Trendnet router setting for port forwarding with virtual server and dmz - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will set up a wireless router from Trendnet to do the port forwarding configuration through the virtual server and dmz settings, although we used a Trendnet router these settings are the same on most wireless routers but also simple routers. Port forwarding is used to create a bridge between the internet and the computer through [Read more...]

Foxit Reader is a very fast pdf viewer and consumes few resources - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present Foxit Reader a pdf viewer very fast and easy for the system, in the world of documents Adobe Reader makes the law, but unfortunately Abobe Reader demands the system quite a lot and moves and very difficult to handle pdf documents (portable-document -format). For many of you I am sure he will enjoy this very much… [Read more...]

How to install and run software on a USB stick with portableapps - video tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn to use the usb stick to store programs already installed and that we can launch at any time and on any computer. Many of you have usb sticks at home that you no longer use, so I thought of taking that dusty usb stick out of the bottom of the drawer and giving it a new life. With the help of the application, or rather a… [Read more...]

New methods to download today gnutella technology and frostwire client - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we present a download client less common in Romania, it is a representative of peer 2 peer technology that works on the infrastructure of gnutella networks, it is Frostwire, a download client that can handle magnet very well links but also with torrents. This download method is related to… [Read more...]

Spybot Search Destroy antispyware program tutorial video

In this video tutorial we present an antispyware program that can prevent us and get rid of Spyware, Ad-Aware, keylogger and can protect us from spyware. The Romanian is crazy and sick of spying, he likes to know what his neighbor, girlfriend, fiancée is doing, but he doesn't like it when he is spied on by someone. Maybe you have a program on your computer right now (… [Read more...]

Microsoft office 2007 tutorial with word 2007 - video tutorial

In this video tutorial I am pleased to present you the microsoft office 2007 suite and more precisely word 2007 which is the famous word processor (word processor) that almost everyone has used at least once at work or school or uses it permanently. Why do I tell you that I am pleased to present office 2007, because this suite from microsoft is really [Read more...]

Winamp free download installation and setting for the most popular audio player - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will talk about Winamp which is a very popular audio player and very appreciated by many users. This player is easy to use when we use it simply without going into its settings, when we enter the settings we see that everything is quite complicated as if its manufacturers have struggled to make the settings difficult… [Read more...]

How stuffing into the rds-netul startup video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will refer to those who have and use a net from RDS. Those of you who have internet from rds, know very well that when you turn on your computer or after each restart, we can not open a browser be it internet explorer, mozilla firefox, opera, because first we have to connect manually and only after that we can… [Read more...]

Everest ultimate edition for overclock download installation and setting - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will see how to download, install and set up a software produced by Lavalys that we will use in the following video tutorials on overclocking, this software is called Everest and has nothing to do with the top of everest in the Himalayas and nor with the everest dictionary. This software is very good for overclock lovers but it is not good… [Read more...]

GetRight a download manager to download good quality video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present Getright Download Manager, which is a famous download manager, quite appreciated and highly awarded by prestigious websites and IT profile magazines. The daily use of this download manager is very simple, all you have to do is click on the download links and getright will take care of the download. Until then … [Read more...]