Windows Sandbox saves you from malware infections

Windows Sandbox saves you from malware infections
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What is a Windows Sandbox?

Sandbox is a virtual machine integrated into Windows 10 version 1903, which acts as a virtual operating system that you can "dirty" with any malware or suspicious program.

How to install Windows Sandbox?

First you need to make sure you have hardware virtualization enabled in BIOS.

If the bios hardware virtualization is enabled, we switch to installation, or rather, activating the Sandbox.

Enabling Windows Sandbox is made by "Turning Windows features on or off".

What can you use for Windows Sandbox?

This new feature in Windows 10 helps us run various dubious programs without putting our main operating system at risk.

Another use for windows sandbox is running trial programs, so we do not "dirty" the host OS anymore.

Why does not Sandbox appear to me?

Only this version of Windows 10 / 1903 has been introduced.

Older Windows did not have [...]

Cheap SSD Acquisition Tips - Adata SU650 review

Cheap SSD Acquisition Tips - Adata SU650 review
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Get cheap SSD purchase tips

SSDs cheaper, but it's a trick!

The price of SSDs has fallen sharply lately, thanks to the production that has grown a lot, and the chip capacity is getting bigger. - Get cheap SSD purchase tips

Not only does it store multiple bits on the same cell, but also multiplies the number of layers. Practically put the layers of cells on top of each other.

SSDs are like homes!

A good analogy would be living spaces. A NAND memory is like a living space, where people in a building are the data.

Imagine that the first single-layer NAND SLC memories were like a studio in a one-storey building, and NAND QLC memory is a suite of rooms in a building with 96 floors.

Resistance or rewrite cycles!

Each time you write and erase, the cell on the SSD is worn out. Older generations, [...]

A partition from multiple drives

A partition from multiple drives
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A partition from multiple disks

A partition from multiple disks .... for what it is

Even if you have the impression that this tutorial will not be used immediately, it's a good idea to understand how dynamic volumes work in Windows. It's good to know how to make a partition from multiple drives.

You will also understand how some configurations are made on the servers, where the volume space needs to be very large.

Why merge multiple drives into one partition?

A few days ago I installed Bitcoin Core on Windows. While installing, I realized it would take a long time, because it has to download the blockchain.

This blockchain has some 240 GB and is steadily growing.

During the download of the hard drive that I chose to place the blockchain, it was a load of 100% and the writing speed was a few KB / s.

It took some 3-4 days ....

Downloading the blockchain on [...]

Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards

Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards
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Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards

Why install a NVMe SSD on an older motherboard?

There are many reasons, but mainly a SSM NVMe has higher speeds than a SATA, and the price is similar.

An SSM NVMe can reach 3500 MB / s, while a solid state drive SATA does not exceed 550 MB / s.

Why not buy a new motherboard with NVMe support?

The main reason is that a new motherboard involves very high costs. Even if you say, find the cheap motherboard, you still have to spend money on the DDR4 RAM, that old one does not work anymore. You also need to change the processor, because that's how it works.

Performance gains, on the other hand, will not be so great, because in the last 6-7 years there have been no high performance leaps, but rather [...]

Enable Dark Mode Google Chrome Android

Enable Dark Mode Google Chrome Android
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How to enable dark Google Chrome for Android?

This option, which makes the screen darker and helps us save battery power, is now activated by the hidden chrome: // flags menu. Enable Dark Mode Google Chrome Android

How do I access the "flags" or hidden menu in Google Chrome?

To enable dark mode in Google Chrome on Android, you need to access the flags menu by entering "chrome: // flags" in the address bar as any web address.

You'll see that accessing this address will bring you to settings that you do not find in your browser, and you can turn on experimental features.

How do I enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome?

Once we access "chrome: // flags" we have to look for the word "dark" in the search field. After the query we will have two results.

Android web content dark modeAndroid chrome UI dark mode

Turn on both, restart your browser, then turn off Android web content dark mode. [...]

How to check battery health on your laptop?

How to check battery health on your laptop?
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How to check battery health?

The role of a laptop is to be a portable computer, and when we say portable we automatically think about the battery. so it is extremely important to know how to check battery health.

Technology has evolved over the last few years, but it seems like the batteries have gone a bit slower; Despite the higher capacities of LIPO batteries, they have remained the same number of Charge Cycle Counts.

Because of this, mobile phone batteries tend to no longer keep the amount of energy that they kept at the beginning.

Some say it's good to remove the battery from your laptop!

If you think about it, it would be a good idea to keep the battery in the charged drawer when you use your laptop at home and to plug the battery only when you leave and need mobility.

It's logical, you guard the float charging battery, which tends to [...]

Email temporarily to avoid spam

Email temporarily to avoid spam
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Temporary Email, permanent email saver

Anyone using an email address knows that at some point, after a while of use, the email box is filled with spam (unsolicited email) with all kinds of offers or who knows what products.

We come to this situation because, over time, we've used our email address too lightly and left it on all sites, and now the email box sinks into spam.

Why is spam coming to our email address?

Even if you left your email address on just a few sites, apparently trusted, after a while you notice that spam comes from many more sources.

Spam has several causes:

Websites exchange email addresses between them.Sites sell email addresses to marketing companiesSites can be broken by hackers who steal email addressesApplications installed on phones that have access to contacts

Temporary email, the best weapon in the fight with [...]

Uninstall root-based system applications

Uninstall root-based system applications
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What is uninstalling root-based system applications?

System apps are those apps that come preinstalled with your phone and can not be uninstalled so easily. Uninstalling root-based system applications is required because root is in violation of the warranty terms, so if you root your phone, you may have warranty issues if the phone fails.

Why do we need to uninstall root-based system applications on Android

First of all, you obviously need the phone, after which:

Data cableUn desktop, desktop or laptopSoftware USB drives for your phone (see below) Platform Tools (see below)

Uninstalling root-based system applications, instructions


Before any uninstallation, it is recommended that you back up the applications you want to uninstall.

On your phone, enable USB Debugging in Developer Settings / OptionsIn the phone, search for the name of the application you want to uninstall with Package Names Viewer [...]

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else
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Only pure-wave ups go for central and other inductive loads

If you have a central heating station, you probably had at least one current, and you noticed that the boiler does not work anymore

At solid fuel plants, this is dangerous, because the pumps that recirculate the heating medium stop and the boiler overheats

The normal ups and downs of the computer like this Mustek 2012 go very well with PCs, TVs, radio sets, etc, that is, anything that does not have a motor. For power plants, refrigerators, air conditioners and others with motor, computer UPSs are inappropriate.

What are extra pure UPSs?

Pure Wave UPS for power plants have a special inverter that generates pure sinusoidal current, just like the power supply.

Computer UPSs have a simulated wave, which can damage the machines that work

Another advantage of the UPS for the thermal plant

Using external batteries is the strength of [...]


4.9 (17) 98.82%

We're taken with the jerk, that's the truth. Day by day we are convinced (fools) with offers that most tempting with Net Unlimited.

The unlimited net is one of those offers that nobody can resist. However, we must be aware that at this time, with this technology, it is almost impossible, as a provider of mobile communications services, to give NET NETWORK clients.

As if the offer with NET UNLIMITED transposed.

You can eat unlimited, but only a sip of the hour You can have the salary you want, within the limit of 50 of lei per dayYou are free when you want, except for the weekends until Saturday

But what are the problems with NET UNLIMITED?


It has the most unlimited net. Unlimited Limited Offer 4G.

If you look closely, clearly write NET UNLIMITED 4G, but things are not really that way, because:

Digi does not have a [...]