How to make a website, 4 the integration of multimedia content video, audio, images - video tutorial

Hi friends, I came to episode 4 of the soap opera "How to make a site", in this episode we will see how the multimedia content is integrated. The first time we will integrate a video clip from youtube, this is a flower in the ear, you go to youtube, you get the embed code, if you want to set the player's appearance if not, select the size and ready, you can paste it in the article, attention, ... [Read more...]

How to make a website, the 3, WordPress, or how to make your website in minutes 5? - Video Tutorial

Hi friends, we are continuing the series of tutorials dedicated to creating a site, in today's tutorial we will install wordpress, a free content publishing platform that has been a fantastic success lately, can be likened to some kind of Firefox CMS, success Wordpress is not because it's free, but because it has a solid community of ... [Read more...]

How to make a website, the 2, 0 site fully realized in HTML, CSS image gallery - video tutorial

This tutorial describes the creation of a site using html and css, going through all the steps: creating the site, creating an account on a free hosting and finally uploading the files of our site on that hosting, free hosting is a quick way to put an online website in a few minutes, the disadvantage of this method is that, we will have some ... [Read more...]

How to make a website, the 1, domain and hosting - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will start a series of tutorials that aim to ultimately create a real site, not just a second page of proof but a real site with everything you need, these tutorials will be very detailed compared to the ones presented so far, so please pay close attention to what is said in the tutorial. Who really wants to make a site on a ... [Read more...]

Nero free 9, first to market a version nero free - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will see what the first version of Nero Free looks like, you heard right, the first Nero Free, those from Nero understood that they must also have a valve to release from the pressure created by piracy, why would buy the world a software like Nero when on torrent sites or hubs you find Nero without any problem at a click ... [Read more...]

Wanting to reach hackers, many users become victims of hackers - video tutorial

In this video tutorial you will see an interesting but extremely dangerous software created to enter the computers of others, unfortunately the user who uses it becomes the victim of the one or those who have developed this remote control software, better said software of spies. The culmination is that this software costs money, the world is interested in him because the man since ... [Read more...]

What to do when you can not see the writing in Yahoo Messenger - video tutorial

More than sure, many of you have suffered not to see the writing in Yahoo Messenger, nor what the person you were talking to or what you were writing, and at the same time you may be wondering what is the cause Well in today's tutorial I simulated this problem , to exemplify a method by which you can solve this problem for which many of you know what ... [Read more...]

Gimp free 4 the design, tricks, effects, animations, web design, html - video tutorial

This tutorial is the latest in a series of tutorials for using the GIMP graphic editing program. In today's tutorial, several aspects are addressed: resizing the image, how to make a screen shot, how to add new plugins, how to process a raw image, how to make an animation, how to change the color of an element in the image. an image, how to ... [Read more...]

How to guard against threats on the net, the servers 1 AUTOINSTALL - video tutorial

Hi friends, I am Neculau Constantin, many of you know me from the comment box, there I have the ID "corleone". In this tutorial I will introduce Radmin software, this is a software for remote assistance and remote control, in fact the tutorial does not intend to present the software itself, we will see some methods by which malicious people can enter ... [Read more...]

Recover Data if Windows does not work anymore with the help of Puppy Linux - video tutorial

Hi friends, I'm Dan and in this video tutorial we will see how to recover the data on the C: partition, when the operating system no longer wants to start for different reasons. In case, for any reason, Windows (XP, Vista, does not matter) does not want to start and you have files to recover, you have several options: - System Repair after the CD of… [Read more...]