Phishing and methods to combat this phenomenon - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will talk about phishing, you will read the definition of phishing below in a passage from wikipedia Romania, we will continue this series of video tutorials dedicated to computer crimes and other hot topics, until another one to read definition of this phenomenon (phishing) and then follow the video tutorial. "In the field of… [Read more...]

Making a simple template for a website with adobe photoshop cs3 - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to make or modify a template with adobe photoshop cs3, which will be used to create a site. This video tutorial will also be presented by a beginner at named Alex and who demonstrates everyone at the age of only 15 can do very beautiful things. Alex, he's a talented boy at… [Read more...]

Internet connection via modem from a Nokia phone with symbian - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial he makes his debut on our site Luci who is also a computer enthusiast like us, Luci has another passion, namely "smart" mobile phones or in our sense smart phones that have all kinds of functions and interesting options, and in some moments they can successfully replace even a computer (mail, browsing, pdf, text, blogging)… [Read more...]

Free software for video conversion any video converter free - HD video tutorial

Finally we have a free and decent video converter, there are also professional open source solutions, but for a novice user it is very difficult to use an open source conversion solution because it does not have an interface as clear and easy to use as Any Video Converter . In this video tutorial we will see in detail how to use this free software, the options are… [Read more...]

How to buy a domain and hosting space for a website - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will go through the necessary steps to open a website or a blog, the same is the procedure regardless of the web format that our project will have. First of all we have to buy a domain, ie an address for the site such as "", we will also meet free offers for domains like… [Read more...]

How to install windows xp on an AHCI configuration or on a RAID array - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will modify a windows xp pro to be able to install it on a raid matrix or on an AHCI configuration, without using a flopy disk for this job. Normally the installation of a driver before the installation of the operating system is done with flopy, but there are cases when we cannot use flopy and then we have to insert the drivers in the disk… [Read more...]

How to make a website or blog platform hosting free wordpress

In this video tutorial I am pleased to show you how to make a blog on the free hosting platform from wordpress. Wordpress is the most known and appreciated blogging solution in the world today, this solution is very accessible and easy to use. To be a successful blogger you must not have knowledge of programming languages ​​or skills… [Read more...]

How to make a forum from 0 with xampp and phpbb - HD video tutorial

As we promised you in other video tutorials, today we will present the creation of a forum from scratch on your own home computer without the need for the help of web design or web programming specialists. In this video tutorial we will use two components, on the one hand we will have the xampp application that will give us the apache server, php and Mysql which are essential for… [Read more...]

Setting up a wireless router for net neighborhood network from romtelecom and for net from rds - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present the configuration or setting of a wireless router from trendnet, for several types of net networks, even if we used a router from trendnet the settings are almost similar for most wireless routers and not only, these settings are valid and for classic routers (except wireless settings). Types of… [Read more...]

Bios update for gigabyte motherboards - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a bios update operation for a Gigabite motherboard, but the process may be similar for most motherboards. First of all, you should know that a bios update is only done if it is absolutely necessary, ie only if we have stability problems, if we have compatibility problems or other problems… [Read more...]