Audio with screen locked YouTube Android without subscription

What is the audio video tutorial with the YouTube Android lock screen

YouTube Android locked screen audio
YouTube Android locked screen audio

In the video audio tutorial with the screen locked on YouTube Android, I will show you a strange method by which you can listen to music, podcasts or even any audio part of a video with the screen closed in the YouTube Android application.

Listening to the audio part on YouTube with the screen off, does not require paying a subscription, installing third-party applications or other wonders. Everything goes directly to the YouTube Android application.

Why run audio in the background on YouTube?

YouTube is a great source of content that everyone can access.

Unfortunately, you can't play a background video for the audio part, unless you pay for the premium version, which costs 26 lei per month.

Fortunately, there is a bug in the YouTube application, which I don't know how long it will work, which allows us to listen to the audio part for the videos on YouTube, with the screen off.

There are alternatives to the YouTube app, but I don't know if they're OK

What I show you in this tutorial can be done effortlessly with identical YouTube applications. Applications that you can find in alternative application stores.

Obviously, I can't say about such applications, so as not to upset the gods of the internet.

The bug in YouTube app which allows us to listen to music or audio in the background with the screen off.

How can we listen to audio or music on YouTube, on the phone, with the screen off? - YouTube bug

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Go to a favorite video you want to listen to with the screen off
  • Stop playing the next video automatically
  • Play the video and then scroll to the end
  • Scroll down and start a short video from YouTube Shorts
  • Stop the short video
  • Go back to the video scrolled to the end and scroll to the beginning and play (without pressing reload)
  • Turn off the screen and the audio column will be heard in the background

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Audio with the screen locked YouTube Android - video tutorial

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  1. Haven't you heard of vanced youtube? The fur goes with it.

  2. YouTube Vanced and concrete. It also works with the google account. I have been using it for several years and my money in the bank has not disappeared yet. The rest, I don't care what he did in the background. It's perfect for me.

  3. And NewPipe allows you to listen to YouTube in full screen.

  4. Christian C said
  5. And Snaptube works

  6. Daniel Vlad said

    And Float Tube is good!

  7. vasicucu said

    Go, thank you very much for the tip.

  8. now it's a MueTube application, it also goes with the screen closed and removes the ads

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