Cheap Asus VivoBook with OLED Screen - Compared to LCD

Cheap Asus VivoBook with OLED screen
Cheap Asus VivoBook with OLED screen

What is the cheap Asus VivoBook with OLED screen?

This is not a “cheap Asus VivoBook with OLED screen” video tutorial, but a comparison between an Asus VivoBook with an OLED screen and one with an LCD or “LED” screen if you will.

What are the differences between an OLED and an LCD?

There are many differences between these technologies, namely OLED and LCD.

There are virtually no similarities, except that both form screens that can display images.

A major differentiating factor, which benefits OLED, is a difficult thing to fix. I am referring here to the backlight, of which LCDneeds to display images.

Without a back or side light, the LCD cannot display images.

Because of this LCD backlight, we can't achieve good values ​​for black. That is, black will always be a dark gray on the LCD.

OLED, with its own light for each pixel, does not need backlight, and the black level is perfect, because the pixels stop completely when they have to display black.

Do not compare the LED with the OLED

LED monitor or TV means we are dealing with an LCD. The word led LED, from the name of a TV or monitor, means that the technology used for the backlight is LED and not CFL as it was used in the past.

Don't be fooled by marketing!

LED, QLED, LED Matrix and more are all LCDs

OLED is a different technology and is more like plasma than LCD.

Advantages and disadvantages of OLED and LCD

We can quickly differentiate OLED from LCD from the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.



  1. Perfect black display
  2. The contrast level is very high
  3. Colors are vivid (sometimes too vivid)
  4. Energy saving (with new low refresh rates)
  5. Good visibility in bright environments
  6. Very good viewing angles

Disadvantages oled:

  1. Burn In and image retention, ie damage to the panel in certain areas of the image (from long-displayed still images, such as TV station logo)
  2. Poor response time for some panels
  3. Most laptops have too low a refresh rate for gaming
  4. Annoying Flicker on Some Monitors and TVs (Check Before You Buy)
  5. More expensive

LCD (or led)

Advantages of lcd:

  1. It is a mature technology
  2. Cheap
  3. More natural colors even if they look less vivid
  4. Fast response time
  5. High refresh rate on gaming panels

Disadvantages of led:

  1. Temporary image retention on some IPS
  2. The black level is not perfect
  3. Weaker contrast
  4. Weaker viewing angles than OLED
  5. Defecting the backlight makes the whole screen useless

VivoBook prices with OLED screen

Asus VivoBook Oled M513UA - Evomag

Asus VivoBook Oled M513UA - Emag

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Video tutorial - Cheap Asus VivoBook with OLED screen

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  1. I own an asus laptop with an olob screen Vivobook 15 M513UA and for movies and browsing it is fully increased at the price of 2600 lei, you can't find anything better. After switching from lcd to oled you don't go back to lcd and with a processor from amd 5500u you can stay calm for at least 5 years.

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