit acceleration and lacked NAT and I went 300 Mb .. Few routers, at affordable prices, that support real 1000 mb .. So therefore ask that more or better on paper but in reality ..

        • Adrian Gudus said

          You must understand that WiFi will not get any nohow to 1000 Mb router even if you have a really gigabyte for what to see? Standards antennas on most laptops (especially if you are older generation) are B, G, N. The speed limit for N is only 600 Mb but you will never touch!
          You'll probably reach the wireless router and laptop and if they gigabyte ports

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Short correction, it is not gigabit gigabyte. Autocorrect keyboard smartphone is guilty for mistakes!

  2. I'll give you an example: this router: It is gigabit switch 300 but mb.

    • I have net from RDS, however I guarantee that it is a router top, if not the first, certainly in top 10 routers right now.
      The hardware is exceptional.
      I do not think there are many routers with hardware NAT support, jumbo frames and dual wan.
      If you have one of you routers from Asus (AC66U, AC68U, AC56U), please tell us the RDS Gigabit performance.

  3. Hello, Cristi. Where you bought this router?
    You as much as your phone battery or G3 Cristi LG Nexus?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Cristi but I can not answer because I know the answer to both questions
      Link to the store where you bought the router Cristi above tutorial, written in red
      4 Nexus battery to keep depending on how and how you use it. For this reason it can keep myself less you more or vice versa.
      Because recently I had long discussions with my colleague Cristi on batteries for smartphones keeps telling me that 1 day. But I repeat, it is not relevant given that you and Cristi same way you do not use!

      • Yes, Adrian, you are absolutely right. It still boasts some to sit all day on the internet and facebook and keep them about 2 days. Good word of mouth is free, can lie. Sitting battery assembly not to go is impossible. Maybe mAh battery 4000 or 5000 mAh would be ideal to play his button and keep you long battery.

      • mihai ionescu said

        Sorry, of. Adrian, I couldn't find any linK where dL.Cristi bought the product from. I would be interested in a better price (cheap), at emag it is now 589, at about 300 I would put… thanks in advance for understanding

  4. Greuceanu said

    Looking forward detailed settings of the router, I AC68U top model, the menu is asemanator.Pe I guess I'm interested in settings for VPN especially but not only.
    I Fiberlink 500 from RCS-RDS, but the speed we managed it was around 45MB / s wired and wireless approx 40MB (in standard AC), which is still pretty far up.
    Apart from the situation when the speed test from RCS I show speeds below 300Mb / s situation that clearly can not exceed speeds above I would like to understand why when the tester their speed Sietse the RCS it shows 460Mb / s reusescsa I still do not exceed 40MB / s (about 320 Mb / s) and the average speed is somewhere in 25-30MB / s (200-240Mb / s) ?!

    • Greuceanu said

      The tests we have done downloading large files (minimum 3Gb) from torrents (uTorrent) and 38-speed 40MB was rarely achieved in no way constant.Setarile to utorrent are those made by older tutorial on this site !

    • You'll never get maximum speed from one interface.
      Besides we transferred files and overhead, that some data points that help to communicate with each transfer.
      If you want to minimize overhead can enable Jumbo Fames, but feel it an advantage if the other point has Jumbo Frames.
      We'll talk in more detail in the next tutorial about speed and what should matter in the end.

  5. Waiting tutorial use!

  6. As far as know us by the country's largest ax width is 150MB / s to prevail the rest UPC.În 100MB / s leased from Romtelecom.Aceste bandwidth is divided by 8 and that will be the effective width of beneficiezi.Deci maximum download speeds which will be 18,75MB / s respectively 12,5Mb / s. I personally 100 line but 11MB / s was the maximum speed that I descărcat.În finding a router 300Mb / s is presented arhisuficient.Nu say that is not good but I can say that it is even grozav.Apropo, you gave Cristi D-Link 655? Personally I think that the speed of wifi is also lost if we use a connection criptată.Eu not see the point as long as the area knew no platforms that use a Backtrack. You can use a hidden wifi network whose name (SID) can operate effectively as a password.

  7. I have a router Asus RT-66R AC (U) very good, we had no problems with it. But for better performance, more features, ASUS firmware version recommend Merlin. It is an upgraded version of the original, the same interface, but with more options as SSH, Telnet, etc. Instead of integrated download manager, I recommend installing the firmware Transmission Merlin. Find video tutorials on YouTube. I have a seedbox several months, works non-stop with no problems.

  8. Greuceanu said

    Perhaps only if you have been out of the country, not knowing that RCS-RDS already launched several months subscriptions FiberLink 1000 (theoretical speed up to 1000Mb / s = 125MB / s) and FiberLink 500 (maximum 500Mb / s = 62,5MB / s) !

    • Costelina said

      spoke and kite

      • May children 2 years you google search and I'm speeds and 500 not only has RDS and UPC and Romtelecom but has 200 speed (the cities) fiber until now. DATIVE an update to the brain and information before you post something

      • Greuceanu said

        Ion was shoved into account and that he is human!

    • Darling saw global statistics where our country is forefront. Analyzing the results provided by the staff from Ookla and performing a test is no surprise that the truth is different and not the same download speed reclamele.Cine is a torrent client more than 18000KB / s to make a catch screen (without being edited) .I can put 11 Mb / s but now my speed: Below… .the actual speed is observed.

      • Greuceanu said

        axelluny, I just stated above as a download from torrents constantly 25-30MB / s = 25 000-30 000 KB / s, subscription Fiberlink 500 (500MB / s) .Asta means about 200-250 Mb / s who it is far below the maximum limit.
        But to say that no one surpasses the speeds they reach you (or maximum 18MB / s) is an aberration how high you! I will add later and some printscren sites to convince yourself!

  9. f interesting and worth the money I saw this router without promising it swear by 540 550 but 400 350 lei promising and I mean unsealed. I find that a good chief to buy the next one month worth the money and if you think about what may be the price is ok. than to take a bad router to 70 80 lei better May 1 top and has many functions. but I have a question if I Romtelecom router and cable count it not wierles not get into confllict or something?

  10. Tip, cleaning screens of various kinds including matte, window solution, brandy, windshield solution or brake fluid :)))), with napkins, pieces of carpet. :)))

  11. Hello Cristi,
    You saw what they wrote on emag at each router that you presented? DISAPPOINTED ! give extra money and not work properly, expect more detail tutorial because I am also looking for a new router. I saw that other routers have 5ghz Mbps 433 and 867 ASUS has Mbps, that's the advantage?
    I am looking for a good router that does not "boil" because I keep it plugged in 24 hours a day and it is not expensive. I use a Dlink-DIR24 and I see it for two weeks. I only have 615 Mbps, but I have 100-60 Mbps, and I have 70-95 Mbps live on the cable, like the ones from RDS switched to IPv97 and this has IPv6. Why can it halve the speed?

    • Hello. I saw. but I think probably not set properly. tutorialu now and I expect next on this router and to keep us informed as compoarta after 1 2 months. I want to buy one like that in this tutorial even if 550 520 lei da properly adjusted know that even something as expensive as other models. and give a router's inffluentat and provideru the interent that some providers UPC RDS etc sometimes even impede the use router, I do not mean dc.

  12. Expensive Domain expensive said

    Is it also available for social workers? Does anyone know when the "First Router" program launches?

  13. I have asked internet rds.In November 2013 1000 Mbps internet but all tests showed 360 Mbps maximum contract so we rebuilt Mbps 500 that the tests were approx Mbps.In December 260 2013 I bought a TP-LINK router and archer c7 via wired router I got all tests 480-496 Mbps, that until June when speed very gradually began to decline and is now at about 290 Mbps (rSD I noticed several times but to no avail; working, requested lucreaza.Am information on the router that have much higher speeds than with wire plugged directly into the router pc and said they take some workloads that have made the pc.Incarcarea processor Mbps 490 55-60% s and is therefore more place.
    Wireless router archer band AC c7 I got about 350 mb speed near the router but declines rapidly with distance from behind a wall m 8 May 30 get about mb.
    The maximum download speed of torrents and wired router was about 35 mb.
    A year ago I wanted to buy Asus RT-AC56U but it seems that there are problems with temperature stability.
    I am pleased tp-link c7 archer.

  14. A question. I know you've probably answered 100 times before… What program do you use to film the tutorials? Ms anticipated

  15. Hello Cristi.

    What DGITA compact camera sfatueist me until I buy a 5 500 million RON ed optical image stabilizer and can take pictures at a very good clarity including evening light in the house, or in dimly lit places. Surely you know you're good and very good.

    • A look into the issue and will come with a guide hardware, because approaching holidays and the offer is too generous.
      They appeared lately compact worth some attention.
      At 500 lei it's hard but we will try to find something.

      • There must be a good camera to RON 500 that takes good pictures in night light house but the house in the dark. We are 2014 sensors and more advanced manufacturing technology evolved. But you're good at video cameras and everything hardware. We can not compare a sensor in one of 2008 2014 with captures much more light.

  16. Hello I have a misunderstanding of what distance I have not noticed beat everyone ku maximum download speed

    • The range of a wireless network depends on many things. On this subject I will try to do more detailed tutorial.
      We'll understand once and for all how wireless networks work.
      For example, the router can cover me 1000 square meters with very good signal and good speeds and someone else fails to cover well a studio, using the same router.

  17. Does the VPN server help me? in italy I'm on the net "free" (Kalilinux) I have a speed of about 25 Mp / s with test speed romania italy if I take a router from this and I connect from here in Italy with vpn can I increase the speed? more than 25? in romania the net is from rds 500 mb / s, and in the end the DNS will be on ip from romania right?

  18. Hi cristi, I have the ac68u model and I am very satisfied with it, I took it from Italy for 160 €… I arrived in the internet country from rds 500mb / s I connected on it 2 phones a tablet on 5ghz and on 2.4ghz a printer 2 TVs, laptop and a tronsmart mk908ii… all go extremely well at maximum speeds .. the only one that makes me figure and does not work so well is mk908ii and I do not know why because of speed and flooding alone I have no idea, because in italy at an internet of 7mb / sec my streaming on youtube worked very well, instead here it doesn't work very well it crashes… .ok I connected on it a docstation 3.0 and a 2.0 one of 3t samsung and one of 1tb passport… … Once it kind of crashes on usb and give it another refresh…. Otherwise it's ok it works at maximum capacities they are very good

  19. What do you think about this router: Mykrotyk RB750GL?

  20. decebal12345 said

    I understand that you can install applications on it. XBMC installed go?
    Thank you.

  21. hello cristi! I'm waiting for you to do the complete review of this router and please specify if it can be used as a repeater… adik to repeat the wifi signal coming from another apartment but to be able to keep dhcp active… (otherwise smart tv does not connect to he)… thanks in advance!

  22. hello cristi, I want to know if through this router I can capture wifi signal from "neighbor from 2" and have wired internet at the same time. for a higher internet speed

    • Configurations like this do not always go perfectly. It matters greatly signal quality and level of interference between WiFi network points.
      Wireless bridges work very well when the two nodes are seen directly, without walls or obstacles between them.

  23. Hi. Can you recommend a router vchat? To share a lane 50 5-6 Mb uploaded to computers?
    Or better server?

  24. Radu Iulian said

    Howdy..! I got a router from Asus, but another model .. VIDEOTUTORIAL a router can be done about this? Thank you!

  25. Twister said

    Hi, I recently purchased a AC56U RT from resigilatele EMAG and I mean that I put exactly where the other router (before I had a TP-LINK TL-WR941ND), both wifi only Semal band and the 2.4 5 is under TP-LINK (measured while the same distance as without obstacles).
    Is it to be due to the router? Thanks in advance ptr.raspuns.

    • View settings that you can adjust the power output.
      Roitorului positioning is extremely important, especially because we have internal antennas.
      Try to pick it up as it headed up and facing toward the farthest dwelling.
      The router with external antenna will have better coverage than with internal antennas in 90% of cases. However it's not always good to have coverage as great, because the wireless signal does not stop at the boundary of the property.
      G wireless routers can cover greater distances than N or AC. Yet speed is much better on the N and AC, especially 5Ghz covering and less than 2.4Ghz.
      As speed increases, the coverage distance is less, because the frequency must be higher and a high frequency is affected by obstacles.
      Maybe I should do a tutorial about it.

  26. Hi, I by download manager, I got max torrents download 9057.19 KBps, with RDS Internet from Fiberlink 1000.

    It's okay or I didn't set something right… or I have to call them.

    Thank you

  27. Can I use this router in combination with an HDD to store files on it uluio personal site, so not to buy hosting? Or any router has this function?

  28. George said

    I went from Fiberlink Fiberlink 100 from 300, which did not require the equipment necessary conditions.
    But the speed of the Net remained as before, the Fiberlink 100, 66 about Mbps, although icon shows 1 Gbps.
    I need just a PC desktop net old:
    Intel Pentium 4, 3 Ghz CPU, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 256MB 6600,186 GB Western Digital HDD, DVD-rom, gigabit network card, Win XP Pro SP3 (32bit).
    So I have Windows 7 and 2 core processor (conditions required to Fiberlink 500 and 1000).
    I find out that you can get fast internet on a PC 9 years old (with XP Home), equipped with gigabit card and router RT-N16 GB.
    Please tell me if a gigabit router cable connected directly to the PC would increase net in computer speed (for Fiberlink 300 upgrade my HG8240 mounted a Huawei GPON).
    First I was thinking to rent a router from RDS and if they see it increase speed to purchase one performance then.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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