Tronsmart Mega Pro review bluetooth speaker - the best from Tronsmart

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How to properly uninstall an antivirus - very useful portable application

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Download original Windows 10 installation - video tutorial - episode 1

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Samsung update that spoils applications and headphones on USB-C

What is the Samsung Update tutorial about ruining apps and headphones? Sometimes, after an update, Samsung makes changes that damage applications and headphones on USB-C. This happens on Samsung phones but maybe on other brands as well. What happened on my Samsung S10 Lite phone after I received the update to Android 11 with the OneUI 3 interface. [Read more...]

Honor Band 5i measures SpO2 blood oxygen - at an affordable price

Honor Band 5i Measures Blood Oxygen SpO2 What is the Honor Band 5i Measuring Blood Oxygen Tutorial about? Honor Band 5i measures blood oxygen is not a tutorial, as we used to, but a presentation of a smart bracelet from Huawei, which is called Honor Band 5i. Honor Band 5i is a special bracelet in that it provides us with… [Read more...]

Net faster by changing DNS and blocking adult malware and content

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Gaming configuration at 500 euros - goes to school 😉

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Applications for solving exercises in Microsoft Math and Photomath mate

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Samsung Shared Deep Buried Application Files - Link Sharing

Samsung Shared Deep Buried Application Files What is the Samsung Shared Deep Buried Application Files tutorial about? Samsung File Sharing is an application deeply buried in Samsung menus about the existence of which few Samsung users know. Very interesting is that this excellent application can be installed on other… [Read more...]

NEW PRIVATE messages on WhatsApp and the alternative Telegram and Gmail

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