How to partition correctly and how to install Ubuntu Linux in dual boot with Windows XP - tutorial video

A few days ago we showed you how to install Ubuntu Linux with Wubi without modifying Windows, but we saw that many of you want to install it in dual bot, but this time the real thing and not through Wubi. Here comes this day, partitioning and installing Ubuntu Linux is extremely simple all you need to succeed to put… [Read more...]

Spectacular but simple three-dimensional graphics with Cinema 4D - video tutorial

Following the requests, I thought of making a video tutorial on the subject of 3d. I touched on this topic through the Cinema 4D program, a very "airy" program, easy to use and incredibly efficient. Not being a theme developed on the "market" in Romania, it may be a foreign element to many of us. What exactly is a 3D graphics program? To make the difference easier,… [Read more...] or open source office suite, part 2 Calc (excel) - video tutorial

Calc is the spreadsheet component of the suite. Calc works with spreadsheets, similar to EXCEL in the Microsoft Office suite. Registers consist of a number of individual pages (sheets), each containing a block of cells arranged in rows and columns. These cells store the individual elements - text, numbers, formulas, etc. - based on … [Read more...]

How to install ATI drivers, nVidia and Flash Player on Ubuntu Linux - video tutorial

In another tutorial we learned together how to install Ubuntu Linux without modifying the partitions and we promised that in another tutorial we will learn how to install drivers on Ubuntu Linux, here comes that day. In today's tutorial I invite you to learn together how to install ATI or nVidia video card drivers and how to install Adobe Flash Player and JRE… [Read more...]

How to install Ubuntu Linux with Wubi without giving up Windows and how to set up PPPoE connection from RDS - video tutorial

What is Wubi? It is an installer for Windows that can take you to the world of Linux with a single click. Wubi gives you the ability to install or uninstall Ubuntu like any other application running on Windows in an easy and simple way. Using Wubi you will not need to make any changes to your hard drive, change the partition type or format… [Read more...]

How to show pictures or print screens to friends easily and quickly with Uploader - video tutorial

You've probably all been in a situation where you wanted to show a friend or someone more skilled than you on your PC an error or a problem you had. Well it's not that hard but the steps to show someone a print screen with your small or big error are a lot. You had to press the "Print Screen" key then open Paint, in paint you had to… [Read more...]

Microsoft Security Essentials a fast, efficient and free antivirus - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial we present a light, simple, efficient and free antivirus produced by Microsoft, it is called Microsoft Security Essentials and is a product that, like Windows 7, made waves in the international press due to its qualities. Many times Microsoft has been criticized for not including in the system… [Read more...]

How to encrypt a partition or USB stick with BitLocker - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial you will see how to use the BitLocker option in windows 7 or windows vista to encrypt partitions, more on Romanian how we can password a partition or how to put the password on a partition so that curious people can no longer put your nose. A few years ago, some British officials lost their notebooks, they had… [Read more...]

Power settings, performance, efficiency, sleep, shut down, hibernate on windows 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will talk about power management and computer performance, we will use for this the windows 7 operating system and the options it has for Power Management. The tutorial will explain in detail about the three methods of shutting down the computer, the first method is the one used by everyone, namely Shut Down,… [Read more...]

Some ways you can customize your Mozilla Firefox browser - video tutorial

We all know that the Mozilla Firefox browser is the most used and loved browser at the moment, but not many people know how to customize their browser or what is actually the power of this browser. Mozilla Firefox is preferred by the vast majority of internet users due to the possibility of adapting to the needs of each through… [Read more...]