Bandicam, screen capture software and gaming

Hi friends, today I will present you capture Bandicam program, it can capture images, sound and movement both on the desktop and during games, besides, you can turn the camera during capture web that will appear in the corner.
Bandicam's resource consumption is quite low, this is good news for gamers who want to capture gameplay for your collection or for your own Youtube channel or Twitch ('s fashionable now).
Bandicam can be used for free if you do not bother watermark capture firm is the price they have to pay to be able to use the free version.
The options are enough for almost any user. We are able to use more codecs, depending on what codecs you have installed will reveal options. I chose coding h264 done through technology QuickSync.
The options are similar to capture screenshots in games and the only difference is where we have extra gaming FPS option, needed to capture gameplay.
The image quality is good and here I have to tell you that everything depends on the codec used for video compression. With h264 and QuickSync it works well for screenshots but in gaming some compression artifacts could appear, this is because QuickSync does its job too fast and skips areas with details. If you do not mind the lack of details or their degradation is ok, but some want absolute quality. For capture at a very good quality I recommend you to try other codecs with milder compression, but here you will see that the disadvantage is the file size, much larger in the case of "more" lossless codecs.
Whether we capture desktop or gameplay, we are able to sneak picture from webcam in a corner and use the sound from the microphone during games or explanations comments during capture desktop.
To capture desktop is not recommended to use more than 15 fps, that's because it is not much action on the desktop and 10-15 frames per second are sufficient.
In gaming it is good to make the catch over 25 fps, where you can even 60 fps, because we move fast gaming and detail that would be lost in the transition between frames at a frame rate too low.
Altogether Bandicam is a software that impressed me nice, is well made, very much resembles Camtasia Studio and gives us enough options to regulate down to the smallest detail. Sure, not Camtasia Studio but do not have, it gives you everything you need to make a good catch.
If however you find it difficult or Bandicam you advocate free software, you can try CamStudioA simple and free software that you can get as good results.
For gamers there FRAPS, A very popular program.
Download - Bandicam

[jwplayer mediaid = ”12558 ″ sources =” {file: 'rtmp: // 1935 / simplevideostreaming / mp4: Bandicam, the most versatile desktop and gaming capture software.mp4 ′}, {file:' https: //, the most versatile desktop and gaming capture software.mp4 ′} ”]

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  1. Costelina said

    Cristi welcome
    that impressed me and stood only RAM 17 percent even if you 8GB in PC

    • It depends on the configuration of each PC, some of you may consume more than others.
      If you built PC based on my recommended configuration, in recent years, certainly will consume less memory and very little CPU time. On older PCs will use another.
      Very important is the codec used, some codecs can kneel and coolest computer.
      My recommendation is that where you can to use Intel QuickSync.

      • Sorin Chiran said

        Hi Cristi, recently I got a new PC system and I chose an ASRock B85 Pro 4 as my motherboard. Many say it's a good motherboard…. Others say I'd better choose something else :))). What is your opinion about this board? 🙂

  2. Anderson said

    Cristi, I also have an Asrock Z87 Extreme 4 board that completely disappointed me. It has a problem with the FAN Controller, Fan CPU I have a Deepcooler Tweta 31 PWM and it keeps it in STANDARD mode at 1930rpm and it makes an annoying "air bandage" noise. If I give it Silent mode, it keeps it at 1092rpm and when I play it, my CPU reaches 60-65 degrees and the cooler doesn't turn at all. it has to turn. What do you say, is that normal? how is yours And I have one more thing, then I made a new PC on Haswell and I also took an ASUS GTX1092 video card and in full load it was "awful", especially if I put FurMark "in it" even harder. I think I'll take them back to Emag, I'm sorry I didn't take the ASUS motherboard, I'm going to get the ASUS Z760-PRO, that makes Asrock nervous. It used to be so silent on the old board, not Asrock.

    • Costelina said

      forget to tell you something Anderson
      and I still have them games actually one (I guess you checked or changed the thermal compound
      that by the way you write you are not novice)
      leave the normal setting to the fan, but add another in front of the case to blow towards the processor - and the source, thus creating a fluctuation of air from front to back as normal
      Trust me that's the difference I'm so, I gave up and pulled flopy ancient DVD anyway doing nothing, and his current socket I put the fan

      • Anderson said

        She put the shell coolers 5 120mm that's not the problem, the problem is not knowing how to plate to adjust speeds, even if I give the example 50 degrees cooler in 0-10% theoretically he would need to start after passing The 50 degrees and it revs my plate full. Anyway to change it to replace is Silent, whizzing about coolers that are the TITAN A 4000rpm socket. And it is that Noctua coolers and daia we got and be silent, but keep them tured, not revs you need. Well if you reach 70 degrees CPU still does the Silent revs nor the Standard Mode. Either will give you one difference and you get ASUS Z97-PRO. But we believe that Christ has his problems ASROCK's.

    • Constantin said

      Hello Anderson and I am a board from Asrock H81M-GL which is definitely weaker than what you have in BIOS settings but I can make fan speeds as I want, ie: there is a BIOS functions to fans who You can adjust speeds based on how the CPU temperature increases. I recommend you do a bios update that if you're not afraid to damage it if you let it know better.
      Below you elaborate modes fan speed setting:

      Customize: - by clicking here you can set the speed according to CPU temperature of 3-4 cugradele option depending on your CPU fan speed increases or decreases.

      Silent Mode: - the fan is quiet (not increase not decrease).

      Standard Mode: - fan goes to a certain speed (not increase not decrease).

      Perfomace Mode: - here the fan revs increase depending on how the CPU temperature increases or decreases when the temperature decreases the fan.

      Full Mode: - fan goes to maximum.

      In addition to the Asrock motherboards or maybe there are other models that have the fastboot function is activated or activity you just using the Windows operating system or Windows 8 8.1.
      I can say that I have no problem with my board from Asrock and I a year.

      Waiting for an answer if you have been helpful this advice if I may call it so.

      • Constantin said

        Anderson back for Customize function as I want to give you an example of how to set up if you do not.

        CUSTOMIZE example - the temperature of CPU fan spins
        Degrees 40 40%
        Degrees 50 60%
        Degrees 70 100%
        This is an example you set as they see better, but you know that if you climb the CPU temperature is better to cool immediately and no matter the sound of the Fans.

  3. Cristi, if I want to shoot a video with Bandicam, in which capacity it out?

  4. Constantin said

    Anderson back for Customize function as I want to give you an example of how to set up if you do not.

    CUSTOMIZE example - the temperature of CPU fan spins
    Degrees 40 40%
    Degrees 50 60%
    Degrees 70 100%
    This is an example you set as they see better, but you know that if you climb the CPU temperature is better to cool immediately and no matter the sound of the Fans.

    • Anderson said

      Back, I read what you said you've done that several times with Customize, but I do not like how I wear them new fans. I did update the bios of the 2.30 3.00 and nothing all the same, sometimes I get stuck values ​​from sensors on the motherboard remained idle in 49 degrees I look and do not move at all, I gave and full load and all 49 degrees left. I go back to May to cool off and picking ASUS as the ASUS I had problems with Fan Controller. Factory set elsewhere daia not adjusted correctly after temperature. Well ASUS has many functions FanXpert 3, AI Suite 3, this has nothing Asrock, I took more than was safe sound amplifier ALC 1150 that, but I'll take Z97 ASUS PRO is a 8 million from EMAG, I hope to change it.

  5. Hi Cristi! Sorry and I know this message is / off-topic but… .I want to ask you something… You can make a tutorial on maintaining a laptop ie (how to clean it), (how to increase its lifespan), (how to increase battery life), (and some tips on how to use a laptop's battery if it is permanently held at a permanent power source). Thanks.

  6. Hello
    think you can do a tutorial with android 4.4 for PC. ?

  7. Hello
    Cristi, you could do a tutorial on how to unlock the bootloader on a Lenovo tablet?

  8. Constantin said

    Hi guys a tutorial on hyper-v in Windows 8.1 would be great if you achieve.

  9. Sal Cristi we need software installation tel ALLVIEW P5Quad, or any knows a reboot, Regards.

  10. radu Irimia said

    which is max recording time?

  11. Cristi. I filez Bandicam and I start recording. All good so far but fruoms and start filming about a minute and saves 7 5 than Munut. please help me

  12. Paul abrudan said

    I want to film Counter Strike 1.6, and it keeps telling me "Click on the target window"

  13. cociuba nica said

    Cristian good Mac program works on it?

  14. Acer s7 on any screen capture software does not record sound, but only a movie marker Entry weak? What to do?

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