Safari for Windows platform, an interesting browser - video tutorial HD

In today's video tutorial we will have the opportunity to try the Safari browser that made a switch to the Windows platform coming from the Mac os where this is the Default browser (main). I was surprised to see how good it was to move and how beautiful are the effects that the people at Apple got used to on their laptops, effects that they have implemented in this ... [Read more...]

How to measure traffic to a website phpMyVisites - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will see how traffic is monitored on a site with the free phpmyvisites script, this is similar to what the ones from have, of course they have some more professional tools, but in principle it is the same mechanism. The first thing you do when creating a site is to announce your acquaintances or friends about… [Read more...]

What is it and how do we account HI5 - HD video tutorial

What is hi5? Well hi5 is a social network where having an account, you can upload your photos, accept friends, comment on your pictures and that of your friends. You can write your thoughts in the "journal" category, you can even dedicate the songs of your friends from hi5, all in a virtual environment, making an account in just a few minutes (maximum 2 minutes) to do it ... [Read more...]

Team viewer for remote control incredibly simple - HD video tutorial

Today we will see how to install and use the remote control Team Viewer application, which seems to be designed so that it can be used by anyone regardless of IT experience. Nothing is easier to use as a Team Viewer, you just have to enter the id and password that all Team Viewer gives you and you're ready to connect with anyone who has Team Viewer ... [Read more...]

ATI Radeon HD 4830 treasure plate at a good price - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I am pleased to present you a bestseller from ATI-AMD namely ATI Radeon HD 4830, a video card with an unbeatable price ratio. This video card is a real treasure, the performance is above average and the price is an entry level, in fact the whole series of 4800 video cards is at the height but this is the cheapest one is the most… [Read more...]

Tv tuner capture installation hardware setup from Leadtek - HD video tutorial

"" TV Tuner Using the TV / FM configuration options you can limit the movie capture to a certain size in MB or seconds. A TV tuner captures analog TV signals and converts them into digital format that the computer can read. This allows you to watch TV shows on your personal computer. Then, the high-performance TV tuners can remove the ones ... [Read more...]

Change server to improve services - this is not a tutorial

Our dear today has moved to another server, we hope that this server will offer you a higher comfort in use and a fluidity in watching the tutorials, if anyone has problems in use please let us know in the comments box or on quick comments. The only problem we have noticed is with the internet browser ... [Read more...]