Backup hidden recovery partition in Windows

Backup hidden recovery partition in Windows

Backup hidden recovery partition in Windows

Backup hidden recovery partition in Windows

Any new laptop or desktop, licensed, has a hidden partition where there is a backup of the operating system with drivers, software and license Windows.
Multi delete the partition, and not good; Because it is a backup ready-made, which can save us from trouble and also facilitates our life.
Those deleted partition recovery, should know that those services do not receive laptop without hidden recovery partition in original condition.
In this tutorial I used Windows 8.1 on a Asus laptop UX305 (ultrabook)
Why do hidden recovery partition backup of Windows?
1. Restoring Windows to its original state.
2. Restoring Windows computer in the event of infection.
3. Refresh the operating system without losing files and settings.
If you still want to do general backup for Windows, I invite you to see tutorial Windows backup.
What good is a backup for hidden recovery partition?
1. We can restore your windows even when the hard drive is broken.
2. We can clone it on a hard drive.
3. Storing files, drivers and license safe.
To create a backup of the partition recovery, we only need a USB stick or memory card at least 16 GB. Otherwise we do not need any backup software, Windows knows how to do this job very well.
Restarurarea a hidden recovery partition backup!
1. With the PC turned off, turn on the PC and press repeatedly ESC or F12 (depending on the manufacturer, to enter the Boot Menu. For; every laptop there is a certain combination of keys to enter the Boot Menu; So more well refer to the manual and look for the Bios / Boot Menu.
2. Entered the Boot Menu, choose from the list usb stick or card reader.
3. After a quick reboot, your PC will boot from the stick and you have options acran language.
4. Once chosen language, you will have to choose between a simple system refresh or restore all the repartitioning. Repartitioning will be exactly as it was at first, but carefully, you will lose all data. Here is click-click, next-next and ready.

Video tutorial - Backup hidden recovery partition from Windows

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  1. Constantin said

    Hello, Cristi this tutorial does not understand anything I do not know what happens but please keep watching and you jump head no tail. And you will understand what I mean. I do not know if in your video editing or Youtube.

  2. Cristi English tutorials are much better, please put windovs site in English when doing tutorials or do you all tuorialele with windowsu in Romanian

  3. Hello Cristi,
    The same problem and me. Tutorial does not understand anything. Simply salt. View from min 3.00
    There are frequent errors.
    Good luck!

    • There's no problem to you. The problem is in my video drivers on Windows 10. In tonight to restore Windows 8.1 tomorrow to restore a tutorial.
      What's despite me, if I would come down now.

      • Cristi is better to remove it to us we zapatesti. However you will still recover this tutorial.

      • Cristi sleep peacefully, you do when you have time

        • do it tonight :)) how did you partition that there were just windows of ala free, not bought in the store with Windows preinstalled. that it's ok to store hard.

        • Already I returned to Windows 8.1 and tomorrow to recover tutorial.
          For those who are curious about how does the downgrade from Windows to Windows 10 8, watch this video tutorial:

  4. Cristi you can help, I installed decurand windows 10 and installed all drivers less chipset motherboards have problems with Windows receive many errors and moved hard, these problems can be caused due to failure to install the driver for chipset or that because I have these problems.

    • Well what do you think?
      Driver chipset efficient electrical connection.
      And Windows is a generic driver, but can not compare with the official driver.
      FIRST chipset driver must be installed after installing the operating system. But probably go now.

      • Cristi I just have a question, if I have windows error recovery what should I do with the computer because I didn't even have time to back up and play any cd nothing and the computer is new for 1 month, I take it back because I have a warranty or maybe rez prob that and here…?

  5. gelulelu said

    poor thing what stress eat now… don't worry we trust you! 😉

  6. Cristi, there is a correct method of partitioning a hard drive? Tomorrow I will ship the new PC and I understood that if properly partitioned hard drive will last longer. HDD has 1TB storage space. I was thinking this way: 180 GB for operating system and some programs and the rest, ie 820 GB remain for games and multimedia. Or would be another method: 120 880 OS and those that remain to them equally divided.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We already have a tutorial on this topic and it's called "How to properly partition a hard drive" which you can find with the search box on the top right

    • Hi… after formatting your hdd will no longer have 1 tb storage space, you will be left with 965 gb if I'm not mistaken… .180 gb for the operating system is very much… you can use around 60 - 70 gb, it is more than enough… you can use the rest of the space as you wish, one partition or two at most… good luck!

      • I thought better year: 150 GB for operating system and some programs, and what remains (850 GB) to make two partitions of each 425 GB each.

  7. hahaha yes Failla windows as usual. microsoft Busesti syst always when a new windows and usually lasts a lot to rezlova. still use windows and asked to go on linux ,, well ,, I never had any problem to make a catch. in windows yes. I do not have to fack bakup for the best is to put fresh. as you do so in momentu stay there bakup programs and restore it to stay when you are giving a lot to update the programs and windowsu the day.

  8. I understand much of this tutorial but I wanted to ask you if you've done such a tutorial, if possible to do a tutorial and how we create that recovery bsckup slope as that of the producer. I know that they differ from one another but if you want to install Windows clean and I want to do this for not having problems in the future, how do? Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We will soon make a tutorial and on the subject. This tutorial will be restored soon. Please read our comments above to understand why you did not understand much of this tutorial

  9. hello how to fix the error in Google Chrome? no longer load web pages

  10. Cristi and I had problems with the video driver on Windows 10. He kept saying to darken the image and driver recovered.
    In my fault was that I disabled the startup of the video card driver. I have an AMD video card.
    I've given you just a suggestion, and you do not know if it is the same cause.

  11. Cristi please show this tutorial when and how do we restore a hidden trail in case you do not have one we can restore your Windows directly from that bakup. and how we can do exactly that bakup for restoration

  12. Hi Cristi! I don't have any backup partition created on Lenovo G50 with windows 8.1, although if I go to settings - update and recovery windows offers me three possibilities to return to the system… so where is this partition? And another problem, I'm testing windows 10 on a lenovo g585, only for a few days its start menu doesn't work and it starts with this error and still asks for sign out; do you know any solution? Thanks !

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If your laptop came with Windows preinstalled not, it is normal to have no hidden recovery partition. This is found only on laptops that come pre-installed with the Windows operating system.

  13. Turnea Mihai Cosmin said

    Hello Cristi. I have a tablet with Windows Odys Wintab 8 8.1 and I want to make update to Windows 10, but the problem is that we only 1 16 gb gb of free partition recovery as it has. Can you give me some advice how to do updates. Watching for years and your tutorials helped me many times. And you do a great job and Adrian and I wish you continued success. Thank you in advance.

  14. Cristi 10 can help me have windows and are logged in with a Microsoft account, I would only want when I login to ask me your password and do not want to pass local. I tried but after a restart command netplwiz two user Aprea me, one that I sm logged created by Microsoft and the other setting there netplwiz.Chiar command or another command to help me.

    • Download this program, Auslogics Boostspeed 8, install it, after you have installed it, in the main window, on the left column there is an option "All Tools", click there and then from the right choose "Tweak Manager". Startup & Shutdown and then Automatic logon. Check the box "Use autologon with the following credentials". Enter the e-mail and password from your Microsoft account, give Apply and then restart
      MAXIMUM ATTENTION: This email and password must be thoroughly and correctly written, otherwise it will be impossible logon

    • And netplwiz go, only to put username whole email address, not only the first part as default.

  15. Hi, I also have a proposal for a future tutorial "how to make a recovery partition" that can be linked to this tutorial to be for the desktop not to wait to reinstall win again. (not a backup of the current win to make a partition exactly as those with preinstalled win come)

    I wish you a good day

  16. Adrian Pascu said

    Hello. I have a question. Laptops and probbil and desktops that come with Windows preinstalled, it appears that Windows logo with the circles that inart (Windwos 8.1 and 10) logotype plate guard / manufacturer and circles, but if widnoowsul installed user appears in classic mode. Is there a method to make the boot windowsurile be installed by users as the one that comes from the factory (with the logo of the manufacturer). Thanks and keep it up!

  17. Cristi, although I haven't had windows for 2 years, because I 're-profiled' myself on linux Ubuntu, I watched your head-to-tail tutorial with pleasure. I congratulate you for everything you do here. Best regards. I learned a lot from you, you have a warm, pleasant voice and you make yourself understood even for the most ignorant. keep it the same

  18. And many thanks from me, only good thoughts and full support.
    Regarding the secrets I have the following two questions / requests:
    1.Care is the location of download applications from Adobe? I need to save setap site but fail to find him, and after installing software (Photoshop or another) setap the take themselves out from that hiding place.
    2.Care is the location of the download system updates Force (windows)?
    If the answer is longer than simply indicating the path (location), I suggest / request a tutorial on the subject.
    With the hope that I get the answer I need, wish everyone all the best.

  19. As recommended hardware partitioning to be done? .. windosului 10 with the installation of partitions to create that system or hard drive partition before installing utility made windosului a partition to go over creating those parts of the system? that partition help we omit something or her creation.

  20. Sal Cristi but how do you do it on a clean hard drive without having that usb made with recovery… .Let's have a windows and install it on a clean hard drive and finally after you put all the drivers to do that hidden part of recovery from Windows how are the laptops that come with windows…

    • I'll make a tutorial about it.

      • Sal have done tutorial (Sal Cristi but how do you do on a clean hard to have that free usb recovery ... .Sa they did with a Windows and install it on a hard clean after all drivele put after doing that Recovery slope hidden from Windows as the leptopurile that come with Windows ...)

  21. Cristi, please tell me if you can put hidden partition on DVD and how to proceed. Thank you.

  22. Daniel Radu said

    Stick with it if I can delete grub in a dual boot linux, and go directly to Windows, but not to delete it?

  23. Cristian good! It can copy to USB and Windows 7? I have an Asus laptop with Win.53 K7S preinstalled and 25 GB hidden partition. Thank you in advance.

  24. Cristi Sall I had a partition of acceasta and we can do different sterso please help me

  25. Daniel Ghirisan said

    Hello Cristi. 7 method does not work on Windows that you showed it in the tutorial, that's because options are not the same as in Windows 10. May you know, by any chance other backup methods?

  26. hello I have a asus laptop that has Windows Lincent from the 10 64 bit, want to exchange's hard drive with an SSD, as we make the same ssd windows came from the factory with the same bekup
    waiting for response.

  27. Hello friends, I have a question I am novice in IT and I bought a new laptop dell W10 staff in the store installed me McAfee a year and Office 365 the same. They also gave me a Recovery Media 32GB stick that I do not know what to do. Do I have to update my laptop or some operation? Thank you very much

  28. the best option:
    contact the manufacturer.
    in my case, hp pavilion x2 detachable, I called hp romania to request a download link. they said they did not have that but they had, free of charge, the option to send dvd. in the discussion I said it is ok and that I will make a transfer on the stick, because I do not have external DVD, they said I can send and stick. after 3 days we received from dhl a stick envelope, media mentor (kit produced in the Czech Republic), 3.0 usb by 16gb containing the windows 10 home version, customized as the one that was preinstalled, including the startup in Romanian, the only differences are that will restore the recovery partition and has 16gb, approx. 11gb from the stick

  29. Hello Cristi! I have two problems I can not solve, I went to windows 10 pro 32 bits from 7 32 7 bit, and when I connect to the Internet, I can not connect, it went a few days after the upgrade done, I did network reset, for nothing , I returned to 3.5.4 ultimate windows, everything works, but 445200 build (10047) utorrent does not load to seed, connection error shows use an address incompatible with XNUMX requested port and tells me that the port is closed but can download torrents. So at seed I can not load the downloaded torrents, I tried several settings, nothing, can you help me? thank you.

  30. hello Cristi. I have no original windows in the recovery partition9 (7 ultimate) can make a becap after the one running on pc now? if so, how are they going and what are the steps. Thank you very much.

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