Paragon drive backup express a free and very easy to use data security program - HD video tutorial

I am pleased to present in this video tutorial an extremely simple backup solution, it is the Drive Backup Express 9.0 from Paragon which is free and extremely easy to use. Simple does not mean bad, here simplicity means efficiency and economy, we have only 8 buttons that contain what is strictly necessary for a backup program. Data security is increasingly [Read more...]

How to get rid of yahoo messenger advertising - HD video tutorial

We all already use the old Yahoo Messenger, and there are many who are bothered by the annoying ad in the Yahoo Messenger list (in the bottom of the list) of the ad in the webcam window that runs until the person we are talking to agrees to be able to see. Yahoo Messenger is an instant massage software present in almost all PCs, with the help of which we communicate… [Read more...]

RC Windows 7 free and free to download for everyone

This is not a video tutorial, it is an announcement about Windows 7 RC, which can be downloaded by everyone for free, yes you read that right, it's not a typo! Today is available for download the famous windows 7 in the RC version (release candidate), this is a version very close to the final one that will be released at the end… [Read more...]

How to make a DVD video from various video files with Nero

In this tutorial we will present how to make a dvd video with nero, a video dvd that we can watch on a dvd player, the player must not be compatible with DviX. Many of you have a DVD player next to your computer and you may have wanted to watch movies from your computer on your DVD player, this is very simple, we need Nero Premium version… [Read more...]

Mcleaner firewall for mobile phones that rejects unwanted calls or messages - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a firewall for the mobile phone called Mcleaner, it helps us to filter unwanted or SMS or MMS messages that have started to become more and more annoying. For our peace and comfort it is good to be able to choose what kind of calls or text messages we receive, this is not always possible and so we [Read more...]

Manipulating the download and files of the uTorrent program - HD video tutorial

I'm sure that many times we have to download a movie, game and find during the download that we actually do not have enough space on the hard drive. Not having enough space on the automatic hard disk, our torrent client can no longer continue the download process for that file due to lack of space. In this video tutorial we will [Read more...]

Reduce web browsing time with FeedDemon an RSS client - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a very good RSS client, it is about FeedDemon which until recently was a commercial software, meaning you had to pay to enjoy its options, now it is free for everyone. It is said that FeedDemon is a kind of Mercedes of RSS clients, Snarfer, for which we made a video tutorial some time ago in… [Read more...]

How to build html pages without programming knowledge with seamonkey and composer - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial we will briefly present Mozilla Seamonkey, in fact only a part of Seamonkey, namely Composer which will be useful in creating html pages or modifying existing html pages. Composer is extremely easy to use, in fact I think that an inexperienced user will be able to use this WYSIWYG program (what you see its… [Read more...]

How to install windows xp from a bootable usb stick - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will see how to put a windows xp installation kit (installation cd) on a usk stick to install it on those small laptops based on intel atom that do not have a DVD drive for reasons of space (asus Eee pc, acer one, msi wind). This work is done using three different components, each has its role and together we… [Read more...]

WordPress a brilliant platform for websites and blogs - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I am pleased to present the Wordpress platform, through which you can create blogs or sites without much effort. Wordpress is the best and most stable CMS on the market at the moment, although in the basic version it does not offer too many functions or options this problem can be solved by means of plugins [Read more...]