XBMC, a free media center with which we can watch various multimedia content - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial you will see the presentation of a free Media Center that was originally created for the Xbox console, it is about XBMC (xbox media center). What is a media center? Media Center is a suite of programs designed to give the user a great multimedia experience, the user who uses a media center will not have to use more… [Read more...]

How to burn a cd or dvd with CDBurnerXP - HD video tutorial

Hi friends, in the next tutorial you will see a free application for burning CDs or DVDs, this application is called CDBurnerXP. Why pay a lot of money for Nero when we have so many options in this free software, in fact Nero is no longer just a registration software but more of an overweight multimedia suite,… [Read more...]

How reinstate seeding files in uTorrent after a reinstall of Windows - HD video tutorial

Many of us have made the mistake of reinstalling the operating system at least once and losing, without realizing it, the files we had on the seed. account, because losing the seed we no longer ration and risk being banned or kicked out of the tracker / trackers… [Read more...]

How to install a windows xp on a usb stick with the help of mojopac - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I will present a very interesting application that I am sure you will love immediately, it is a software with which we will put a windows xp on a usb stick or on an external hard drive. I have to say from the beginning that this stick or hard drive on which we will put windows xp will not be able to boot from the bios, it uses the operating system… [Read more...]

How to translate and pronounce English correctly - HD video tutorial

This video tutorial is a bit unusual because it does not present a software or any interesting thing that one program or another does, we will present two web pages that help us better understand and pronounce English. The first web page presented is Google Translate which can translate anything from English - Romanian, Romanian - English and not only, Google… [Read more...]

How to recover data with recovery software from the company o & o - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present two recovery software from the German company O&O, these software are: O&O Format Recovery and O&O Media Recovery. O&O Media recovery can only recover certain files on demand, for example we delete several files and we want to recover only certain files from the deleted ones, Media Recovery can do this with… [Read more...]

How to make an online radio station - HD video tutorial

With the passing of the internet, more and more radio stations are popping up like mushrooms after the rain, and you are probably wondering how to make such a station or how you can broadcast music through the internet. In the following to make a radio station we need 3 software needed to broadcast music on the internet. 1 Winamp (Audio Player) 2 Shoutcast DSP (Plugin… [Read more...]

System configuration with a very good value for money - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial we will go to the store to buy a system, the store is an online one. The configuration of a system must be made taking into account several factors, first of all the components must be of the current generation, ie to be built on the latest technologies to avoid premature aging. Often the shops at… [Read more...]

Paragon drive backup express a free and very easy to use data security program - HD video tutorial

I am pleased to present in this video tutorial an extremely simple backup solution, it is the Drive Backup Express 9.0 from Paragon which is free and extremely easy to use. Simple does not mean bad, here simplicity means efficiency and economy, we have only 8 buttons that contain what is strictly necessary for a backup program. Data security is increasingly [Read more...]

How to get rid of yahoo messenger advertising - HD video tutorial

We all already use the old Yahoo Messenger, and there are many who are bothered by the annoying ad in the Yahoo Messenger list (in the bottom of the list) of the ad in the webcam window that runs until the person we are talking to agrees to be able to see. Yahoo Messenger is an instant massage software present in almost all PCs, with the help of which we communicate… [Read more...]