Photorealism with Gradient Mesh in Illustrator and a little in Photoshop - video tutorials

Hi, I'm Alex and today I'm going to present a short tutorial on Gradient Mesh. Gradient Mesh is a great option in Illustrator that helps us replicate an image in a very realistic way. In fact we define a few anchors, each with a certain color. The advantage is that we can define a huge number of anchors, in conclusion the results are very realistic as the number [Read more...]

FreeComander, free file manager similar to TotalComander - video tutorial

Hi, I'm Dan and today I will present the FreeCommander program, this is a free and very efficient file manager similar to the famous Total Commander, with FreeCommander we can successfully replace Windows Explorer which is the file manager integrated in Microsoft Windows operating systems, Windows Explorer is quite old and feels the need for a… [Read more...]

How to make all older software work on windows 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will talk about the compatibility of programs on windows 7, we all know what a misfortune it was when launching windows vista, everyone was crazy because of programs that did not want to run on the new operating system from microsoft, se it seems that the people from Microsoft have fried with soup and now they blow in yogurt because they put us at… [Read more...]

Seagate DiskWizard, Acronis True Image free for Seagate or Maxtor owners - video tutorial

Hi friends in this video tutorial I will present a very good backup software, Seagate Disk Wizard, it is 100% free, the software was originally created by the famous company Acronis, in fact this software is not normally free, it has become free from a collaboration between Acronis and Seagate. The backup software born from this collaboration is called Seagate… [Read more...]

Steganography or how we can hide a file in a picture or a text document - video tutorial

Who didn't want to be able to hide certain files (indecent pictures or important documents) from the eyes of the curious, the very jealous wife, or the children? I'm sure a good part of you wanted to keep a secret or keep the files important to you safe. Well in today's tutorial we will talk about Steganographye and its derivatives… [Read more...]

Avast 5, a free grade 10 antivirus overview and settings - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I am pleased to present Avast 5 Free Edition, a super complete version, in addition to a very good looking interface it also has some very well developed modules, avast has advanced a lot, now it seems what is the best free antivirus and I think it can cause serious problems for many commercial applications. It's amazing how good it is… [Read more...]

Driver installation, Romanian language pack and much more through Update on Windows 7 and vista - video tutorial

The big problem after every reinstall of Windows is that we don't have drivers. Many of us have probably lost the driver CD, others probably have, but their motherboard being an older model does not contain the drivers for the new Windows 7 or Vista operating system and how to manually search for drivers is not a process. just easy and accessible to everyone, I thought to [Read more...]

CDex software for converting audio track CDs to mp3 files - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will learn how to rip (hack + encode + compress) an audio CD, that is how we can turn the tracks on the audio CD, which are also known as tracks, into MP3 files so we can listen on PC, MP3 player, phone or in the car and at the same time save storage space. In this video tutorial we will present a software that… [Read more...]

Gshutdown, how to schedule a restart or shutdown on Ubuntu Linux - video tutorial

If yesterday my colleague Mihai made a very interesting tutorial on how to schedule a restart or shutdown for Windows, I thought that we new Ubuntu users could become a little "jealous" that they (windows) can do that not. So I put my stomach to work and didn't give up until I found such software for us to do something like that. It is … [Read more...]